2018 Jayco White Hawk 28 RL Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi my name is Ryan DeAngelis here at the
Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City Oregon. Today I’m going to show you a unit
that I’ve had on my lot a little bit too long now. It’s a 2018 Jayco
White Hawk. It’s those Jayco’s highline, high-end. It’s a 28 RL for a rear lounge.
If you bought this thing before the end of the year I know my manager
would be extremely motivated, so give me a call at the end of this video if this is
something that would interest you. You got nice big propane bottles on the
front – seven and a half gallon bottles. You have solar prep up front and a power
tongue jack, and then you got this big front cap up here with a big huge front
window. It gives a nice view inside the bedroom. You can’t see in this thing at
all – it’s all pretty darn deep tinted. It looks pretty sharp. Nice big pass through
here. There’s a spot to have a table in here. And all the pass-through, and it’s
accessible from both sides. Thick compartment doors. Very thick sidewalls.
You got a nice power awning up on the top that covers both of your doorways.
Outdoor TV mount if you want to hook a TV up outside. This thing weighs sixty
seven hundred pounds about, so you can tow this with just about any half-ton
with a v8. So now you got your two recliners in the back. Nice big window in
the rear. Good view out there. Dark shades that cover up all the windows there.
Frameless windows as well, so they’re deep tinted glass. Now you have a whole
full hide-a-bed here so it’s a trifold sofa. This folds out to a full hide-a-bed,
not just like a little flip out jackknife. Then you got your dinette here,
that’s broken down right now. Or it could be used as a bed, or you could pop the
table up and use it as a dinette. Good kitchen area here. Nice big fridge – it’s
about two cubic foot bigger than most fridges, so it’s an 8 cubic foot fridge.
And a good sized pantry in here as well. 40 inch TV that pulls out and swivels
around. Your entire media center here. Bluetooth, DVD, all that good stuff. 12
inch powered exhaust fan. There’s also a skylight in this living area in here, so
it’s very light, and here a lot of natural light. Then you got your bathroom
down the hall. Here you have a nice glass shower door. Some good counter space,
which is rare in a lot of trailers. Big medicine cabinet – very nice use
of space there where it’s not taking up a bunch of the trailer, but still not a
little tiny cramped bathroom that you can’t even change in. Digital thermostat
controls the entire unit right to the exact temperature you want it. There’s
your window up there, and there’s a big dark window shade that covers that. So if
you’re sleeping in, you don’t want to have the light shine in there. Plugs on
both sides of the bed – USB ports as well. Two big closets. And then you have a nice
big storage underneath the bed as well. And there’s some additional compartments there.
There’s hookups for a TV in here. Another exhaust fan up top.
Second door that goes outside here as well. There’s a bunch more stuff on this
I’d like to show you there’s just not enough time in a video so give me a call
when you can. My number is 541-525-4001, and I’m
Ryan DeAngelis from the Guaranty RV Supercenter.
Talk to you soon – thanks

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