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Hi! Thank you for joining me today, my
name is Barbara Dee, and I’m here at Guaranty RV in Junction City. Today, I’m
going to show you a Jayco product. This is a 218 Jayco Jay Flight 287 Bunkhouse
with a super slide. I love the fact that it’s got an electric tongue jack on it
right here, so it makes it very easy to get on, and off the ball of your truck.
This is a great trailer, it’s something that you can use year round. You can
take it up into the woods, you can take it to the coast, or, you can take it into
any nice RV park. It’s a lovely rig. Let’s take a look inside. Got some pass-through storage right here, which is very nice for you. I mean, one of the important things about RVs is
storage, storage, storage. So it’s nice that it has quite a bit. And it’s got a
terrific floor plan – a nice big awning out here, with speakers on each end, and
LED lighting. Three steps and a grab handle as you come up here, so you can
get in, and out easily. It just feels kind of homey, you know? Complete with, you’ve got this nice sofa that’s making, will make
down into a bed. This also, this is a nice horseshoe table, so everybody can sit
around and play some cards or some games. You’ve got storage underneath this, it
makes into a bed for someone that’s probably 6 foot tall,
I’m kind of short, so I fit about anywhere. An oversized refrigerator, this
is a Norcold, so you’ve got a great big freezer here, and a nice fridge to keep
everything nice and handy. And they provide an oven, the range top, and the
microwave. A nice deep sink, with the spray vias handle, great deck of drawers. I
mean these drawers are so strong that when they demo this at this
factory, they put a great big brick in it. So, they’ll hold quite a bit of stuff. You
come back here, and you’ve got more pantry space for your family needs, as
well as a coat closet, which is really handy for the kids stuff, because this is
a bunkhouse, a lot of times it’s either going to be a older relative, or the kids.
A nice deck of drawers right here. One of the things that I see in this trailer,
that I don’t always see in a bunk house trailer is this –
something as simple as this: a ladder. They’re having the kids jump up, and pull
down, or all the rest of it, and eventually that’s gonna wear things out.
So, you’ve got a nice double bed up here, a secondary bed down here. They’re teddy
bear, they’re nice and thick and plush. And I’m gonna have the Cameron just take a scan in here real quick, so they’ve got their own light, it’s got a it’s got a an
air-conditioning vent, just a few things to make it super handy. And this
is the bathroom. So, as you see, you can have the kids, or yourself, I’m a
kid at heart anyway. Big kids, little kids, you can come in, and out of this
door to enter. It’s got a fantastic shower – look at this. I mean, look – it’s got
a great big shower, so you’re not having to stand up in some little dome, and wash
like this, you can move around here. A porcelain toilet. This, the outside door
is handy, they’ve already put the towel rack here, I’m going to show you the
master bedroom before we get done, and I just kind of want to scoot over here.
Even this is a neat idea, TV goes here but check it out, there’s a place for the
kids to put their shoes, or to put a few things away that you don’t, you know, or
sit down and kick off your shoes even, hang your coat up. Just nice things like
that! And it still has a private bedroom for mom and dad. So this is a very
comfortable, large, it’s the standard size set, so you can get regular sheets for it.
Lots of storage on each side, fantastic storage underneath it here, I mean it
just goes on, and on, and on. So, I’m getting caught up here. So, the features
here is that it’s a it’s a 28-foot trailer, it’ll fit in any park,
it’s a Rocky Mountain Edition, so you’ve got some raised axles, plenty of room for
mom and dad, the family, the kids. Great big bathroom, it’s a super nice trailer.
My name is Barbara Dee, and I’m out here at Guaranty. Seeing is believing, and
sitting down on the couch, lying down on the bed, is really what, really what makes
all the difference in the world. Please call me! My number is 541-521-4232. I always answer my phone. My name is Barbara D, and I’m with Guaranty RV. Thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me today, I appreciate it.

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