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Welcome the world famous Guaranty RV
Super Centers here in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Gary Christians I have been serving Guaranty and you guys since 1981. I’m proud to let you take a look at
a Northwood product, an Arctic Fox. This is one of the smaller boys, it’s small
but it’s got a lot of neat stuff inside. Come on around here we’ll take a peek
inside. So this has got no door catch because the hinges are made so that wind just won’t blow the door, that way you don’t have to worry about a latch. Got
nice entry steps and grab handles to help. Nice interior, I started with a G
because it sounds like Gary, I like this it’s small but yet it’s got a queen Island bed. It’s going to raise up here. Even comes with some nice chairs. They walled off the front so that front storage area is separate from this one.
Got a nice upgraded pillow-top mattress. And then over here you’ll notice you
have some USB ports down there, a little charging station. This is the long side
for hanging upper storage got a shelf all the way across the
front. Nice reading lights, plenty of storage up on top and over on the other
side as you can see there’s a nice nightstand right where I could put my
CPAP if I needed. Right here this is the door to dump your laundry. You can put a
basket down there, open this up drop it down you get home, take it out easy.
Electrical outlet back there, shirt closet Hang a lot of shirts in there, a
little storage up on top. Fantastic fan help ventilation, you can open up your
windows, windows on the side and the escape window also opens up, matter of
fact I’ll show you how that that works. You pull this screen out if you’re
wanting to get out of here but if you just want a little bit of air push like
come on, now they put this upside down nope they didn’t, yeah there we go. Nice
ventilation here full screen. Solid surface countertops.
Electrical outlets, let’s take a look at the sink nice stainless steel sink. One thing
that Northwood does that I really appreciate for my wife since she sets a
great cook, her and Rachel go hand-in-hand. It’s got a knife holder
right back in here, easy place to put your knife. We have a little rack on ours
that we carry them all. Three burner stove, high output on the front. Nice
sized oven, fuse panel circuit breakers down below. Now there’s a little tray
here for all your scrub brushes and stuff, great space down below for storage. And then you’ve got full extension on your drawers, all good grade plywood and
solid wood up on the drawer fronts, no particle board. Place you can put
silverware, another little shelf they got. They use marine-grade plywood on the floor linoleum throughout so it’s seamless. Of course all the ducting goes down through the floor, your holding tanks down below or enclosed insulated and heated so as
long as you have a furnace running your unit is fine and it’s four seasons. You
don’t have to worry about the temperature you can operate your unit
just like you would on day like today where it’s 70. Entertainment center back
here it already has a TV with a pullout bracket. Thermostat controls over here. Good storage up on top, this one’s open
for taller items and this one they put a shelf in to double up. Cushions are very
comfortable they’re real high-density foam got a nice slide out drawer here. Porcelain toilet, big closet,
got a little storage netting here in the back just put stuff into of course all
your coats can come down here this is storage up on top for shoes or whatever
as well as down below. Access to your hot water tank to winterize it for bypass
valves. So you turn those you can bypass the water tank let the unit run empty
the water in the water tank. Over here we have a glass shower enclosure which
opens towards me. It’s a real little threshold, I’m going to have you come
over and take a look at it so you can see how low that threshold is because
that’s real important. That makes it really easy to get in and out no curtain
sticking to your hiney. Got glass, makes it a lot better. Paper
towel holders here right across from the toilet. Curved ceiling these are
insulated so I want you to take a look at this fantastic fan there’s that much
room up there and a trust for your insulation. Air conditioning is
all ducted you can close these off turn them four direction. It’s got a skylight in
the kitchen gives you added light you also have a screen to cover up if you’re
trying to get to sleep in your place that has a nightlight. Speakers
throughout the unit, all LED lights. Solar panel ready, if you want to put one on
top it’s already there ready to go. All you have to do is plug it in put the
controller there in your rocking and rolling. Entertainment center, DVD player,
stereo system. Your command center here, it’s got a generator remote start switch.
Hot water heater, 110 volt hot water heater. So again you’ve got two. You’ve got a gas
heater and a 110, if you wanted to get crazy and go through a lot of water turn them
both on it’ll double it up and you’ve got a lot more hot water and get more
showers. That kind of nice when you’re in the park and you’ve got water and the
place to dump all your grey tank. Water pump, porch light, entry light,
awning to extend and out so that way you don’t have to worry about running
outside and trying to put it away because the wind comes up or it’s
raining cats and dogs, really nice feature. Got your screen doors I like the little
handles it releases it makes it easy to undo. The chassis is made right at
Northwood it’s inspected by a third party. It’s top grade material and construction,
all aluminum frame, gel coat sidewalls. When they put in the aluminum
studs when they put the block insulation in they have a jig and they cut it
precise to fit all the aluminum there’s no air gaps that’s why this is such a
well insulated unit. Easy lube axles, you got magnets to hold your outside doors
open, good storage space. There’s the opening inside with the hot
water tank. One inch fully insulated, that way you’re not losing any
insulation in your outside compartments. We mentioned the electric awning.
Automotive style about LED lights with backup. The hot water heater, full-size
spare, shower. Black water flush, got to remember when you have this turned on
it’s filling up your black tank and you better have the valve open it or fill it
up. Access ladder this is not for you or me to get up there, We have free roof
inspection twice a year. Let our guys get up there put something over their feet
so they don’t put something in your roof and damage it. Dump station, hookups for
your satellite, cable, LED light, gray black dump, combination dump is right down there, easy to get too. Then for your refrigerator this is the service
entrance. Hot and cold, this is the intake for your
furnace. 110 connection, vent for your fan inside. You have to open these clips up
to let this flapper open and when you travel close it and lock it so you’re
not getting that rattling as you go. Fresh water fill, city water. Up front
here you’ve got your pass-through storage, goes all the way across and
there’s the basket I told you about for your laundry. bull seal on all the
enclosures to help keep out water and dust. Slam latch, just let it shut. Full
fiberglass cap, gel coat and they even put a like a truck liner
on the front. We have a place it comes with two batteries, to 12 volts you can
upgrade for a little bit of cost to 6 volts if you’d like. Tank cover is easy
to check to turn on and off your propane. If you want to take a tank off or check
you just lift the whole thing up. Power jack with a light and a switch to assist
you going up and down. LED lights on both sides and in the front compartment we
have a little surprise because if you look right there that is a battery
disconnect switch. Trailers are notorious, if you don’t disconnect them
they have all the stuff that’s running for safety going 24/7 and with a short
time your battery’s dead. Got to have a question, talk to the guy who’s been here
almost 36 years. Call Gary direct at 541-554-9581 or use the email on the screen. I appreciate your interest.

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  1. Hello would you know the interior height of the 2018 model.there website northwoods does not provide this .? Why I don't know also is the queen bed a true queen bed

  2. Great tour! If I had the dollars I would snag one. Small but well laid out with 4 season insulation and prep that is hard, if not impossible, to match in the industry. I'll be looking used Nash I figure- for now.

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