2018 Jayco Jay Feather 7 16 XRB Hybrid Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, Jason Fairchild with Guaranty RV,
today we’re going to go over a 2018 Jayco Jay Feather 16 XRB, we’re start
off on the interior and we’ll finish off by going over the exterior, follow me
inside. So this trailer is a great layout, we’ve got the two beds on each end and
if you don’t need to, you don’t have to open up that back bed, this dinette here
will also break down into a second sleeping area, or a third sleeping area,
and then you’ve got the couch here as well. Lots and lots of storage here, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Jayco’s went to using some lighter wood interiors which
is just kind of nice here in the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of gray
days, just like today even though it’s almost June. So here we go, we’ve got a
nice fridge-freezer combination here, up above it we’ve got an AC, a little more
storage there, you’re using every nook and cranny they can, we’ve got our two
burner stove, nice cabinets with storage down below, sink with hot and cold
running water here, and here is our bathroom with our corner shower, our sink, medicine cabinet and our toilet over there, and then our back bed here. Now
again, like I was mentioning, if you didn’t need this bed you could leave it
closed up, you don’t have to open it. Real quick, we’ll just touch on the weight,
because this is a great lightweight trailer, great for SUVs and small trucks,
it’s 3,000 pounds dry and it’s 3,900 fully loaded, so it is a very, very light
trailer. Let’s work around this way, so we’ve got
the electric awning here on the outside, the outside speakers, the hood for the
stove there, we’ve got some cable and some 110, placed a mounted TV here, this
storage here, ooh I don’t have a key for it guys, but this is going to run under
that bench, here we’ve got a cool connection for portable solar panels,
they seem to be getting really popular, a lot less expensive than mounting them to
your roof and you’re not putting holes in your roof, so I really like the
portables, You also do have a Electric tongue jack with this trailer, you see
the beds just popped out here, there’s no supports that go down below like you see
in a lot of tent trailers, this one just lays out and this platform supports the
bed itself, good system. This is where your potable water is going to get
filled, and this is where your city water would be filled in, or would connect to,
your low point drains are down below here, you’ve got stabilizers on all four
corners, there’s your low point drains, and here we got our 30 amp power
connection here, this is your black tank flush, so this is how you clean out the
black tank, you just tie a hose or connect the hose in here, turn it on, it’s
got sprayers in there and it’s gonna wash out any remaining deficit. This is
the back of the fridge here, back of your AC, your furnace exhaust for the LP, so
this does get hot, and this is your water heater here, your main cable and
satellite input right here. I already mentioned hot and cold shower and your
black tank flush, as we come around back you can see we’ve got a full sized
bumper with a full-size spare tire, LED lights throughout and again, none of that
hardware hanging down below here that you have to mess around with. So thanks
for taking the time to check out our website, specifically this trailer. Again
my name is Jason Fairchild, I can be reached directly at 541-228-6057 if you have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you guys soon, have a great day.

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