2015 Forest River Surveyor Cadet 201 RBS Travel Trailer • Guaranty.com

Welcome to guaranty guys, my name is Kirk Blair. I’m going to show you this 2015 Surveyor. It is actually a 201 RBS so it
means it’s a rear bath and it has a little slide. It has nice amenities on
it, we have a power tongue jack, two propane tanks, diamond plate rock guard
here. I am going to see if I can talk a little bit about the front and the we’ll walk around.
Storage bay all the way through and we’ll go to the other side. One thing I
did want to point out the dry weight of this vehicle is only just over 4,000
pounds 4100 and a little bit of change which is pretty light. So let’s head on
this way real quick so you have the front pass-through Bay that’s large
enough for your chairs or anything you want to put through there. It goes up all
the way underneath the bed there, nice pass through. And as we move down the
side of the unit you’ll see we have a nice big awning, Electric awning all the
way across. It has your porch light here, outdoor
speakers, your vent, this is your vent for your range hood, refrigerator access.
And then you have your bumper that you can mount a bike rack or anything you
wanted to and back here we also have an outdoor shower which is a nice feature.
These outdoor showers are hot and cold and you wash off your feet from the sand,
wash the dog, kids, there you go, let’s jump inside. So as you enter the unit you
can see you have the bedroom here on your right you know decent size bed
closet on either side and you have storage underneath the bed that’s
divided so you could have it his and hers or storage either way you want to
do that. And as we move around inside I’ll kind of step here on the side you
have your kitchen nice big sink, double sink, drawers, overhead storage.
Decent-sized fridge here for you and then we have an oven and a microwave a
lot of these small units like this don’t have both amenities, which is kind of
nice that has an oven and a microwave. And this table in this little couch
areas and a little slide out that little bump out there it’s not huge but just
enough to give you a little more walking room in here. You have the table that can
be moved you can use it outside if you need to
generally you’ll have camp chairs or something with you. This also does make
into a bed. So you have a table here you can sit and eat at play games whatever you want to do. Entertainment center is also a DVD
player. Entertainment to the TV to your speakers. And I’ll let you guys sneak
back there into the bathroom, the bathroom you have your tub surround and
your sink and a little medicine cabinet there and as you come around as a nice
big closet here on the left. So as far as this closet is concerned we have a nice
big closet storage area here hang goods on this side and you have shelving
that’s adjustable here with drawers and pullout Sall the way around so you have
a lot of nice storage for your linens and your towels you can use it as a
closet as such if you’d like either way, mirrors. Anyhow this and any other unit
here at Guaranty RV I’m happy to show you or talk about. My name is Kirk Blair
my personal cell phone is 541-601-8742. I hope you having a great day and come see us out here, ask for Captain Kirk.

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