2017 Forest River Vibe 21 FBS Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning, welcome to Guaranty RV on this beautiful day. I’m going to show you this 2017 21 FBS vibe that just came in
in trade. It’s a short little trailer with a lot of nice features. we will start
here on the front and kind of walk around it as we go real quick. Power
tongue jack, awesome! Goes up and down, power, a little
light right here, beats the heck out of the hand cranks. You got your dual
propane tanks and we got dual batteries for this guy because it does have a
little slide out. If you want to follow me around this way this guy also has
power jacks up on the front for stabilization. And it also has a front
pass-through Bay all the way through which is actually pretty cool on this
unit because it has the front bed that’s a Murphy bed and we get inside I’ll show
you that and it still has nice storage. Nice big deep slide-out on the unit,
again power jacks here in the rear. Because you come back here to the back
all your hookups and everything are here, your electrical. All your water, has a
black tank flush which is a nice feature. Has a utility outdoor shower low point
drains all your plumbing is kind of back here in this back corner. Let’s see here
nice spare tire on the back I’ll catch up to you like this. So as you move around kind of the
trailer you can see here we got a full awning with an LED strip underneath it.
The awning is actually really large on this it’s almost the full length of the
trailer. Power awning push button comes on out it’s really nice and I love these
lend-a-hand handles as you go ahead and jump inside the unit. So let’s take a
look see how it looks inside. So as you make your way inside this you can see
how spacious kitchen and as a couch right here. So as you look up here you
have a couch sitting for the entertainment for the day, you have
closets on both sides. But then in the evening comes you want to go to bed you
just drop this down there’s a latch on both sides and then you lift the bed the
couch fold it down with your bed fold down now you have your evening bed to be
able to go to bed and relax. And as you make your way around the unit slide out
with a dinette in it that also makes a bed. A nice clean dinette area,
entertainment center, you have your DVD player to the TV and you have nice
storage behind the TV. That’s deep, this storage right here goes
all the way back to the wall that could be your pantry for the kitchen, lots of
room there. Thermostat here on the wall, easy access and as far as the bathroom
goes this bathroom is deceivingly large most of your rear bath models do have a
large bathroom. Going to open these cabinets for you. We can get an idea of how much
nice storage this unit has for a little guy and there’s showers on your left
there nice glass enclosure. As we make our way out of the bathroom you have
your fridge, big fridge, big Dometic fridge here. Stainless appliances, nice
cabinetry, lots of storage all the way around. Paperwork to the unit, this unit
also does come with the remote this is an LCI remote that actually controls the
slide-out, usually a porch light or two and/or the slide. So that we can control
stuff from outside which is pretty cool. Nice flush stoppers on here, this also
has this nice little LED light under the counter which is kind of a nice little
mood lighting or does accent lighting. I like these little garbage can trays
inside here on the cabin is a garbage can down in there so that
way you don’t kick a garbage can around the unit because you always need a trash
can out here. Anyhow this is a great little unit if you have any questions
about this or anything else at Guaranty, please give me a call. My name is Kirk
Blair. My cell phone is 541-601-8742 I hope you have a fantastic day thank you.

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