2016 Forest River Wildwood T201 BHXL Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi, welcome to Guaranty. My name is Kirk Blair we’re going to show you this here Wildwood T201 bunk THXL. It’s actually a bunkhouse unit, it’s a 20-footer it’s not super huge. We’re going to go ahead and walk around the outside real quick and show you some nice features that it has. First off has a power tongue jack, which is pretty awesome beats the heck out of cranking them. Two propane tanks that are larger than your normal ones, these are the 7 gallon. You’re going to battery storage right here across the back side there. Now let’s move on down the side, we’ll look at some other features. It has power stabilization Jack in the the front and the rear, Push-button. We also have a nice big front passthrough storage. This also has storage on the other side that will go to and talk about too. So it’s made by Forest River. We’re gonna have a full power awning all the way across here. Like I said, I’ve got to squeeze through here but it’s not that big of the unit, it’s actually pretty short. It has this added on hitch on here with this carry boxes that somebody put on here but actually nice little cargo box, little dry storage back here in the back for whatever you want to put in there. A little firewood little outdoor storage, kind of nice, lockable nice little feature. As we move around the unit we also have another little storage compartment right here. Not all trailers have this much storage on the outside, kind of a nice little feature, your outdoor shower. Also an x light so that’s what the XL It’s a light trailer. So let’s kind of move around we’ll go jump inside on the other side. So as we kind of walk into this trailer, it has a Murphy bed. So as you come in you can see it’s nice and spacious, you have a couch for sitting. What you’re going to have you’re going to have a Murphy bed up here that has enough room behind it to leave your bedroll on, it’s actually pretty awesome. What you’re going to do is you pull these pins to drop the bed. I’ll go ahead and show you how this is done. Jack knife sofa, kick these guys out of your way the armrests, pull the pins this bed comes down nicely. Now you have a full-size bed that you can sleep on and then when you’re ready to get up in the day and get started, kick it out of your way and put the sofa back. Great thing about that is then you have seating for entertaining and whatnot, which is kind of nice. Closets on both sides, nice and deep big closets for your storage. Coatracks here at the door entry as you come in. And as you move around the kitchen, solid surface countertops kind of nice. you’re going to have cabinetry, cabinetry, cabinetry. Plenty of room for stuff, your plates, your toys, your games. DVD player for for your TV. This is your TV mount here you put like a 20 inch or something, 22, 24 inch TV there if you like. Booth dinette, goes down to a bed as well. You make a bed out of that pretty simply. Smaller trailers a lot of times you lose things like a full-size fridge or microwave and oven this has both. A 3-burner suburban oven combo which is kinda nice. Drawers in the kitchen I know you folks at home can never have enough drawers, has drawers which is really nice, pantry. Bunkhouse, room for your buddies your hunting friends, gear. Another thing about bunkhouses I don’t think a lot of people think about is you have room for gear your duck decoys, your archery bows, you’re hunting equipment all kinds of good stuff can go up there. Large full-size fridge like I said, larger. The bathroom on this guy actually have some good storage to it. Full tub kind of in there on the left and cabinetry around so you have some nice storage. Some other features about this trailer, somebody put in some upgraded blinds out here as you kind of move around also inside the cabin here. Storage around, this front part here drops down allows the more storage access up in the front area. Storage, nightstands and or you know, end tables in the day. So if there’s any questions about this unit you can feel free to give me a call at 541-601-8742. My email should be on there too. I work at Guaranty I’m happy to meet you, come on out.

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