2018 Jayco Octane SL 161 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning everybody, my name is Jeff
White here at Guaranty RV, world class guaranty RV. I’m here to show you one of
our smallest toy haulers we have, it’s a Jayco Octane 161. This bad boy weighs
less than 5,000 pounds dry. Let’s check it out, first thing I want you to know is
it comes with electric jack this is huge in simplifying your world. Electric
jack ready to go. Spot here for generator, spot here for batteries. Remember when
you buy from us it comes with propane tanks full batteries brand-new. You have
a nice awning on the side here that’s electric. Outdoor speakers so you can sit
out here, have a cold drink after playing all day. Fuel station, nice big ramp door 3000 pound weight
limit on it. And over here on the other side we have a nice ladder to get up on
top so yes the roof is capable of you getting on top 250 pound limit on the
ladder. Over here we have satellite, Shore cord, city water and one thing that’s
really cool it comes with an outside shower which is really fabulous that
you’re out there at the coast you get a bunch of clams grabs or anything and
wash things off wash the dog off before you go inside, sewer hose. Let’s go inside
and check this thing out you guys. Remember this is our Jayco 161 less than
5,000 pounds dry and the one thing that’s really cool is it does come with
a double axle that’s very important if you’ve ever been going down the road
with a single axle have a tire blowout everybody wants double axle so on this
length this is humongous, it’s under 20 feet. Okay inside we have our sofas that
come down put a table in the center and our queen-size bed comes down just push a button all you have to do. Ramp door comes down, It’s got carpet right there
it rolls out. Refrigerator, nice big refrigerator for this size, remember this
is a tiny tiny little toy hauler, nice big frigerator. It’s a Norcold to
boot. A little storage up here, pretty deep really, nice real wood. Stainless
steel handles, air conditioning unit so this bad boy is going to keep you nice
and cold during a hot day. Little attic vent, cargo area vent, fantastic fan up
there in the front. Okay in the kitchen area, 2 burner cook top, microwave but
it’s a convection/microwave so it’s going to cook things a lot faster. Stereo
setup, USB plugins, storage nice and deep.
Remember this thing is ready for solar. Nice big storage areas there, now
remember it doesn’t have a lot of storage but it does have a lot of
counter space, remember this thing is tiny look at all this counter space. A
nice plug in there get your blender going with your margaritas, coffee, a
little bit of storage over here underneath the sink and one drawer
perfect for silverware. So really for hunting you can load your quad this
thing take off and go. there’s perfect setup, double sink, one window right here
and then probably the most important part is it does come with a tub and the
stool. A little medicine cabinet right there another fantastic fan so you’re
all set. A little shower curtain right there what more could you need take this
bad boy hunting and be all set. Let’s go back outside you guys I think the cargo
area is about ten feet deep but remember the frigerator comes out here so you get
about 70 inches roughly in width so you can put two quads in here probably, all
set ready to go. But just as we stand back and look, look at this is just
perfect for camping, hunting, elk hunting and Jayco has a two year warranty you
can’t beat that that’s the best in the industry. You guys, if you’d like to come
take a look at this please give me a call my name is Jeff White at
world-class Guaranty RV. My phone number is 541-671-1840. Text me, call me or shoot me an email, at [email protected] I’d
love to show you this Jayco Octane 161 toy hauler. We just got it in, it’s going
to go quick. Thank you very much for watching my video have a great day.
Remember if you don’t remember Jeff white when you ask for me remember
bambam remember pebbles. Thank you very much have a great day, bye bye.

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