2016 Forest River Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailer Features (Part 2 of 2) (CC)

This is the 2016, 294, and just some of the
quick stuff on the outside. We’ll try to make it, not too, not too boring for you. the outside,
you notice it’s got a full aluminum front here, a metal front that’s pull over on the,
that’s painted, a big piece of diamond plate on the bottom for stones and rocks that could
kick up. Also, your powder-coated, big, I-beam frame down underneath here. Even though this
is a lower price point trailer, they actually are built very, very well, and I’ll go over
a few things on that. you’ll notice power tongue jack is standard,
and almost all of our Cherokees and Grey Wolf come with a Limited package, so you’re going
to get power tongue jack, standard. You’re going to get power awning, standard, with
LED lights. you’re gonna have accent LEDs on the inside as well, and we’ll show you,
we’ll show you that when we go inside. also they’re solar-ready. The Cherokee is already
set up for solar panels. it, you just plug into the outside here and put your, your portable
panels up. It’ll recharge your battery system. also, the tanks on this are enclosed. The,
that way for colder weather, it will help you. Your, your tank will not freeze up. Your
freshwater tank, and holding tanks will not freeze up, as long as you are running your
furnace. It, kind of a, kind of a small, polar package on this. it does have a full, walkable
roof. once again, even though the price points are terrific, the roof is fully walkable.
You can go up there without putting plywood down and service your roof as you need to
and clean it. a lot of, lot of stuff on this price point
is, you cannot do that with. also, 15-inch running gear on these as well, nitrogen-filled
radial tires, that will, will be a little more even in, in their pressure. They’ll stay
that way longer, and also a nice champagne color to these on the outside. The Cherokees
have a nice champagne color. They have nice graphics, you can [00:02:00] see the chrome
Limited right here for the package that’s on all of our units as well. Four big BAL
stabilizing jacks, one on each corner. They’re very heavy duty, keep your camper from bouncing
around when you’re in there. also, you see a gas hookup here in the front,
so our Cherokees do come with an external gas hookup on all of ’em. Now this model,
the 294, has an outside, rear kitchen, and we’ll show that to you when we go around to
the outside. just some things that I went over earlier when we first started. The aluminum
front, front cap on this unit; the powder-coated I-beam steel frame; and, also, the power tongue
jack, which is standard on the Cherokee Limited … just to reiterate that stuff. Also, and
the diamond plate, that is all still here, (laughs) okay?
you wanna notice the big opening for your storage. All right. So that’s pass-through.
It also goes underneath your bed, which lifts up on the inside, so there’s a ton of storage
in this, grills, chairs, whatever you need to put in here, tools, whatever you need to
bring on your camping trip. also, the solar-ready system, a plugin is right here. You just pull
this cover off … which should be easier than that … anyway, it does, it just pops
off of there, and you would plo-, your, plug your solar panel right into there.
I’m going to come around to the awning, and you’re gonna see this is a power awning. All
right. Just press the button in or out. It has a automatic rain dump on it, so when it’s
raining out, you don’t have to worry about it. Also, the, and the blue LEDs out here
that give it a nice, a little different look than some of the white ones you’ll see. A
friction door, all right, this door, there’s no need to have the small clip that breaks
on the outside like a lot of RVs have. The hinges have a tight friction on ’em, and you
can see, I gotta put quite a bit of pressure to open this up, but if I open it up, it’ll
stay right there. I don’t have to have the little plastic latches that eventually break,
and mold away on this unit. entry assist, large entry-assist grab door
handle on all the Cherokees [00:04:00], so to get up into there, you just grab that handle,
step, and aw-, away you go, it makes it a lot easier for you. one thing with the Cherokee
as well, this is gas and electric hot water tank. This is a Suburban 6-gallon. It’s about
18, 16.2 gallons per hour, quick recovery. you can use this off of propane if you’re
at a state park. If you’re at your traditional campground, then you can plug it when you’re
plugged into the shore power. you will have your electric element, too, that works. You
can also use ’em in tandem. When you’re using a lotta hot water, they’ll recuperate, quite
a bit quicker. All right. We’re gonna go back to the side
here. 28,000 BTU Suburban furnace is on these Cherokees. Also, another place for a TV, so
you could unclip the one in the living room, bring it out here, and you can clip it right
on the outside. They give you w-, GFI outlets, and you might need this by your picnic table
