2015 Keystone Bullet 247 BH Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks Anthony Salazar here for
Guaranty RV Super Centers. Today we’re going to take a quick look at the Bullet
ultralight by Keystone. It’s a 2015 247 BH model. Nice pre-owned unit
perfect for that first-time family. Let’s go in and take a quick look and see what
we got. OK guys. Inside nice kitchen good
size for a small family. Nice big giant sink in here look at the
size of that sink with a nice cutting board. Three burner stovetop. Nice oven
microwave freezer refrigerator lots of storage. Over here you’ve got a nice
little pantry. Down below even some too. Bathroom. Nice little tub shower toilet
medicine cabinet. Door to enter in from the outside so when you’re camping the
kids can just run in to use the restroom without messing everything up. You got
nice double bunks in here so you can put the kids in here and they’re not going
to roll off. Kids love bunks. More storage right in here. Nice big u-shaped table. Also storage underneath these as well and I believe
there’s a outside connection to get outside for them too. And over here
you’ve got your your TV. On this one it’s on a swivel so you can flip it around
for the bedroom. You’ve got some storage under here. Nice storage.
Nice windows for cross-breeze. Nice little closet. A lot of space up above
the bed these are really deep deep cabinets arm length deep back there you
get a lot of blankets and pillows in there. Overall ideal for the …
perfect size for the young family just getting started out. So guys if you want
to come down and take a look at this trailer come ask for big Sal my phone
number is (951) 443-8323 (951) 443-8323 Feel free to call
me anytime anytime you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help you.

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