2017 Eclipse Attitude 19 FB LE Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, Welcome to Guaranty today we’re going to do a walk-through on an Attitude toy hauler. As you can see in the back there. You got an electric bed that comes down and you’ve got the dinette the bottom that makes into a bed. So you can sleep four comfortably back here. Or a bunch of little kids, they don’t care where they sleep. Check out these new sinks. One piece, extra large, with pullout. Cabinetry galore, it’s everywhere here. Going on both sides. Some really nice window covers. The curtain to cover up the little guys up here at night. You got a space here. Well let’s stop here. We’ve got the stereo system. DVD player, CD, mp3. Then up here you’ve got your mount for your TV that you can mount right across this board here. that would be right above the door easy to see from over there. All your plugins everything are in there. Your LED lighting, your air conditioning unit. You got a nice closet when you walk in the door to hang your coats up. riding gear. You can see it’s a rather large bathroom there with a sink, toilet and a nice-sized little tub for the little guys if you want to wash them. And then here you’ve got basically a full-size bed. We got plugins up in the front there. A little place to put some stuff over here on the side. And a shelf up in the front. And of course you can, gotta lighting switch right here and then you could mount a TV right here if you wanted to. Place throw some chips and stuff up here. You can see nice size refrigerator all automatic. Nice sized little oven. All paperwork here. Three burner stove with high output front. Microwave. You can see that we have some tiedowns on the floor here to. Alright guys, we’ll go to the outside. Oh, on the way out here you can see that this is all your controls, your levels. Gotta rheostat for the lighting so you can dim the lights down. And your controls are all electric. And you’ve got an electric awning right here to. Great little set up. Yeah, so right here on the outside when you come out you can see as camera and makes his way out. You see here we’ve got an electric awning. Got speakers on the outside. By the way folks, this thing comes in it right at $29,000 retail and of course we can make you a great deal on that. Coming around the backside here you’ve got to jacks, stabilizers and then you’ve got your opening in the back. Where we can open it right up for you guys can put your toys in. Check that out, now you got a ramp. If you want to you can cable this, make it a flat little deck. out of it you can walk out onto the deck. Jump off into the river. Whatever it is you like to do. Life’s an adventure, take your Attitude. Oh, here you got a gas station here’s your gas fill. And then of course in here you’ve got a regular gas style pump so you can fill up your toys. Got your city water fill, your black water flush and your tank fill. We’ll explain all that stuff to you. By the way we go through a whole class on the unit with the tech that went through the unit with you so you learn about all this. All low point drains. We do a real good job teaching you. Guaranty always does what’s right here. So we got at hot water heater here. Back your refrigerator, back your furnace and your 30 amp service plug-in. You got some storage right here. That’s all underneath the bed in there. So you get your chairs and your tables. Your outdoor stuff all inside there. Coming around the front, you got space for a generator and space for two batteries. Battery shutoff switch everything upfront. Nice little light to work off. A couple of big tanks inside here with the quick access and a front jack. Alright folks, just want you to know my name is Don Mazziotti. If there’s anything I can do to help you out. Please, there’s a number down below. Can’t wait to see you. Give me a call anytime, have a great day. Don’t don’t forget we don’t just sell fun, we Guaranty it.

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