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Welcome to the world famous Guaranty RV Super Centers right here in Junction City, Oregon. I’m Gary Christains serving you since 1981. Got a great Jayco Eagle trailer to take a look at. This bad boy will go anywhere and you could live in it. Well when I said live in, I meant live in style. You notice this has got a big screen TV, fireplace. Now the fireplace is kind of important deal especially for a unit like this that you could live in it or put it in a remote vacation place. Because it’s going to run on electricity it’s going to provide you heat so it’s going to cut down your propane use. That’s a big savings. So your TV does come out turns around so you can see it from different places. But I want you to come over here and take a peek because there’s a lot of storage back there, and we got a little bit more over on this side a little bit more storage. So we’ll put this back out of the way. It’s got some little tie down straps here to keep it, right above here behind the clear glass is your entertainment center DVD. That way your remotes will work through the glass, you won’t have to get up. So it’s got a lot of storage in this unit itself. Going to the back of the unit, this is a big bed that makes out. You’ve got great overhead storage. Now you have a vent here you we could put a fantastic fan in this location if you like. Continued storage on both sides. I got arm rests on each side of the couch give you spot to put your soda or a nice cocktail. Two recliners swivel rocker. All your windows are jalousie windows so they crank out so if you are in weather that gets a little wet it’ll just run right down then they’re frameless windows which I will go when we go outside. It’s got two chairs here, It’s got two more chairs I believe that go with the unit. and as you can see there’s storage underneath the chairs you just pull the seat up. Dimmer switch is right here for your lights. The table expands out so if you want to have more people, and this is just for you and me and if you have guests come over you can expand the table and make it bigger. Electrical outlet here on the island if you want to run an appliance and put it up here you have a nice place to install it. Corian countertop, solid surface. Nice double sink, single lever faucet and got a nice place for the garbage can and they even give you the garbage can. Another big compartment in here, we finish off with a little bit more. Nice full extension on your on your drawers. Big drawer nice storage and you notice their self closing drawers, very nice feature. That storage, that’s a lot of storage and you can see that all the shelves are adjustable you can move them up or down to fit whatever configuration you have the store. Microwave up on top, we’ve got a nice big oven down below. Large refrigerator, big double door bad boy. Freezer up on top. Certainly it’s got an ice maker what do you think these trays are for. No it doesn’t have an automatic icemaker but if you’ll notice if you put a big bag ice in here and let’s just say the power went out or propane, this deep tray in here is going to hold all of the water if it melts and it’s not going to come out you see it’s really deep. Now Norcold is the only refrigerator that has a temperature control right on the unit that way you don’t have to worry about a pre setting from the factory and it’s going to freeze your lettuce, not a nice thing when you’re preparing meals. Great work space, got USB ports here, another electrical outlet. Great storage down below and what are you going to put in there maybe a mixer, a bread machine or… yeah, got a lot of room, great storage. Good space in here you can take the shelf out and use it for a closet you want. Lots of storage. So on the back side of this you’ve got your control panel for all your lights, hot water pump, propane hot water heater, your slide extensions and your electric awning. you got a remote here for your controls and your thermostat for your temperature. Now and I missed the TV antenna right up here. Nice lights up above. These are your returns for your air conditioning. This is wired for solar, it doesn’t have solar installed but it’d be real easy to put way in with it all wired if you so desire. A very nice bathroom, I mean come on take a look at this. This is a bad boy shower very low threshold to get in and it’s got a seat if you want to sit down and not have to worry about falling. Medicine cabinet, you got your control here. Tankless hot water heater which we’re going to look at outside. Got all your shelves, nice drawers and got some good storage down here. Plenty of room on the toilet, glass the doors and then you have a door on the outside and as well as you have one going into the bedroom. Bedroom, nice closet space, got a shelf up on top. Good hanging space down below, there’s electrical outlet over there. And then the other side, that’s your hose for the outdoor shower. We got storage up on top for some big items, more storage shelves down below and nice small bank of drawers. They don’t come out very far because it’s not very big. Another TV in the bedroom to go along with a king-size bed. You’ve got reading lights up on top and if you tap it once it goes white with you tap it again it should turn blue so for a nighttime experience. The flooring is very nice, it’s not real wood. It’s by Trek. So we’ve seen the inside let’s go take a look on the outside. We have a triple entry step, safety grab handle. Doesn’t have a topping slider but if you’d like when we can put one on. I normally don’t want to put them on all because if you park it in windy area they they tend to flap makes a lot of noise. Frameless windows that I talked about it doesn’t look like there’s a frame that’s it just a real cool way to look at it. And of course you saw the big two year warranty. So I’d like you to do just get down here you see that electric jack for leveling, that’s a nice feature. Of course you got your bumper where you can store your sewer hose you’ve got the proverbial ladder that you should never use to get up on top, you should have a service person do that. You got a camera mounted up in here so you can keep track of backing up. A little antenna for your entertainment center. So this is an all season unit, it’s all insulated underneath. You’ve got your dump right down here. shore cord, here’s your command center for your satellite hookup, outdoor shower, tank flush, light switch, pump switch, and to fill your tank or to go city. So you hook your water here if you want to fill your water you switch it up and if you want to go city you push it down. Tankless water heater, try to get in there and take a look because it’s not your old 6 gallon or 10 gallon tank, It’s very efficient. Have access underneath the king-size bed for storage. Thought it’d be easier to see it out here than inside. and electric tongue jack, your propane tanks are secured inside, we’ve got docking LED lights up front. Full fiberglass cap gel coated and it goes all the way around the corner to provide extra strength for the unit. And then in here let me latch this. In here you have your battery disconnect switch right there. Got a nice LED light. So if you have a question on this product or anything else here, I’ve been here almost 36 years. Ask for me directly by calling me on my cell at 541-554-9581. I really appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you, good day.

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