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Hi everybody, Matt Elliott here at Guaranty RV Super Centers, in sunny Junction City, Oregon. Finally get a shoot a video in the sun, I’m so happy about it. Today I’m going to show you a really cool trailer, this is a Jayco 232 RB and it’s really a traditional floor-plan, a classic floor-plan, not a slide-out, but it’s got great seating and sleeping, and you’ll see all that when we go inside. A couple of quick notes about Jayco. Jacyco’s been around for over 50 years, and they’re one of the top selling trailers of a ll time. I love selling Jaycos, because they have first of all, they have a two year bumper-to-bumper warranty, where most products only have a one year warranty, and they have a five-eighths tongue of groove plywood floor and a 3/8 tongue and groove plywood roof. They’re fully walkable, very strong, very quality trailer. Excellent for the money, and this particular one has some great features. This is called a Jay Flight SLX, but it’s the Rocky Mountain Edition, and it’s got some good things about, it you’ll see as we go. But let’s look at the inside first. Now it’s kind of nice to see that you have a good grab handle, we’re really close in here, sorry about that camera guy. Okay, come on in. So the thing about this floor-plan that I love, is it’s a trailer that’s, first of all, it’s not too big, and yet it has a couch, a dinette, and a queen walk-around bed, and a really nice bathroom, and a lot of storage. We’re going to start back here at the bathroom and sort of work our way up. So, one of the things that’s great about a rear bathroom, is that by putting the bathroom in the back, it means I get the whole width of the trailer for the bathroom. It’s not so congested in here as the ones that are kind of in the corner, or where you have the corner in the kitchen, both in the middle, and the whole trailer gets really tight. This is spacious; it’s got a nice skylight, it’s got a real-life bathtub in here. Tall guys can get in here and wash your hair and everything. There’s a great wardrobe in the very back. Now, a lot of trailers kind of suffer in the area of hanging storage, so it’s great to see that. It’s got a nice medicine cabinet here. The other thing that’s nice is that it’s got a porcelain toilet. Porcelain toilets are much easier to clean, they last a long time, and if you take a look and there’s plenty of room. A big guy can get in here and use this, there’s room for his knees. there’s room to turn around get dressed, it’s super. Now, the other thing it’s cool about a rear bath trailer, is it’s not in middle so it opens up the whole entire floor plan. Personally, for me, I usually like rear baths a little better than the others. Now, we’re gonna look at the kitchen area now, and the first thing I want to point out is this is an 8-cubic foot refrigerator, it’s great. It’s got a great big freezer, with a deep basin in here, and it’s got a lot of storage in here. Most trailers only have a 5 or 6 cubic foot fridge, so the 8 cubic is a big deal. Also, you’ve got a nice full-size dinette here that makes into a bed, and there’s storage under both sides. Now, up here, this is your home theater system, and this will play movies, it’ll connect to bluetooth, you can run auxiliary stuff, like your own HDMI, or USB driven stuff, you can put into this. And, you can set your TV on this wall. This one doesn’t have a TV, but it’d be very easy to add it, and we do that all the time. And, so, we have all LED lights in here too, so, this place really gets nice and bright when the lights are on. Look at the galley, we have a large, deep double-sided sink, so we can wash, and rinse. It’s kind of a trend now, to see these big sinks that don’t have any kind of a divider, and it’s cool, you say: “wow big sink,” but now, how do you wash and rinse when there’s no divider between the two sink basins? So this is a good feature. Down here, guess what? We have a place for a garbage can. Most trailers don’t have room for a garbage can under the sink, but they’ve done a good job of that. This sofa here folds down, makes a little jack, it’s called a jackknife sofa, and somebody short, like a kid, could sleep on here – two of them, if you really jam them in tight. Now, over here, I want to show you the queen walk-around bed. Nowm Jayco has a really good-sized queen bed, it’s not that little teeny short one. It’s also got nightstand space on both sides, so you can plug in your phone, or you could plug in, oh a CPAP machine, or any other gadget that you want, and it’s got hanging storage here on the sides, well, this is actually shelving storage, and then you have overhead storage too. And this bed lifts up, and look at all that under there – you’ve just got a goddess storage there, you could put way too much stuff in here if you want. Now you can also have a TV in the bedroom, and one thing else