2017 Jayco Octane 161 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi my name is Derek, I work with
guaranty RV super Centers in Junction City Oregon we just got in a couple of
Jaycos they’re the Octane version of their toy hauler this is one of the smallest ones built
this the 161 you can pull this with pretty much any light duty truck will
handle it it comes with the ordered electric lift
it has a cage here to mount two batteries because you have electric beds and also
you can mount a generator if you want and it does come with the solar charging
system, we sell a small Zamp solar systems that you can set out and charge
your batteries with them and you don’t have to have it punched onto the roof very handy. water heater and furnace and
they put a lot of 110 plug right here next to the awning and I think one of
the reasons they do that is in places where you go where there’s no lights and
street lights or anything like that at night you can find your own coach
you can string the Christmas lights on it and you know what color they are outside speakers nice little fuel
station emergency shutoff valve we especially like the back end here
because you don’t have to have a padlock it has its own locks also there’s dual points for pressure
for the door and you notice it’s got radius corners it reduces the chance of getting a leak
back here by quite a bit drop-down ladder here’s where you load your fuel station
TV and cable outlet this is your the bucket fill for dry
camping your power cord, the back of the refrigerator this is your city water connection sewer
outside shower and this is your sewer flush this will wash out your
black tank for you this also has the electronics weight
control for a 16-footer it’s fairly spacious
inside you have your air conditioning you have twin beds and this is a dinette
and underneath here is the table that goes in between for the dinette you have
a Norcold refrigerator we really like Nocrold, they’ve got
metal handles outside temperature control they also have a two-and-a-half-inch
well in the freezer and if you lose your refrigeration for some reason anything
that defrosts will pool up here and you clean it up real easy plus there’s room for a few more steaks
in there. exhaust vents, it’s got a carpet kit your control center is right as you come
in the door right here really deep cabinets since there’s not space for a bunch of them you just have one great big
huge when you use it any way you want two burner and this is a convection
microwave anytime you see stainless steel you know it’ll be a convection
microwave so you can actually cook a couple meals
at the same time pretty darn good shower Jayco is also the only thing that we
carry that comes with a 2-year bumper to bumper warranty on it everything else we
carry it has one year if you’d like to know more about this
coach please give me a call 800.818.9344 my extension is 4069 and
again and my name is Derek I work with guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction
City Oregon thanks

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