2018 Heartland Sundance XLT 189 MB Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi everybody, my name is Matt Elliot and
I’m here at Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City, Oregon.
Today to show you a great new trailer this is from a company called Heartland
they make a lot of great products we carry almost everything they build and
this is the Sundance 189 MB. One of the things that happens is we talk to
hundreds and hundreds of customers here is they always want something that’s
small and light with a slide-out and a queen walk around bed and it’s just
tough to get all those elements into one trailer and do a nice job of it but they
did it on this one I think you’re really going to like it, follow me. Now one of
the problems with little trailers is that they feel really little inside this
one doesn’t. This is fantastic first of all it’s got a crowned interior ceiling
which really makes it spacious tall people can walk around in here they are
going to bump their heads even on the air-conditioner because this has a nice
low profile air with full ducting. Most trailers this small don’t have ducting
in the ceilings but this one does and so that allows us to use a lower profile
air. So I have a lot of openness here, I’ve got a full queen walk around bed
with storage on each side and that’s very nice. And now I’m going to show you
something extra special about this bed the one thing you can’t get if you have
this much stuff in a small trailer is a couch there’s no place for a couch to be,
this trailer there is. This has a Murphy bed now it doesn’t fold up into like some of them do. So put the Murphy bed away and look what I get. I get a sofa now when you’re sitting here all of a sudden you
have a place to be. Most trailers had just have a bed and then dinette don’t
really have a sofa at all. You don’t have a place to sit and watch TV. but right
here I could sit here and look at there’s a beautiful 32 inch TV from this
vantage point it’s got a full home theater system right there and you can
sit here and enjoy yourself, watch TV or socialize. The dinettes here, the couch is
here. You can have people in here, it’s really comfortable.
There’s also a lot of floor space and so if you have a pet or a small child and
they need some room to run around this trailer has really got it. It’s amazing how
much room this small trailer has. Let’s take a look at the bathroom. Now this is
a rear bath and rear baths are always great because you get more room for the
bathroom but it’s not in the middle of the trailer so you can open up the whole
trailer inside and have a nice bathroom too and yet not be very big, I just
think it’s really smart. So here you see you have a tall fully enclosed shower
with a skylight plenty of room for a big guy and you have some storage there’s a
place there for you to put towels or things like that.
Got a nice medicine cabinet that’s gonna work great for just about everybody I
like this design a lot. We come in the main part of the trailer again one other
point I want to make is it has a really nice kitchen small trailers usually have
small fridges. This has got a fridge and freezer, six cubic feet, plenty of room.
It’s got the stainless steel finished package on the appliances for the hood
the microwave and the stove. One of the best things is this, everybody always
wrestles with their stove top covers these funky little metal things people
reef on them and they bend them and they never seem to work just right. They put a
glass flush mount stove top on this so I can use it as counter space when I’m not
cooking and it looks really nice. Also look at the size of that sink that’s a
stainless steel sink and you can just you could just watch time you could
watch a little kid it’s such a big sink. Has a nice faucet too and
one thing I also want to point out this rig has great cross ventilation see I
can open these windows here. A lot of trailers today have these flush mount
windows they’re popular they’re good-looking but the downside is they
don’t open as far and this gets a lot of cross ventilation and so this has a lot
of sliding windows. One nice thing about this trailer it’s got a triple step
entry so you don’t have that big jump in to get the first time,
got a nice easy access. So what do we have out here well first of all we have
a power awning I just hit a switch and the whole thing will come out and make a
nice big awesome area out in front of the trailer.
We’ve got outside speakers, we’ve got alloy wheels so they don’t get rusty.
We’ve got stabilizer jacks at all four corners you can see those right here. And
it’s popular to have power jacks these days but one thing that’s nice with
these they cost less and you can work them easily even just with a power like
a battery operated drill or the hand crank that they provide. Most Murphy beds don’t have pass-through storage in them because the bed comes down into the
storage area with this one I do have space I can put my long items all the
way in. Another thing that’s really nice about this trailer is it has a power
tongue jack so it makes it very easy to connect to my towing equipment and I
don’t have to crank on it all the time. And the other thing I really love is it
has this full fiberglass enclosure in the front. This big enclosure is more
aerodynamic and it there’s nothing up here that’s going to leak and it’s not
made out of a material that’s going to separate in sunlight it’s not going to
have sun damage over time we call it dealamination you can see it on a lot of
older trailers. So this is a really good technology to have. As you look around
here one thing I want to point out about our slide-out small trailers often have
little shallow slides that don’t have a lot of room they just give you a little
bit of space this is a full depth slide and it makes it really that’s one of the
reasons why it’s so much more roomy inside. And also if you look at the
equipment here this is a rack and pinion slide-out.
That’s important because rack and pinion systems are extremely reliable and
durable and they give this bigger slide outs because the mechanisms run under
the floor instead of above the floor there’s no cables there’s no pulleys or
hydraulics or anything to worry about, simple to care for. We walk around the backside here I want
to point out a couple of things first of all we have both cable and satellite
hookups and we also have a sewer flush mechanism so when I get done cleaning
out my waste tanks I can hook a hose to this and I can extra clean out my black
water tank make sure there’s no residuals in there so it’s easy to clean
you don’t have odors and you don’t have any servicing issues. As you look up one
thing that’s really nice about this trailer is it’s got a nice crown effect
to the ceiling. It’s got a good crown top now this is a one-piece membrane and it
has a long long warranty, it’s very reliable, it’s waterproof that’s what you
want on top of your trailer but it’s also got good water runoff so you don’t
have to worry about anything collecting up there. Now this is just a thumbnail
sketch of the Heartland Sundance 189 MB. I hope you liked the video, if you have
any questions please feel free to give me a call my name is Matt Elliott and
you can reach me at 541-954-8495. Thanks a lot, you have a great day.

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