2018 Coachmen Apex 279 RLSS Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi guys, Anthony Salazar here for
Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City Oregon. Today we’re going to be
looking at the beautiful Coachman Apex ultralight. Its model number 279 RL SS.
It’s a lightweight trailer, it’s meant for bigger SUVs to tow 1500 trucks for
the size of the trailer it’s really lightweight and it’s it’s meant for for
towing so if you have that SUV the Tahoe may be a big Jeep and you want to you
want to tow a trailer this is the this is your guy it’s got a lot of stuff just
come on in and we’ll take a look inside all right now we’re inside let’s take a
look at this nice kitchen it’s a really nice sized kitchen with this pop-out in
here gives you lots of room you got a three burner stovetop nice
stainless steel oven stainless steel microwave up here hood then you’ve got
your double sink which is nice with your sprayer the countertops in this are
really nice for the table and for for the kitchen you’ve got some nice
recliners chairs over here those both recline and what’s nice about this unit
the windows in the back so when you back up into your RV spot you got nice
windows you’re looking out there’s big windows all the way around this whole
unit nice couch here plenty of storage up above big bar here and these
one-piece seamless counters are really nice like I said before they’re
beautiful in here we’ve got our bathroom on Jim come through here and check it
out nice little medicine cabinet nice big shower with the skylight toilet
entrance into the bedroom as you come into your bedroom it’s got
on the back there you’ve got actual USB ports for your phones to charge your
phone nice closets his-and-hers on each side nice deep pockets up above for
storage for blankets and pillows and even more storage down here underneath
and it’s all nice and clean and I like the way they did this trailer it’s
really lightweight it’s beautiful back through here more storage back there
behind the door and of course we didn’t look at that before like I said this one
has the nice big windows in the back though these are our frameless windows
so you get a really good view when you pull up to the back of the this your
camper spot where over your parking nice big windows around your pop-out as well you’ve got all your hookups here and an
outdoor shower which is awesome nice big storage pass-through here take
a look inside there lots of storage guys I’m here to help you with your RV
purchase when you’re ready to do something I’m ready to help come down
and see big Sal if you have any questions on this trailer any other
trailer please give me a call nine five one four four three eight three two
three I’ll be happy to help you

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