2018 Heartland North Trail 22 FBS Travel Trailer • Guaranty.com

Jake Boyd here with Guaranty Super
Centers in Junction City, and I want to talk to you about this Heartland North
Trail 22 FBS, and some of the features that set it apart from its competitors.
First we’re gonna start with the power tongue jack – pretty easy push button up
and down, it’s got a little light on it so you can actually make your way into
the hitch pretty easily in the dark. And if we come around to the side, gonna
notice a few things in this in this pass-through. An enormous amount of
storage in there, there’s some push button LED so things don’t get lost,
plus right here, you have your push buttons for your electrical stabilizer
jacks front and rear, and beyond that you have a pretty burly catch door
here. They have slam latches on that with magnetic catches you now have to fumble with anything, super simple up and down. One of the things that makes this pretty
neat, have a really wide base on these, on this double axle here, quite a bit more
stability when you going down the road. If, God forbid, you have anything happen
down the road, you still have three points of stability and they’re fairly
wide apart. One of the cool things that North Trail does as well, is they
actually have this solid step, super easy up and down, goes straight to the ground,
has zero bounce, and it extends out too so regardless of where you’re parking,
you’re still gonna get this solid step regardless of where you are. You have a
very great open space in this couples trailer that can actually accommodate a
few more here. What we’re looking at here is a quite a long countertop, solid-surface countertop, you have a drop-down, pull-out faucet head, and
your double basin stainless steel sink. A couple of the things that
North Trail does that’s pretty particular to North Trail, is that a lot
of their units are actually outfitted with central vac. Central vac makes it
clean up really easy, and also something you might notice here is that
there are no vents in the floor, everything – heat and AC is ducted
through the walls. You have a big, six-seater, u-shaped
dinette, and plus you have a really nice kind of, a really nice relaxer here that
jackknifes down into a bed. It’s pretty simple; one hand pull there too. North Trail does a lot of really kind of nice, residential modern
touches with their cabinetry, and they also have a lot of really cool things
here right next to the bed. A lot of plug-ins, a lot of nice cubbies, and
countertop space there for anything you want to have at hand to be charging or
running; your CPAP machines, your cell phones and whatnot. Plus a lot of really
great push button LEDs – push button LEDs throughout the length of the trailer. So
once we go past all that counter space, you’re still the hitting really
any kind of design features that are residential friendly. Your
cover of the of the stovetop actually becomes its own backsplash. Tons of
really deep cupboard space here a for quite a bit of travel. And plus
a lot of really neat catches and hardware on your drawers. We’re coming
back into the bathroom, which is in the rear. You have your solid-sided
shower booth which makes it pretty easy, you can actually brace yourself while you’re taking a shower so you don’t have to do so much of shower yoga. Plus
in here, you have a ton of counter – of wardrobe space. All these shelves are
kind of removable too, so if you want to use one for your hang downs, and one for
your fold ups, it makes it really easy and adjustable. If you have any more
questions about this North Trail, give me a call: 773-655-7190, or just stop on by the lot here in Junction City. Thanks!

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