2018 Jayco Octane 222 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

ey Dewy McDonald here with Guaranty RV.
I got a brand new 2018 Jayco Octane, the model number is a 222, come on inside
and let’s take a peek. Straight in you got the microwave/convection oven right
there, two gas burner on top. You got your Norcold
refrigerator/freezer here, storage above, stainless steel appliances. Cabinetry
here, storage pots pans whatnot. You got stainless steel sink. You got a little
window here right off the kitchen so you can open it up for cross ventilation.
You have a little fold down couch and then you’ve got your couches here, got
couch on each side when it comes down and then also it’s bed. So you got the
double bed, queen bed and this, electric raises and lowers, pretty cool.
You got LED lights above us with air conditioning, more storage on the side
over here. It’s pre-wired for solar panel right
there. This actually fold down so it can
actually use it for partial sleeping. Over here is your stereo system,
you got a charging station above us, more storage cabinets. Pre-wired for backup
camera. Then you got your corner bed so you’ve got three beds basically. So you’re a nice corner bed there with
storage above it. And you got a tub, and a shower, toilet, sink, a little vanity in
the corner there. So big, a lot of headroom in there, nice big shower.
That’s why they did the corner bed so it gives you a big, big bathroom but a lot
of headroom. So if you have a tall like a razor actually so right here these
little pins on this side and this side so they actually unpin they fold against
the wall. So then you can bring your razor in you know if it’s wide
enough here you can bring all way up to the front because you got
input tie-downs clear up in here. So pretty cool unit, alright let’s go
outside. So you got your electric awning, outdoor speakers there. Got nice big
tires and wheels, like said wired for solar, outdoor plugs. Got your ramp door
in the back with LED lights. It’s pre-wired for a camera, nice big
hinges, solid door. On this side you have the fold-out ladder.
There’s your fuel station here for gas. So you got a metal sided, nice
clean-looking unit. Here’s your water, city water, shower outdoor shower, cable
TV hookup, power cord, water heater there. More storage, storage for under the bed.
Spot for your sewer hose here. You got a spot for a generator in the front if you
want to put a generator. It doesn’t come with the generator but you can
actually put one there with the batteries. Got the nice big tanks with
the electric tongue jack. So lightweight made to pull of a half-ton
which is kind of cool, you know because it’s hard to find those for
half-ton toy haulers. So if you’re looking for something like this or
anything that we carry, 5th wheels toy haulers, campers you name it. Any RV I can help you with, my name is Dewy McDonald Guaranty RV.

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