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Hi, I’m Barbara D, I’m out here at
Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon. And today I would like to show you this
little Jayco. This is a Jayco 212, it’s a great unit for a couple of people
and probably a little grandkid or two. Let’s go around, it comes with dual tanks.
It’s a lightweight trailer, it can be towed by just about anything. The exact
weight I will share with you a little later. It is solar equipped so if you
wanted to put on a solar system if you want to go up to maybe Crescent Lake or
up to Chiloquin or over to the coast and you’re off the hook, not plugged in then
you can keep your batteries warm keep them strong with this solar plug and
play, pretty neat. It has great storage, like I said this is a 21 foot trailer
it’s not a long unit but it does have dual axles, it’s got some nice storage
under here so if you take a look in there, this is a big
enough opening that you can get a folding table in it you can put some
lawn chairs in there you can put a little barbecue and other things that
you’re going to need for your trip. And that’s of course a lockable compartment.
It has this really nice electric awning and what I like about this awning as an
RVer and I out have RVed for years and years and years is the fact that it does
have these outside speakers so you can listen to your music, it has LED lighting,
and most of all it covers the door and all the windows on this side. So it
allows you to kind of spread out and claim your space. Aluminum rims it has
their running R 14s on this, 75R 14 so that’s a standard small truck tire.
You have some outlets here, you notice that right next to the door I want to
point it out right here it does have a thermal package and what
that means to you is you can run this thing up to the ski hill if you wanted
to and spend a few days and not worry about anything freezing and that solar
is that is a real benefit. Nice little grab handle, we’re just going
to walk around it real quick like this. It’s a flight SLX 212 QBW. It’s got a ladder on the back so you can get up there if you want to put a
few things on top of the rig you could but most of all you’ll be able to get up
there and inspect your roof. LED lighting a spare tire. Jayco has been
building RVs for a number of years they were the very first company that
provided a sealed bottom travel trailer or 5th wheel back in the 80s and they’ve
been staying strong it’s a very recognized name throughout the United
States and Canada and other parts of the world. So when you’re traveling
people will know will recognize this brand name. It is already pre-wired for
cable TV and a satellite input so they have a small dome it used to be puts a
satellite on the roof solar on the roof and now you do that just on a portable
it’s kind of like our laptops we don’t have to be stuck to our desk we can take
them with us. Nice hot water heater, a good sized hot
water heater, I think that’s a six gallon unit. It’s a 30 amp service and what that
means to you as an RVer is that the power sources in most RV parks are 30
amp service so that means that the 30 amp services this need is going to marry
up perfectly with the outlet that you access at the RV park. It’s got an
outside shower which is pretty neat. I think that I can get this up and I’ll
show you what that means it provides you a place to clean out a cooler, my key
going to work here I hope it does. You can clean out the cooler, you can wash
off the pup, wash off your feet, it does require you have the right key to and
apparently I don’t. but behind here you’re going to see a
hand spigot and hot and cold running water. Again I want to point out that
this is a very small trailer with dual axles and that helps you if you ever get
in a situation where there’s some crosswinds or people are passing you
maybe large vehicles it just makes a nice safe journey for you and the
trailer. It’s equipped with the holding tank flushing system so a lot of these
features that I’m pointing out are often seen in larger more expensive units, this
is an introductory trailer so they’ve really added a lot of nice
features for you as the end user. Just make it easy so when you
come away from that camping trip you’re like wow I had a good time everything
really well. Right here we have the black and the gray water holding tanks.
