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Hi folks, John Richardson here. They tell me I’m one of the younger guys here so you’ll have to bear with me. Today I’m going to show you a 2017 25Y has a rear couch in the back with the big window. So I think you’re gonna like it. In case you don’t know anything about the Arctic Fox are made by Northwood at a country that has lots of lots of snow. These are four season coaches you may or may not know. And how they make it a four-season coaches they literally have the ductwork in the floor. That is designated into the holding tank area. So what these are known for our for people that want to use it in cold weather. Like we got right now down here at the RV Palooza in Eugene Oregon in January we’re just snowed yesterday. Starting off with you’ll notice we have a beautiful front cap. The benefit of the cap is as you can see it wraps around the coach so you don’t have that seam right here where the wall and the front meet together. So that’s going to eliminate possible exposure to the weather. Occasionally (when it’s not snowing) it rains down here in Eugene so you don’t want to have any water penetration across the front. The other idea the fiberglass cap is you’ll notice how it’s all aerodynamically designed. Some people wonder well how come they got that ridge in it? That’s designed so that when you’re pulling it the winds going to go right up over the top. Kinda like you see the big semis with that goody on top of their cab that allows the wind to shoot over the top of the the semi that they’re pulling or the trailer. So here we’ve got an electric Jack, These Arctic Foxes are the top-of-the-line made by Northwood. They make a number of different products you’ve probably heard of the Nash and the Snow River. Top-of-the-line as the Arctic Fox all-aluminum frame, vacuum bonded sidewall. comes with two, seven and a half gallon propane tanks. Electric jack here in the front and speaking of electric jacks. As we walk around here you’ll notice that we have electric jacks on all four corners. So all you gotta do is hit a button your jacks come down the days of having to crank them up and down, long gone. Now here I want to point out being a four season coach, notice how thick your compartment doors are. The reason for that you don’t want cold air coming in through the compartment door getting up underneath your bed. Magnetic locks to hold her up. So all you gotta do is just open it up. And if you’ll notice here we got a laundry basket in there we have passed through storage all the way through. I’d like to point out they take the time to put lights on both ends so whichever door you open you can turn the light on. Right here on the side we also have a kill switch. You’ll see that red button so you don’t have to worry about I wonder if I shut off all the lights, that type of thing. So slam latch doors, benefit of that is I don’t have to hold it and turn the little lock on it. It just automatically closes. Now coming around you’ll notice that we have I’ll start here with a ten-gallon hot water heater that’s gas or electric. That’s as big a water heater is any trailer has. 10 gallon, plenty of recovery rate on your water so you can’t run out of hot water. Then we have an electric awning there’s a button inside it will open close your awning. Everything you can imagine no need to put anything else on from grab handle it’s got it all. So the grab handles you know helps us get inside let’s go inside and take a look at this beautiful creature. Now the thing I like to point out about the Arctic Foxes there’s a big window I was telling you about. Couch that makes up into a bed. Cabinets galore, I tell everybody and an arctic fox if there’s a place to put a cabinet that’s not going to be in the way of a slide-out or something like that, it’s going to have the cabinets. Cabinets hold the structure together. The same with that front cap it holds the structure together. I might also add, highest resale value brand in the country. So what I’ll point out here I’ve showed you the couch, here’s a booth four inch thick cushions You’ve got plywood underneath the cushions you’ve got five eighths tongue-and-groove marine-grade plywood. Now why would they put marine-grade plywood? Marine grade means it’s got exterior glues that are impenetrable to moisture. Guess what if it’s raining we got moisture. You don’t want moisture on your floors or on your underbelly so they use the marine grade plywood. So all your command centers all located right here this will tell you how to open up your slide, your awning, your direct spark hot water heater, all of those controls. Then we come into the kitchen. You’ve got storage here from right inside the door. You can get to your wastebasket there. Solid surface countertops including a little cutout that drops down into your wastebasket. So