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Hi my name is Ryan DeAngelis I’m here at
the Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City Oregon. Today I’m going to show you
a Jayco 245 RL SW. So there’s a couple things on here that’s gonna be a little
bit different than some of them. This has basically all three packages on it, it’s
got your customer value package which is a lot of stuff on the inside. I can show
you it’s got the Rocky Mountain Edition package which gives you an additional 40
gallon freshwater tank in this so it has 80 gallons of freshwater and then also
has the Baja Edition package which gives you the bigger off-road tires. And they
flip the axles and a little bit more diamond plating and I’ll show you those
– you got a power tongue jack up front, you got your propane bottles up here,
it’s got the two bigger bottles on this one so you got about 15 gallons of
propane – two seven and a half’s. You got solar prep as well on this side so you
can plug a solar panel into that. This one has a little bit more outdoor
storage than a lot of trailers, typically you get something kind of like this with
your pass-through but you have a little bit more underneath the bed – it’s a big
t shape in here and so just you know a normal pass through then you would have
an additional compartment on the back, so usually you just get whatever is up
in the front and that’s it. This has an additional outdoor storage on the back too. So you can throw your generators and there are different things that you might want
to haul for camping. You got your power awning on the top here with an LED light
strip in it. So you have your Baja Package, so this like all the other Jaycos
have made in the US Goodyear tires. That’s pretty rare in this industry, to have a tire that’s that good but this gives you a little bit bigger of an
off-road tire on it and they flip the axles like I said so it kind of sits up
a little bit higher off the ground. Inside here, right as you come in through
the back, very nice living area here, a lot of counter space, more counter space
than a lot of 30-foot trailers will have in this 24 foot trailer. Split sinks,
they’re a little bit deeper with the design they did this year so they’re a
little bit bigger. You got an extendable sprayer, oven microwave, three burners on
your range, there’s a lot of windows in this back area. You can back in at the
coast or wherever you’re at you kind of have a nice view out the back. This is a
couch that you can make into a bed so you got somewhere to sit besides just
your dinette and your bed. So you got a dinette in here as well, a booth style
that you can break down to an extra bed. You have sound system and your media
system up front with the DVD player, CD, bluetooth, two door Norcold fridge so it’s
got a bigger fridge in it. All the lights in here are all LED. Then you’ve got your
bathroom, there’s two ways to get into it so you can get into it from the bedroom
separately from the hallway here. So you got a glass shower, a separate
toilet, separate sink. Then as you come to the bedroom here you got a walk around
queen bed you got a couple storage cabinets on the side for your closets,
plugs on both sides of the bed with nightstands, and then this raises up and
it’s just huge underneath. Here you have your big outdoor storage. There’s a spot
for a second TV if you want to put one in here. Part of the Rocky Mountain
addition package that they change this here on the Jaycos is they got darker
shades, now they’ve always been tan for years and it blocks a lot more light out.
So you got this nice hallway that kind of separates the back room from the
bedroom and then the bathroom is also accessible from both sides. I got a
couple things I’ll show you out here. You got a full-size spare on the back,
it’s another off-road, Goodyear, made in the US, Goodyear tire. Full walk
on roof, you got a ladder on the back, you can actually get
up there and walk around if you need to inspect it or check something out. We
give you a free one every year for life so you don’t have to get up there but if
you ever needed to it’s is there for you. And better than that the roof is
strong enough to be able to handle somebody up there so that’s always a
good feeling even if you never have to get up there. So there’s an outdoor
shower as well on the back side and it comes with a good package so you got
everything you need there. You got your power tongue jacks so you’re not
cranking stuff, you got power awnings, air conditioning, LED lights and then that
Rocky Mountain Package really kind of enhances it with a ton of fresh
water. You know this is only a 24 foot trailer, this thing weighs
about 5500 pounds so it’s half-ton towable with just about every half-ton
and a lot of the SUVs can also tow it. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff and
similar ones like this I’d like to show you. Give me a call my number is 541-525-4001, My name is Ryan DeAngelis from the
Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City. Talk to you soon.

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