2017 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 212 QBW Baja Edition Travel Trailer Video Tour• Guaranty.com

Hey guys Chris Donley with Guaranty RV centers in Junction City, Oregon. Going to be showing you another Jayco today. this one is the SLX version but it’s the Baja the 212 QBW. Let’s go inside. Now this is the shortest full-size model the Jayco makes. What’s neat about this is you find this a lot of different brands as far as the length and everything but they put full-size features in it. Want to show you this first, you got a full-size fridge here now remember this is a 21-foot trailer. It’s still eight-foot-wide you still got the full height and you still all size features. Now what they do different back here is a lot of other models will just have a dinette back here and some cupbords of stuff like that. They balance this by putting a couch and a dinette back here. A lot more seating is someone sleeping here you’re not breaking down the table, vice versa. But there’s a lot of room back here so if you’re entertaining a few folks or if you’re tailgating or something like that you have plenty of places to sit. You got TV hookups up here stereo stuff like that. Still nice to entertain but i also love that this kind of shares the aspects of a rear lounge where you have big windows all around. Lots of light in here, lots of scenery. If you dry camping in the woods you know you’re still kind of a part of the whole scenery there you don’t feel like you’re Cade in a small little trailer. Also this very important it’s a pantry. You don’t find this a lot of the shorter models and i’ll tell you what how nice is it to have an actual place where you can just put the food. You go into a lot of trailers they don’t have that and you go well your storing food underneath, above and it’s all in five different places. Course basic kitchen elements here, you got the stove you got the oven again Jayco with the nice drawers. One thing that’s consistent with Jayco whether it’s their regular jay flight or their SLX hardwood throughout. Everything no particle board osb stuff like that they don’t do it. Nice big cabinet up here again pocket screwed in not stapled. Side aisle bathroom typically pretty small for guys like me but this one actually has a decent amount of room in here. With the way everything is positioned I’m not cramped and no matter what I’m doing. You’ve got a little bit of a tabletop here so if you’re setting stuff out electronic toothbrush or hairdryer you know whatever you can put it all right there. Of course you got tub shower right here. Again simple 21-foot model but smart design. So previous years this model actually had a corner bed up until last year they finally extended a little bit. About a foot longer than previous ones which used used to be called the 19 rd but this one they made a walk around queen bed, because everyone was that of that no one wanted a corner bed you’re climbing over someone. Got the cutouts on each side so if your side sleeper that works out really well. You’ve got the plugins CPAP, charge your phone stuff like that. Of course Cupboards on each side. And again something else is consistent in these with the regular Jay flights is you have all LED lights at the top too. So very energy efficient if you’re dry camping. And on the outside you still have good storage too. So since you have the walk around queen bed you’ve got the full pass through storage like the bigger trailers do. Previous ones didn’t have it because they have the corner bed there, this one does. You still have nice amenities like a power awning. And the Baja edition as you can see here, Baja edition going to be more of a rugged tire it’s still the same diameter and width of the regular wheels so changing the tires is still pretty universal, but you have an off-road tire. Also the other thing is the springs are on top of the axle so this one’s going to have a lot more ground clearance on it. but the nicest thing about th is one is not just Baja package but what that brings. It’s a 80 gallon water tank not just a 40 in the regular. so they put a second 40 gallon water tank in there so you can actually dry camp for a lot longer. Combine that with the enclosed underbelly, you can go to cooler places than you usually would. even LED taillights down here. Again basic setup right here. You got your hookups right here but your drainpipe is going to be in front of the tire back here, it’s all centrally located by the kitchen and the bathroom. Outside shower still all the nice amenities that you have one. Last but not least audition you’re going to have 7 gallon propane tanks instead the five-gallon. So you can do extend a camping if you are using the heater lot, stove things like that. It’s such a great trailer, there are some more things to talk about. So give me a call the number at the bottom of your screen, love to talk to you.

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