2018 Jayco Eagle HT 306 RKDS Travel Trailer • Guaranty.com

Hi folks. Welcome to Guaranty RV in
beautiful Junction City, Oregon. Today we’re going to be looking at the Jayco
Eagle series. It’s a 306RKDS, it’s a big, beautiful trailer. It’s actually
really nice for that couple that wants a little extra room, it’s got a nice big
bed area, a nice big kitchen, let’s go in and check it out. On the way though, let’s
take a peek inside the storage. Giant pass-through, it’s got a couple chairs in
there that come with it, and as we come up here inside I’m going to start back here
in the back. Look at this awesome kitchen, tons of counter space.
Nice, beautiful finish on everything. Tons of storage, you want to unit with some
storage. Holy mackerel, this thing is filled! All above the chairs there,
look at all that storage! You’ve got enough room, and these are deep, I
can’t even touch the back here, these are so deep. A lot of storage. All
stainless steel appliances. Nice Norcold refrigerator and freezer, pantry, and then
you even got more drawers over here. There they’re on rollers, it’s a nice
finish on this one, everything’s really nice. Table for two,
with the extension, lots of big windows, more storage above the couch, two nice
recliners and they’re Thomas Payne, they’re stuff that you’d find in your
home. Nice TV set, more storage, a little fireplace, which is really nice. The nice
thing about it though, when you come back here to this bedroom, check this out.
Nice big bed, this closet area is a pop-out for the bathroom, and in here. So
you got a nice big wardrobe closet, lots of storage,
you got built-in drawers here that pull out. Nice little stand here, more storage
up above. Big bed, big nightstand on both sides. Another another closet. Place up there to put your books, or your phone,
your own nightlight. And then this bathroom, if you pop in this bathroom, big
glass shower doors, huge medicine cabinet, Look at the size of this medicine cabinet, its got a big mirror, I’m gonna open it up just to show you, it’s huge, massive medicine cabinet.
Nice sink, big shower with the skylight so big guys can fit in there.
More storage in the bathroom, which is really nice, people love to have that
extra storage in the bathroom. So we just got this Jayco in, it’s a beautiful unit.
If you have any questions on this unit, or any other unit that you see online,
please give me, Big Sal, a call. I’ll be happy to help you. My number is 951-443-8323. Thanks!

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