2018 Forest River Grey Wolf 21 RB Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi guys, welcome to Guaranty RV, my name is Kirk Blair. I’m going to show you this 2018 gray wolf, it is a pre-owned piece of inventory here at Guaranty, along with lots and
lots of other inventory, but this is a 21 RV, it’s a rear bath model, it’s very, very
clean, it’s still fairly new, it’s a 2018, I’m gonna show you a few features on it
real quick on the outside, kinda is a quick walk-around. It has a power tongue
jack, has a propane cover here with two propane tanks underneath, your battery
stores will be right here under this front tongue, it does have a slide-out
here on this side and a front pass-through bay. Let’s go down this
other side here and I’ll show you, it’s got a power awning, front pass-through bay here, storage all the way through the front, it’s a nice color though, it’s
brown and instead of like your typical whites or anything, it’s nice. You’re gonna have
power awning, outdoor speakers, a location for a TV mount, that’s what that is, and
it is for a smaller trailer, being the 21, still dual axle and stuff, which is
pretty nice. It does have this rack on the back, that does fold down, you put
firewood, a little generator, bikes or whatever you may want on there, any of
that, and it also folds up so you keep it the length down. And I do believe, it’s
got an outdoor shower and some other amenities here on this backside here,
where your dump is and everything else here on this back driver side corner. It
has the Sandy flush, the black water flush, and your water hookups and stuff
right here in the corner with an outdoor shower. Let’s go inside and take a look!
So as you enter this, I’ll let you go in first, and I want to show you this, got a nice closet here on the back. So it’s got an entertainment center area there, closet area right as you come in, lots of storage place, we like storage, plenty of,
plenty of storage. You’ve got this back bathroom here,
decent enclosure in the bathroom, I’m a big guy, I can even fit in that bathroom
and shower, you don’t have to mess with the curtain, it’s pretty nice that way, sink
in there. Some of your controls are here on this cabinet as you walk in, air
conditioning, upper cabinetry here, it’s pretty deep and these captains go all
the way back to the wall, decent counter space on this guy, stove that’s flush-mount, fridge. Your master bedroom is here with closets on either side and you kind of
make your way around, you got your bedroom, your bedroom has
flip up doors up here for storage and you also have your closets on either side that are plenty deep wells on either
side for closet storage space. And then, you also still have the under the bed
storage on this guy, so for a little guy this boasts a lot and a lot of storage,
which is pretty awesome. It also has this dinette slide-out, so this does slide out a little bit and you got a decent bed here if you
needed an extra sleeping area. This and any other inventory here at Guaranty RV,
my name is Kirk Blair, my cell phone is 541-601-8742. Looking forward and happy to help you, let me know in any capacity I can and we have a ton of inventory here and hope you have a great day, thank you.

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