if you want to deal with coffee pot, lamps, whatever you’re doing out there, and, also,
you have cable TV hookups here as well. So you can have, your satellite or cable TV right
on the outside, underneath the awning so good, good features. Also, the speakers are out
here, too, as well. some things I did go over, the radial tires,
they are nitrogen filled. Also, they use a gray steel wheel on here, so they will not,
they will not show the pitting and rust the way that a white spoke wheel will. They’ll,
they’ll hold up quite a bit longer. to the back here, Josh, the second entry door on
this model, as well, to the bathroom, and here’s the outside cook station, so they’re
giving you more cabinets. They even kept the, the nickel poles on here as well, solid surface
out here. They didn’t skimp and put the, the lower-priced Formica out here. Refriger-,
electric refrigerator for your, for your drinks or some food that you wanna keep out here
while you’re at the campground. And the best feature is, of course, your two-burner
stove, so if you wanna be out here cooking breakfast, if you wanna do different types,
types of dishes, you may have [00:06:00] your grill back here somewhere. This model, comes
with a built-in rear bike rack, so that folds down. You can put bicycles on there, you could
put firewood, you could put coolers, even a small scooter (laughs) if it would fit on
there. it’ll take about 200-pounds worth of weight, and that’s another great feature that
you see that, that Cherokee does give you. And you’ll notice the elongated window, and
also there’s a, you see the backup camera here. If you wanna purchase the, the, the
system itself, through Forest River or through our, our Parts Department, you can actually
have a backup camera installed. It’s all wireless. it’s ready to go, you just have to purchase
the front part of it that goes in your vehicle. Okay. And what we’re gonna do here, we’re
gonna go over to the Grey Wolf and do a few things on that.
Folks, we’re, we’re on to the Grey Wolf now. We just did some stuff on the Cherokee for
you. We’re on to the Grey Wolf. We wanna show you some features on this. once again, the
price points on these are even lower than what the Cherokees are, even though they have
a lotta the same terrific features on ’em. first thing you see is the, the metal front
end on this, just like the Cherokee. You’ll see the Limited up there, that means our Limiteds
come with a power tongue jack, the power, the powered awning, the AM/FM, DVD system,
and a few other features we’ll get to. also, you’re gonna see the diamond plate.
You didn’t lose this on the Grey Wolf. The powder-coated I-beam frame, you didn’t lose.
Of course, your power tongue jack that actually has a light on it, so you can see it when
you’re back up in the evening, you know, propane tank covers … you still have all that stuff
… also, a walkable roof on the Grey Wolf, still. gonna come around to the side. You
see the solar-ready panel. It is still here on the Gray Wolf, so you can plug into your,
you know, your, portable solar panel, and keep your batteries charged up if you’re at
a state park, a great feature that you don’t have to fight with. You just plug it in.
full pass-through storage, once again, on the Grey Wolf, [00:08:00] and you can see
they put a felt lining down on the bottom here. go around to the side, you see your
outside security lights, the elongated windows and, also, your power awning with an LED light
in it as well, and the strip is running right underneath that power awning. this door here,
same thing, fric-, friction-hinge door on both the Cherokee and Grey Wolf make it very
easy for you. Grab handle-assist when you go in lar-, and extra-large ent-, entry-assist
handle. Also, you have cable hookup. You have power
hookups. You’re not losing any of this on the Grey Wolf, even though it’s a little bit
less of a price point. you’ll also notice the 3-tier color. You have a, you have a champagne
on the top. You have a little bit of white with graphics, and then you have champagne
and brown on the bottom. So it’s, not just a white, it’s not just a white trailer sticking
out there. you’ll notice your, these have 14-inch radial tires, which are nitrogen filled.
All right. This one has a second entry into the bathroom as well. This is the 23, Grey
Wolf, the DBH model with the double-size bunks. You’re also gonna notice the 4 BAL stabilizers
are still on this unit. Your built in bike racks stays one the Grey Wolf, and, also,
it has the, the, the backup camera system is pre-wired. You just have to buy that separate,
all right, but it is here for you. automotive marker lights everywhere for safety, and also
these all have, you know, fresh, fresh, fresh water holding tank, black water, gray water,
you have all these things in these great price point trailers. hope you enjoyed a little,
quick, quick tour of these, and, we’ll see you in the next video. Thank you.

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