This is where you would drain your shower tank or the toilet tank and
again Jayco being the company that they are have provided you what’s called a
macerator so I’m going to put it in real easy terms a macerator is basically a
garbage disposal that will pump out the debris that is in your black tank and
that is in fact your sewage tank so that’s nice to know everything is taken
care of you get a nice clean sweep when you get out and get done with your
camping trip. This is the other side of that pass-through that I showed you and
I want to take a quick look right back here. What we’re looking at here is a
21.2 foot trailer with a lot of accessories, LED lighting and now I want
to show you what’s on the other side of this door. One of the things right off
the top that I’m going to point out is as an RVer
your parks you’re walking up to your vehicle you want to get past this door
and I see other companies putting a shock here or up on the top which which
closes it it leaves it in this position. So now you have to walk around the door
so thankfully Jayco’s been building RVs long enough to know that that is an
inconvenience for the RVer. A grab handle a lot of times you’re going to
have something in your hand you’re going to have your fishing rods you’re going
to have your purse you’re going to have your towels or other things so you’ve
got something to hang on to and come on in. What you’re going to see down here is
a bow floor so this is a type of flooring that was designed to be slip
resistant, stain resistant, mold and mildew resistant and cold crack
resistant. So this floor is going to last a very long time and be in great shape
ten years from now and I recommend that when people are buying an RV look at
that five to ten year window that’s when you’re going to get the most bang for
your buck on the money that you’re going to put out for it and this has a
terrific price point you’re looking at a payment that’s far under $200. I’m going
to look at the bed here, a nice comforter, a nice mattress. Something that has some
inner coil springs it’s comfortable, there’s storage underneath this bed. A lot
of storage that you can access from inside or outside. I like the fact that
they we’ve gotten rid of the little mini blinds so for years they have it metal
mini blinds that made a lot of noise and in this case what they’ve done if they
provided you this accordion shade. So you can have your privacy and the windows
are tinted so and you’d only be using this in the evening people can’t really
see in the RV during the day. An outlet next to the bed, independent lighting for mr. and mrs. and a nice closet on each side and it’s
silly as it sounds I’m going to open this other closet door silly as it
sounds it’s nice to just oh they have shelving in here so that’s awesome so
there’s a little bit of place to put your folded clothes and if Quinn walks
around there real quick you’ll see that it just has a standard bar so you know
like a closet rod so you can use the hangers that you have from home and not
try and find something that might find wire hangers. I don’t have any wire
hangers anymore they’re all plastic so let’s take a look at the bathroom. It’s a quaint little bathroom but it’s a
private bathroom so you’ve got a place to store some toilet paper or some
towels. It does have a GFI outlet, a place for a hand towel. It’s got a nice tub and
shower, again that you’ve got this skylight up above and that allows
someone that’s a you know abnormal height if they’re six-foot or a little
bit more they’re still going to be able to take a comfortable shower in there.
and it’s vented and air conditioned and of course heated and the way that you
operate all of that equipment is right here. Just like a residential setup, you set
it on low or high on automatic and it will maintain the temperatures
throughout the RV. As we go back this way I want you to take a peek at this
kitchen because it’s a nice little kitchen. It has a double sink, it has the
three burner range-top, a 21 inch oven
and the microwave. And then it’s got a couple of drawers over there and a
cabinet for your pots and pans and the things you’re going to want to take with
you. More storage on the top here for your dishes and other things, bowls
things that you’re going to use to prepare a meal. And they’re nice, nice
cabinets, it’s wood, it’s not something that’s got a plastic cover on it it’s
the real McCoy.We have an entertainment center here. We provide a television
again I want to show you how nice it is pull this blind down when it’s hot and
this is also a window that opens for you so you can get and you can see right
there the difference in the tinting. So as the sun comes in it’s being reflected,
if you want some air through here just some natural breeze that’s available to
you too. This is going to fold down into a jackknife sofa so what that means is
if it’s Grandma and Grandpa or mom and dad and a couple of little guys there’s
still a place to lie down. There is some storage underneath, it’s not a lot but
some. Just it’s nice to keep the couch in a small rig and so many times that is
forgotten from the manufacturer they think that you’re going to take the
table out of the dinette and that’s going to suffice for your couch. Just
plain and simple it’s nice to be able to sit down here and relax visit with
someone that might be sitting at the table or talk to someone that’s lying
down in bed. But you do have a dedicated table and that’s nice so someone wants
to sit down and have a sandwich, do a puzzle, make plans for where we’re going
next then you aren’t forfeiting that and this
will make down into bed you take this table and set it down here these
cushions come together and voila one more place for a little guy to sleep.
Also storage under here and storage and an RV is important most people are
towing with a truck many people have a canopy on the bed of their truck so they
have a lot of storage but it’s always nice to have a little slot to stick some
paper towels some extra toilet paper or some beach beach stuff you like your
beach towels and just little things like that that take up a lot of space. It has a it has a nice roof system on it
it has a truss roof. So as an RVer you want to make sure that
the rain and the snow and the weather is moved off at the top the roof that you
don’t have a flat roof and that’s that’s something that Jayco has known for a
very long time and it’s a standard in all of their units. I like the countertop
it’s just it’s light, it’s clean, its small, its affordable and it’s something
that will last you a nice 7 to 10 15 20 years if you take care of it. So come on
out to Guaranty RV I’m Barbara D and my telephone number is 541-521-4232.
Give me a call ask me a couple of questions I’d love to meet you, thank you.

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