2016 Liberty Outdoors Little Guy Rough Rider Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

This is Jake Boyd here with Guaranty RV in Junction City,
and I’m here to talk you about this 2016 Little Guy Rough
Rider 6 Wide. We just got in, a lot of people have been asking about ultra
small, minimalists, ultralight trailers and this one is one that won’t stay around for long. It’s exactly 13 feet from the tip of the hitch to the
very rear, that’s includes that 17 and a half inch platform in
the front. And this guy weighs 1,575 pounds dry and it can carry more than it weighs itself. That includes the
the roof rack for kayaks, bikes, whatever you want to want to take on your
adventure. It can carry 1,925 pounds, so its capacity far exceeds its size. So what we have
here, we have two entrances is a straight pass through, minimalist trailer. A
king-size bed fills the entire interior and what you get inside there, you get a
DVD player, a CD player, a television, and a lot of pass-through storage. Plus, all
of your hookups and plugs, USB, 110 Chargers, fantastic fan in the roof.
You have LED lights throughout, speakers on the inside, as well as, you’re not going to miss it, cup holders on either side. If you follow
around to the back, you have a little hidden kitchen and prep station. This is
all hooked up and plumbed to your propane as well and what I was
talking about pass-through storage this is, these storage options right here
pass-through directly to the interior. All your plugs, lights, can be added
right here, light on top so you don’t go dark once you pull in. And beyond that,
you have a receiver hitch, this is for a platform storage or another bike rack
and that’s rated for 125 pounds beyond that.
You just walk around to the side, yes, it does have an outdoor shower and beyond
that, it is solar ready. There are lights on either side, ready to light up
wherever you pull in. If you have any questions about this, or any
other minimalist trailers, my name is Jake at Guaranty RV, give me a call or stop on by.

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