2018 Coachmen Freedom Express 19 FBS Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, Randy with Guaranty today.
Today, we’re gonna look at a Freedom Express in their new pilot series, let’s
go check out the inside. So the cool part about this guy, is that it’s a small
footprint that weighs just about 3,600 pounds, so towable with anything. But I’m
getting, a North and South queen bed, I’m getting a slide-out, I’m getting a nice
kitchen, a nice bathroom, lots of overhead storage, double door fridge, not a half
refrigerator, no carpeting throughout, a cool clean layout, even the countertops
are solid service in this, okay. So they are not a Formica glued on the
chipboard, they’re the real deal, all that still weighs up to 3,600
poundsm so you can tow this with just about anything, and I get a nurse out
bed with a slide. So we have a nice, nice big deep sink in this, plenty of counter
space to do prep work, we got a nice sink cover and the stove cover on here, for
extra working space. You see how they’ve got the TV tucked in the corner?
So you can see it from the couch or from the bed. Lots of overhead storage, nice, nice floor
plan, the dining room table is freestanding, you can use the table
outside under your awning, set up here in front of your couch when you’re having
dinner, or use it for storage just on the outside. Again, the bigger fridge, we
have nice pantry, hanging clothes closet, waste paper basket over here, already
built in, and then we get a nice bathroom that has a great shower with a lot of
light from a big skylight. Just a small, short, light weight, nice trailer,
well-built, laminated, aluminum frame, fiberglass sided coach, that weighs
3,600 pounds, so another footprint option for people with a very
light duty tow rig, that gives you some options on this. Does have the air
conditioning, LED lighting, USB hookups, it’s loaded to go, and it’s 3,600 pounds
dry. So, let’s look at the outside stuff, because it has some cool features. As you come out, you’ll see we have a nice power awning, it’s one touch, like that
commercial, the Sun Center TV, the awnings like that, it’s push button, with a nice light
bar underneath for nighttime living. That does have nice radial tires, the
cheap, cheap ones they’re a radial tire. They do have pre wiring for
solar panel here, so if you have a portable solar panel the wirings already
in, it’ll charge your batteries, you plug it into that, you know, I’m a
portable guy, I have a Zamp solar system I use. We have a nice pass-through storage
across the front, look how big that is, that’s the box for the TV there and your
power cord, but that’s a huge area, probably the biggest front storage on any small
trailer, lots of room. The key of this, though, is you’re trying to still pack
lights, so it stays light, so you can tow it, so you gotta kind of watch. I like it, it has
magnetic catches so those aren’t plastic that break off all the time, that’ll last
you for years. Across the front, we get a nice power hitch jack, got a lift and you don’t have to crank anything, it does have a manual in case you have to crank it
overhead, it’s on the top, has a propane cover, our spares in the front, where it
needs to be, not on the back bouncing around. Nice cap on the front with nice
LED lighting, nice a diamond plate kick guard, sharp looking, nice aerodynamic
design, the wind tunnel test these things out to get the best slope they can get
with the nice crews for airflow, pretty cool feature, I like it.
Again, our slide out is on this side, our fresh waters on this side, all our
hookups are right here together, our dumping stations on the bottom, our
powers right here for the coordinates in the front, our outside shower here with
hot and cold water for the kids, the feet, the dog, all the cool stuff, back water
flush, city water hookup, cable and satellite. It has everything, and it’s 19
feet and 3,600 pounds, and you can tow it with about anything, the freedom Express
Pilot. Why don’t you come out take a look at it with me, I’d be happy to show to you,
and thanks for shopping Guaranty.

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