2015 Keystone Springdale 189 FL Travel Trailer • Guaranty.com

Hi guys Anthony Salazar here for
Guaranty RV in beautiful Junction City Oregon
today we’re going to be looking at the Springdale 189 FL it’s made by Keystone
Keystone’s a big trailer maker they make a bunch of trailers they’re one of the
most popular in the country but today this one is great for your starter
family it’s got a lot of storage it’s got some bunks and it’s a pretty
lightweight trailer if you look right here and of course here’s one of the
storage compartments this is underneath one of the bunk beds in the front and as
we walk inside we’ll check it out a little closer alright guys now
we’re inside the trailer let’s take a look and see what we got here nice
dinette area lots of overhead storage a nice little tv here that you can pull
around so it’s not too big doesn’t take up a whole lot of room but you still
have a TV more storage over here storage underneath here big drawers and then
like when we started we got storage for underneath the bunk which you can be
accessed from outside which is kind of nice there’s another little cabinet in
here I’m gonna let Jim come in here and we’re gonna take a peek inside the
bathroom you got a nice tub shower in there with the skylight nice fan the
sinks outside here which makes it nice you got a nice medicine cabinet sink and
for a little trailer you got a nice big pantry here nice fridge three burner
stove oven microwave more storage and then of course you even have a little
pop-out over here give you a little bit more counter space because it is a tight
little area and then right here this flips out into a bed makes that into
another bed for a small trailer guys you got a lot of stuff packed in here it’s
meant for you know a family of three or four and it will work out fine if you
have any other questions and you want to get ahold of me my number is nine five
one four four three eight three two three and just ask for Salazar thanks and have a great day

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