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Hey guys, I’m JD over here at Guaranty RV. We are here with a Coachman Freedom Express 19 RKS and it’s the brand-new 2018
model. And what we have is the power tongue jack here, we got the two propane
tanks so you will never run out and then you got this amazing cap with the LED
lights and then you do have a diamond plating bottom skid plate which is
always useful. And then underneath here you have a huge storage space one of the
biggest that you will find and then coming on over here we’re gonna take a
look on the inside before we do anything. So nice thing is you do have a nice
sturdy handle to help yourself up into. We’re gonna start the kitchen since
right here. You’ve got a nice cutting board, a big counter space to basically
do anything you would like and you have a two burner stove top. Now another nice
thing is you have a farm style sink so you can put plenty of beer and ice in there
and then you have some big decent-sized freezers a nice fridge. Now to the front
of the trailer we have a nice sofa that does fold into a bed and then you have a
nice cute little fireplace so if you don’t have one outside you got one
inside. You have some cool little storage nice storage up top and you have a
decent sized bed. And above that you do have a pivot joint TV so you can move
that anywhere you would like. So you do have a nice-sized bathroom as you will
see you have some storage space underneath and you do have some storage
space up top as well. and now on our way outside you do have all your buttons here
for your lights, your water pump, your heater as well. And once we get outside you do have a
nice awning which is going to keep you nice and dry and or if it’s super sunny
you’re not gonna get sunburned all day. And then walking around it you do have a
nice little back bumper. All right guys now to the side of the RV you have your
TV cable, your satellite hookups and your shower so if the dock gets filthy you
can wash them up and throw them right back inside. Now it is a single axle RV
so that means you can tow it with basically any truck or SUV that you have
which is going to be really nice. And then once back over here you’re at the
crawl through space which you have really like I said plenty and plenty of
space for storage you can do anything with it. Once again guys, I’m JD,
if you have any questions any concerns just give me a call at 541-954-4863. Thank you guys so much.

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  1. Excellent presentation!!…Very well informed on the unit. It is so refreshing to have someone present a unit that knows what they are talking about rather than just showing some blurry pictures. I also appreciate the fact that ,like myself,you are very tall ,so it gave me a good idea of how well i would fit in this unit…thanks for the walk thru young man……Kevin V. Akron Ohio

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