I’ll tell you that’s really neat, Jayco uses a pretty good mattress. Most people think that all RV mattresses are terrible. The Jayco’s mattress is quite comfortable, and I think you’ll like it. So, now, this is the interior. Let me just point it out again: you’ve got a queen walk-around bed, you got a sofa, you got a full dining area and this is just a great setup. And now, if it had a slide-out, you’d have to pitch out some of these seating areas, or get rid of some of this storage, or have a smaller fridge, you lose things when you have a slide out, sometimes. This is a great design for not having a slide. Let’s go take a look outside. Now, the first thing I want to show you is that this trailer is a sheet metal sided trailer. A lot of trailers you see today have fiberglass sides. They are very pretty, they have their own advantages, I sell a lot of fiberglass sided trailers, they can wash up, and wax, and you don’t get, you know, debris in the little cracks. But the nice thing about this sheet metal is it’ll never weather, it’ll never deteriorate, there’s no gel coat to worry about, and it won’t delaminate, it’s not a press laminated construction, so it’s not something that can delaminate. So sheet metal sided trailers are often the most reliable exterior. That material will last for just about ever, I think. It’s got a diamond plate rock guard, it’s got a power tongue jack, this is great to have, makes it a lot easier to load and unload. You’ll notice it’s got the nice, big, propane bottles, so you carry a lot of material with you and have lots of propane, so you can do a longer trip, Okay, now, when we do this, I want you to look at the battery box here. This area is big enough for two batteries, and we will provide you with a battery, or even two, we can put in there, it’s not a problem. And look under here, and you could see great front storage. Now you saw the other side of this when we lifted up the bed, so this whole entire area is all storage, It’s got power – not power – but manual stabilizer jack’s on all four corners, which is good, because they’re all independent height, you don’t have to worry about them being crooked on the ground, makes them easier to use. Now, it’s kind of hard to see, we’re in here so close. But when you back around here and swing around maybe, you take a look at those wheels. This has a very large set of wheels and tires, and it’s got a lot of ground clearance. So, when you look at the Rocky Mountain addition, that’s what we’re looking at here. This Rocky Mountain Edition is going to give you higher ground clearance, bigger tires, you can get off of the main drag, you don’t have to just go to KOA campsites, and places like that. And people really like this because you can go where you want, you don’t have to worry at all about it. And the other thing is, is this special package has extra insulation, and it also has, this is one of the best things, a 90-gallon freshwater tank. You can carry a lot of fresh water. So if you’re going to go out and play, and get away from a traditional campsite, this has great capacities. Now another thing this has it’s well worth looking at – it has a ladder. Now so many trailers today don’t have any kind of a ladder on them, because, first of all, they don’t really want you up on the roof, and there is no storage intended to be done up there. But with this trailer herem we might want to go up and maintain our seals, or remove debris, and having ladder access to your roof just makes it so much easier to maintain your trailer. We at Guaranty give you free roof inspections every single year, but not everybody can do that. And, so, it’s nice to have the ladder, so you can go up and take a look at your roof. Also, we have a sewer flush built in, that’s how you can clean out your dump tank. And down here, you can see that we have a propane connector, so you can run a barbecue off the trailer too. I think it even comes with the barbecue – you probably like that. Now, back here, we’ve also got a good outside storage compartment. And then the last things I’m going to point out here about the trailer are that it has a power awning, and it’s even got speakers for the stereo outside on the awning. And, you know, this is just a great trailer, very easy to use, not so big. I think you’d really like it, I certainly like this trailer a lot. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, or you want to see it in person, just give me a call. My name is Matt Elliott, and you can reach me at 541-954-8495. Thanks for watching the video, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day.

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  1. Actual information and specifications! Great job! Refreshing to see in lieu of the yahoos that just say "nice" (nice microwave, nice refrigerator etc) thru the whole video.

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