2016 Northwood Nash 22 H Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi everybody, thanks for taking the time to take a look at Guaranty’s website and choose this video. The Nash 22 H 2016. so We’re going to start off by going over the interior and we’ll finish off by going over the exterior of this awesome trailer. Follow me inside guys. Start off by noticing we got three nice heavy-duty steps a good grab handle going in, not just a little plastic one. We’ve opted to get the big nice heavy duty grab handle. First thing you notice when you come in here is you notice that you’ve got everything you need in a trailer. You’ve got a couch and the dinette. You don’t have a slide in this trailer so it helps keep down your size and your footprint. You’ve got your east-west bed up front and lots of storage all the way around. and below the bed. The couch does jackknife down into an additional sleeping area. Got your counter extension across, nice countertop, double sink here. And then over here we’ve got a built-in knife rack. One of the things Nash always has and a 3-burner stove. Up above we got hood and microwave, good sized Norcold refrigerator here. Nice deep freezer in case your ice melts, we’ve got a cold adjustment setting here. Across from it we’ve got a very nice booth dinette with good storage below. Nice high-density foam very thick you guys when I sit on these it’s like I’m not even sitting on them. They don’t move they don’t really indent most of the other manufacturers when you set in their furniture and you a lot of them you can actually feel the wood below them. These you don’t have that problem at all and they last a long time. We get a lot of used ones in and they come in very good shape looking good still hold that firmness. Let’s go into the bathroom real quick. Because this bathroom is awesome for the trailer of this size. Matter of fact it’s awesome for a trailer of any size. Tons of storage in here, hanging. There’s some access below to your water. Toilet here, sink and in the shower is actually quite roomy. Good headspace good room all the way around. So now we’ll head out front we’ll go over the exterior the trailer real quick. There’s some cool features on the outside. So we’ve got an electric awning here. Nice big awning, covers almost the entire length of the trailer. Two outside speakers, nice light for the exterior there it’s amber colored so it helps reduce bugs. Nice big window so you can look out to fire while you’re having lunch or breakfast. One of the things Nash’s does as far as I know they are the only trailer manufacturers that preps a bay for generators. We do not order with the generator but one could be installed in there or can be used for just traditional extra storage. Water heaters here at the back, spare tire, hot and cold outside shower. Your black tank flush, roof ladder. Then move over to the other side here we’ve got our dump valves up in the the chassis themselves. The cool thing about this trailer one of the cool things is it’s a true four seasons trailer. You have no issues with freezing down in your termination valve because your knife valves are up above. So there’s no water setting in here that could possibly freeze. It’s up in the chassis where the heat is. It should be fine as long as you got heat on. Cable, satellite here, exterior exhaust for your furnace. Access to the back of the refrigerator, your event for the stove. Here is your 30 amp service, it’s behind a locking door and this locking door over here is where you fill up your potable water. Here is your city water. Little additional storage here. You can see the thickness of the walls right here too, very very thick. This is under the bad here so you can get to it from the bed or from this side. So guys, let’s go up front. I want to show you the diamond plating, the electric tongue jack, two seven and a half gallon propane tanks. And there’s room for two batteries. Now this is a trailer that doesn’t have a slide So Guaranty will provide one battery. If you wanted to add a second you can do that, there’s room. We will fill your propane and we will do so much more guys. Would love an opportunity to earn your business on this RV or any other RVs we carry. Again my name is Jason Fairchild you can reach me directly at (541)228-6057. Hope to hear from you soon guys. Have a great day.

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