2017 Jayco Hummingbird 17 RB Baja Edition Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi my name is Barbara Balcom and I’m here at Guaranty RV out in Junction City. I go by Barbara Dee so if you ask for Barbara Dee it’s me. That’s who they are going to send you too. I’m showing you the Jayco line of the Hummingbird. We have three different models and this one in particular is the 17 RB. So this is a 17-foot box trailer it’s about 20 feet overall. One of the things I really like about it is that it does come with this awning. This particular unit is the Baja edition with the Baja edition means to you as the end-user is this is a great unit to take into the mountains. This is an awesome unit you can take over to the beach. It’s a go-anywhere do-anything trailer. Just the right size, just the right weight and it’s made by a company that can back it with the two-year warranty. And that is unheard of in this industry It’s the only company that provides it. So let’s step on it and take a look at the way they laid this out. You have a nice large door here and a grab handle a couple of steps and that makes it nice you got somethin hang onto when you’re coming in. And this thing is that very lightweight so it’s under 3,500 pounds. I think the dry-weight on as much less than that. But I want to get into specifics when you’re out here and I know what you’re going to tow it with. That will make the big difference. This is a rear bathroom unit, so i’m going to open the door here as the photographer comes in and show you just how nice and big this actually is. I want to step in here so you have an outlet here in case you want to use a curling iron or a razor or something like that. A great step in shower where you can come in and you can take a nice shower. You can turn around it. The shower head hangs up here and they provided a nice shower head something that you would have at home. There’s is a closet back here a mirrored closet and that provides you storage for your towels and other utilities. Some bathroom stuff. You know your towels your shampoo and what not. I kind of got a loss for words there for a moment, That’s not do you like me. Anyway this is a great big bathroom it’s really nice to have. They also offer a dinette in here and I see that one of our technicians has been in here working. So plenty of room for a laptop. This is a great price point. You’ve got all this storage up here. You’ve got a great big galley here, a nice place for your spices and the paper towels. A two-burner stove nice big drawers for your storage. You’ve got a nice big storage drawer under here as well, Kind of hard to get out. That is a nice deep drawer but it’s kind of a bugger for me to pull out at the moment so I’m not going to bother with that. The refrigerator does offer freezer and if you’ve looked at some of the other hummingbirds online, you can see that most of these components are very similar. This is just a different layout, see this unit offers a dinette and offers a very nice bed. And I pointed out in the other videos they’ve done on the hummingbirds. The quality of that mattress and that makes a big difference you’ve got a residential size mattress that’s inner spring. Something super comfortable so you get a good night’s rest. Media center, there’s a charging station, AM/FM, CD DVD, all of the entertainment components that you’d be looking for. And this makes down into a little bed too, so if you’ve got grandkids or a couple little guys you want to bring with you there’s a place for them to sleep too. We can come on out so this is the 17 RB and it’s the hood river edition so it’s got the bike rack. And also provides you the outside grill that works on the LPG that’s onboard. So you gotta LPD outlet right here. This unit just pops loose like this and then they provide a gas grill that mounts on this. Along with that little utility table that I had told you about in the other videos. Folk this is a super nice trailer has a great warranty. It’s the right size, it’s the right weight and quality construction. Come on in and take a look at it and we can talk about how it might work for your family. my name is Barbara Belcom, Barbara Dee Guaranty RV. I’m at (541)521-4232. Come on out and see me.

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