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Hi, thank you for joining me today my
name is Barbara Dee and I’m with Guaranty RV. We’re located in Junction City and
what I’m showing you today is a coachman product. This is a coachman Apex
ultralight. A half-ton towable travel trailer that is just fantastic. Coachman
has been in business for a long time so I want to hurry through this we’ve got
two tanks under here with an automatic switch over so if you happen to run out
of propane in the middle of the night your furnace is running it will switch
over for you right away. An electric tongue jack so this is a 3,000 pound
tongue jack and it allows you to get on and off the ball very easily at the
touch of a button and they even provide a light. Let me take you around what
we’re looking at here is LED lighting this gelcap front deflects the wind, it
makes it much more aerodynamic and of course we’re looking at a lightweight
towable. It’s a lot in a little, this unit features a solar ready plug in play so
this is a portable solar kit you can buy a component that goes along with that to
keep your batteries nice and hot and fresh. You got great enclosed
storage underneath here and as you notice that it is nice and long it’s
clear and it’s lit up and it slams down just like that and holds open with a
magnet. This unit features the nice long I think this is about an 18 foot
electric awning and the interior is spectacular. Let’s step inside and see
what we have to offer. I really like this grab handle, it seems like I always have
something in my hand when I’m going in the trailer or coming
out and that might be the same for you. I really like this trailer for this reason,
you come in here it’s not a very long trailer but it has all of this open
space. You’ve got a nice kitchen here with a full sized refrigerator and
freezer. This is a Dometic and Dometic is one of the leading brands in the
industry, great big freezer nice refrigerator. Provides a three burner range-top with
an oven and a microwave just like home. You’ve got great storage for your
utensils for hand towels and other things you’re going to want to use in
that kitchen. A spot to get in and out of your your cabinet. A nice deep, this is
called a stone cast sink so it has a lifetime guarantee and that means that
if there anything goes foul with it that they will replace and guarantee. And this
little do dad, it’s just nice to have the spray so you can clean a few things
off and there is a cover for this as well. Nice TV in here, some storage for
your media up on top as you can see. There’s a charging center, a Jensen sound
system with Dolby, DVD, mp3 and of course another charging station, we need those.
You come over here and we have a dedicated dinette that will also make
into a bed for an extra bed when you have more than just the standard group
on board.Comfortable, well-lit, there’s also storage underneath here on both
sides as a matter of fact I think I see one of their little trail blankets
that’s kind of nice to have. So coachmen provides you this nice little
blanket it’s got their logo on it and that can go over the couch and I’m going
to show you how that works real quick while we’re in here and I’ve got a
minute it’s just nice to be able to show you
everything that’s available. And that is this unit will make into a very nice and
comfortable bed for a guest or you know if you bringing the grandkids along. Your
sister a neighbor whoever it is it’s coming along with you this just folds
out like this, the legs come down, this folds in and then you just backfill it
with these pads, is that handy and it makes a really nice bed, enough for two
people. And you’re not going to feel the springs on this one, you’re going to be
able to lie down on it very comfortably get a good night’s rest. Put
it way in the morning and be ready to go. So let me just put this back together
real quick, it’s lightweight it’s easy to manage and it’s made out of nice
material so you don’t have to worry about the material staining or ripping
or being cold or brittle they’re very nice very comfortable. So you just fold
this in like this. These you go down like that, it’s just that easy. And I like the
idea that they have also provided some cabinet space over this over the top of
the sofa. And of course you’re looking at LED lighting throughout. Coachman’s done a great job with this particular line it’s designed for people that are
driving SUVs or half-ton pickup. So they’re very light weight, an
aluminum caged trailer. It has a one-piece aluminum roof and a fiberglass siding.
It is backed by Azdel which is a composites that they use it
eliminates any de-lamination. Let’s step back here real quick I want you to see
the bathroom. It’s a nice bathroom it has a great shower and tub, basin, a place
for your towels, a place for your personal items and it’s nice and light
in there. So we need that for the kiddies and this is the bunk house. So as you
step in here this is a little sofa that makes down
into double bed. Nice little couch here I’m not very tall
so I fit. There’s some cabinetry here on the corner and a place where you can put
a TV for the kids to watch. Three bunk beds. The’re at 220 pound capacity so
perfect for teenagers and juniors of all sizes. It’s got some a really nice stuff in it. It’s got a great big linen closet right here, there’s a coat closet for the kids.
Drawer for some extra items that you might want to use, just really super
convenient. Lots of outlets in this in this trailer. It’s got a great cooling system, this is a flush mount air conditioner, and then all of
your air conditioning is actually being dispersed throughout the travel trailer
with these louvers so it’s much like the AC that you would have in your home.
You’ve got a great walk around bed up here and when you’re looking at a travel
trailer this size it’s hard to find a walk-around bed. But you’ve got nice
garment closets on each side, a place for your goods on the top here you can fold
up your t-shirts, your jeans, your sweatshirts and things like that now
still be there when you get to your destination. There’s a charging station in here and of course the night light and light
above the bed so if somebody wants to stay up a little later than the other
person it’s no problem and then there’s also storage under the bed here and
that’s closed off so it keeps anything from coming in any breezes or anything
like that but you might want to stay away from. And this thing also has an
outside kitchen those are getting really popular these days. So let’s go look at
that. So as we made this turn I was able to
have the cameraman come in behind me and I’m able to move this handle up and out
of the way so if you don’t need it you can get it out of the way when it comes
in handy it’s there for you to use. I like the fact that it has these tinted
windows they’re frameless you don’t have to do any yearly service on them. It has
an aluminum roof, a one-piece aluminum roof which is really really a value to
an RVer over the long period. We’re looking at aluminum rims dual axles.
There’s an outlet here so if you wanted to bring a table out here and set up a
TV you could certainly do that. And a nice little outside kitchen. So this is
going to pull out so you have a grill set up here, you got a drawer and you
have a little ice box for your sandwiches and probably you know a pound of hamburger maybe some chicken breast and a few things. But one more kitchen to
work with that’s always nice to have. You come around the back you’ve got a
outside shower, this is becoming a very popular item. People use these outside
showers to wash out their coolers, to rinse off the kids feet. I call it my
portable fish cleaning station. Coming around to this other side we’re looking
at an easy place to fill your freshwater tank. All of your all of your resources
like that are all in one area so when you get ready to go you can dump your
black water and your gray water tanks without moving forward. It’s got
cable and satellite and this is a 30 amp service so over the years we’ve traveled
through all of the national parks, county parks, state parks and just about every
single one of those are geared up for 30 amps so you’ll have the right service, in
the right place, at the right time. A nice slide here and they do offer the windows
on both sides so you get some cross ventilation.
So in closing what I just demonstrated to you is the 289 TBSS Apex Ultralight
by Coachman only seventy six hundred pounds. You can take it anywhere also it has a sealed bottom and there’s lots of other features that you just kind of have to
be here and touch it and feel it and sit down on the couch and feel it for
yourself. My name is Barbara D and I’m with
Guaranty RV out in Junction City. Call me, my numbers 541-521-4232. This is fun, thank you.

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