2017 Jayco Jay Feather 16 XRB Hybrid Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi, welcome to Guaranty RV. My name is
Kirk Blair. I’m going to show you this 16 XRB. It’s a brand new unit by Jayco. It’s
kind of a hybrid unit, it’s a solid shell with popouts on either side with plenty
of sleeping. Before we go inside and talk about a couple features. It has a power
tongue jack on it. Your propane tanks up front. Let’s kind
of move around, we’ll go around the outside real quick. It does have a nice storage compartment
right here. This is up underneath the dinette. Big old compartment there for
storage outside, which is nice. And then you have the power awning on this guy.
And four corner stabilization jacks on it. On this other side, see if there is anything over here crazy. We do have an outdoor shower which is a
really cool feature, I do like those a lot. Outdoor shower to rinse your feet off. Your water heater. Couple standard features on this and everything’s going to have.
Let’s jump inside. As you come in you’ll notice that there’s a bed right here to
the left. They’re that hybrid pop out full-size nice bed. And then you kind of
come into the trailer. You got plenty of cubbies and storage spaces all over. There’s storage below here. There’s storage right here as you walk in, under the sink, storage all over
this guy. There’s these little cubbies and I like, like right here there’s one in the
behind this even. More storage compartments. Front bed, curtains for
privacy. Storage overhead. The dinette also makes a bed. So you also have the bench
for sitting where you can remove these cushions, have another sleeping area.
There’s plenty of sleeping, plenty of storage. It’s actually really nice unit for what
it is and what you get. it’s a good-size, towable by many, many
vehicles for the lightness of it. You still have your kitchen, two burner
stove, your sink. Behind you here is a refrigerator. Show you that real fast. Big decent
fridge for a smaller unit and you can have a little freezer compartment up top.
So you still get your fridge freezer, air-conditioning, stereo. Lot of good
amenities on this guy. Let’s check out the bathroom.
Decent-sized bathroom. Corner standing shower. Should be some storage in here to. Nice skylight. Easy to stand up in four
tall guys. Anyhow this is a great price point. Great
trailer for all you get. Lots of sleeping. Appreciate your time. My phone numbers (541) 601-8742 hope you’re having a fantastic day and feel free to give me a
call for any questions we sell out here at Guaranty RV.

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