2015 Forest River Salem 26 GBD Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi everybody, my name is Chris Bistead. I’m
out here at Guaranty RV, standing in the rain, looking at this beautiful Salem
trailer. This could be yours. I want to take you in and give you a
tour of it, I think you’re really going to like it.
It is a used model, it’s a 2015 Forest River Salem 26-foot GBD, let’s take a
look on the inside. So this is a really great trailer for your family. I really
like the fact that they have the sink right here, we’ve kind of got a little
extra counter space for you to work on. Of course you’ve got extended counter
space with these sink covers and it’s a twin sink, nice faucets and sprayer, even
has a little deal here for your Dawn dishwashing soap, nice little microwave. We’ve got a three burner cook stove and
you have your oven. But also, in the same, they have this stainless steel look,
the fridge also matches that, and you’ve got a nice refrigerator freezer, right
here. So you got plenty of room for all of the food. One of the things that is
really great is they have a little ladder for this bunkhouse area. So you
got a place here, two twin beds so there’s a nice big size and you can fit
a couple people here and sleep them there. You can also sleep somebody in the
dinette and you can also sleep somebody in this sofa over here. So you’ve got
plenty of seating, plenty of sleeping, and a rear bath back here. It’s got a tub and it’s got a door that can be pulled
shut, so it doesn’t have a curtain, so to speak, nice bathroom. Right over here is
your entertainment system and it pivots and swivels so you can see the TV
in the coach or you can see it in the master bedroom, which we’re going to show
you right now. Big residential king bed, this is really
nice mattress in here. We’ll shut these doors and show you what it looks
like there. So that’s what pivots there for your TV pleasure. Look how big these
wardrobes are, very nice size, really nice lighting, and a nice big shelf on top. Of
course, your air conditioning is ducted throughout the coach. So we’ll start
right here with the nice pass through. Isn’t that clever? You just don’t see
that every day, I like that a lot. Big power awning. If you have little kids you might want
to keep this locked, but if not, the kids might really like this. There is
instant access right into their bed and all this storage underneath, so it’s
kind of a neat feature. You’ve got an outside utility shower, so
you can hose the sand off the kids feet or wash the dog or whatever you would
need to do. You can also extend and retract the slide from the outside. We’ve got another button for the extent
in the retract as well and then you’ve got some extra storage right inside here
as well. All of this and we’ll give you two brand new Interstate Batteries, fill
both these big propane tanks up for you, we’ll give you a $50 starter kit, to get
you going. We’ll detail the whole thing out, inside
and out, make sure everything works perfect, and then we’ll walk you around
it and show you how to use every little thing on here. So you can go camping this
next weekend with confidence. One thing also I wanted to share with you, is it’s
got a power tongue jack, that’s a real nice feature as well. Really neat used
Salem here, I would love to show this to you, or any of the RVs that we have out
here at Guaranty. My name is Chris Bistead, my phone number is 541-636-7878. I look forward to hearing from you.

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