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Jake Boyd here with Guaranty RV Super
Centers in Junction City. I want to talk to you today about this great trade-in we
just took in, 2018 Keystone Outback 266 RB, a lot of stuff that actually makes
this a really special trailer and a really great opportunity being a trade
in. 2018 really, really, new, really, really clean, a lot of really neat
features. Just off the bat, you have your seven-point leveling system, touch,
just really easy, push-button here and it levels out and seven points, so six
stabilizers plus the tongue, really easy to use, I mean it makes something of this
length, actually, it’s a little bit of a rarity to find a leveling system on rigs
of this length as well. If you just look down the side here, we can see our
flush mount frameless windows, they crank out so you can actually use them
in the rain, a really nice feature, and off the rear, we might get around to
it, there’s actually a drop-down platform for a hitch too. So I’m just going to point
out some of the things here, what we have is we have a pass-through
right off the front, it’s a true pass-through, a ton of storage
in here, and right over here we also have a battery disconnect, makes it super
simple for when you’re storing anything so you don’t actually have to go in and
really disconnect the battery yourself, I just flip the switch and you can store
it. And you have magnetic latches and slam latches there, just let them go and
let them fall. And off the side of this guy, neat feature that Keystone
builds into the rigs, they have your two burner stove plus a little
basin sink with our hyper articulating gooseneck there, just packs up real small,
makes it really easy to actually make use of your outdoor space under this
huge awning. Outdoor speakers as well and then you have your big grab handle to
make it easy to walk, to get up inside, plus you do have an Arctic barrier and
two inch thick walls and an outback, really. really nice. Let’s go inside and
have a peek what the interior can offer. First, one of the great features about
this rig is you have an enormous bathroom off the rear, it’s a lot, a lot
of space, not only is the shower really big, there’s tons of storage for whatever
you might need to put inside and really nice vanity. It’s quite a bit
of a rarity, actually, to find a rig that has a bathroom this big, there’s very few
that are actually made this way where when you’re showering, you don’t have
to throw elbows at the curtain, when you get out you don’t have to throw elbows
at the wall when you’re drying off. It’s a really big space, uses up the entire
width of the rear here. Right off the entrance is something that
people walk by all the time, it’s a really great feature, you have your
closet space and really a ton of storage right off the entry here, hang a
lot of stuff, right when you step inside, you don’t have to bring
a lot into the interior here. Interior, great use of space here and
people are always asking for a television in an entertainment area and
a lounge area, that’s really oriented well and I think this one actually cuts a lot of nice curves here. We have a trifold sofa that is pointed directly
at your television, in mount stereo here, your Furrion system and your
electric fireplace. Now with the Arctic barrier and the spaces aren’t that huge,
when you’re plugged in you’re running your fireplace, it really takes very little to
warm it up to where you need it to be. Your big Dometic fridge, bottom, top
freezer and fridge, microwave, three burner stove and a lot of counter
space here and there’s enough counter space here to leave a lot of stuff on
the counter as you are preparing anything, coffee pots, blenders, and really
a lot of stuff there, in the back out of the way and not in hands reach,
kind of complicating things. Big stainless steel basin on
your sink here with your pull out faucet there. And on top, one of the things this rig really has is a lot, a lot, a lot of storage. And across from that, you have your dinette that does convert into a sleeping arrangement, so this rig
can actually sleep somewhere between six, around six, people or so and
with all these features and really make it a comfortable stay. Inside here, we have we have our a queen bed, you have your two hanging on either
side, closet space on either side, you have storage that pulls out on the other
side, as well, and you have your plugins too and cubbies for really anything you want to store,
phones, what not, books, kind of keep them out of the way. You’ve got cross ventilation on either side so you really get a nice cross breeze in here and all the lights
are LED, just click them on, click them off, really simple here.
This rig has a lot more to offer than what I just went over, if you have any
questions about it feel free to give me a call.
Jake Boyd 773-655-7190 or stop by Guaranty in Junction City and say hello.

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