this is what we’re calling L-shaped countertop. Lots and lots of counter space. under counter mounted stainless steel sink. You got one on each side you got the galley faucet here. They give you the solid surface countertop so you can use this whole thing as countertop. Lots of drawers, if I can figure out how to open this guy here everything’s cold. You got a little storage space here just kind of adds a nice touch to the end of it. You’ve got four drawers here. I’ll just pull one out but you’ll notice how all of this is all seven plywood all partitions off for your silverware. Just like in your home, roller bearing drawer guides. Four drawers, more storage notice not just a hole underneath the cabinet. You’ve actually got a shelf so you can stack stuff up under there rather than just relying on the floor space. Ok then coming around we have a stove and oven. This is a 3-burner stove with a 22 inch oven. I like to point that out, most of the trailers have the 17-inch oven. So if you’re ok with pizzas ground squirrels that’s great. But if you’re into ham and turkey you might want to take a look at the bigger oven which is a 22 inch. And of course you got your hood, fan and light, microwave, refrigerator, Norcold. I like that Norcold personally because it’s got a recessed freezer here. Very open got all your racks got the vegetable crisper down below. The other thing is adjustable settings you know in the old days if you wanted to have hard ice cream, you better pack your ice cream right up next to the wall. In this, you can adjust the temperature in the freezer so you can have hard ice cream and still set of right in the middle of of your freezer. So then of course right over here more cabinets in the slide-out. Notice we’ve got shelves, we’ve got two doors down below it. You got your stereo, solar panel ready. Should you decide you want a solar panel we’ll be more than happy to set you up with one there’s a cost to it doesn’t come included with it. Then of course you’ve got your flat-screen TV and for weather like this, course we don’t have it hooked up. You got an electric fireplace. blows out heat believe it or not. Now coming into the bedroom/bathroom area. Pretty easy to see what this is. I’d like to point out they put a very very decent box spring mattress on here this isn’t just a piece of two inch foam. Underneath the mattress you’ll notice the plywood. You’ll notice all the storage and how it’s all partitioned off so you got a spot for you your pass through storage across the front without exposing everything in here. This is your plywood base which is very very nice. Gas struts but you got a mattress strong enough the whole thing down. Now of course we’re also standing in the throne room. We’ve got a very very nice plastic glass shower with a skylight up above it. And one thing I’ll point out about the skylight you can see it in today’s weather. A lot of trailers have a skylight but they’re not a double insulated skylight. So all you’ve got is a piece of plastic. Notice got the piece of plastic here and you’ve got the bubble top over it that’s got snow and ice on it. So you’ve got that dead air space and you’re not getting cold air coming in through the plastic. Then of course we’ve got the sink. It’s got it’s own medicine cabinet with shelves in it. Nice sink, cabinet underneath the sink. Again another shelf underneath there. Then of course the throne room is separate. But what I’d like to point that is fantastic fan up on top, your throne, coat hangers, toilet paper holder rather than just stuck into a door it’s already mounted on the wall. And then of course as we look at the bedroom area. Got to have a hanging closet, we got it. Got a drawer underneath put socks and underwear that type of stuff in there. And then of course on each side of the bed we’ve got one full-length closet here if you’ve got dresses or Big peacoat that kind of thing that you want to put in for this kind of weather. Then molded into the inside of this fiberglass cap. You’ve got your little building nightstand complete with electrical outlets. There’s one here, there’s one located right there should be a need of a CPAP machine. Shorter cabinet there, indirect lighting here if you want to read before you go to bed at night. And of course cabinets across the top, go all the way across. A place here for TV. It’s all satellite ready, everything’s all set up. Folks been here now 26 years. Right here at Guaranty since 1990. Come look me up, like I said they call me the young guy, the Harley guy, the old guy, you name it. I really appreciate it. You see that phone number right there? call it, you got any questions or better yet come on out. I’ll answer anything you got. I appreciate your time, thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video.

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