2014 Keystone Outback Travel Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2) (CC)

Video Transcript for “2014 Outback Travel
Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2)” Chad: Hey, welcome to Pete’s RV TV today.
I’m Chad Shepard, thanks for stopping by. We’re going to be looking at the brand new
completely redesigned Outback travel trailer. This is one of our bestselling travel trailers
at the show. This has the diamond package on it, which has a lot of great new upgrades
to it. As we said, it’s completely redesigned. We’ve got my buddy, Randy Murray. He’s going
to come in and show us all the new upgrades and why this Outback might be the perfect
trailer for your family. You can immediately see the new upgrades to
the Outback travel trailer. This one here has a diamond package, as we spoke. This is
Randy Murray. Randy Murray knows a ton about RVs and we’re going to be allowing him to
tell us about how this trailer is built. Randy, let’s start with the construction, we’re aluminum
frame on this one? Randy: We are and as you know and people at
the dealership and anybody who’s talked to me, Outback is one of my favorite products
out there just due to the simplicity, the quality, and the ease of using it when you
go camping. There’s just a lot of great stuff on the Outback product. Construction wise
Outback has been a leader in the travel trailer industry for many, many years now since they’ve
come out with their 10th anniversary package. Laminated floor system, all aluminum frame,
exterior walls all laminated aluminum frame, stamped steel galvanized roof system keeps
things light, gives us a great arch, front cap, the list goes on. Quality is number one
with outback. Chad: So the reason a lot of aluminum is to
keep the weight down instead of using wood studding through the walls and that’s what
Randy is talking about here. It’s all welded aluminum and we’ve got the stamped steel through
the ceilings. You can see here immediately we’ve got the arched ceiling in it. That came
out, Outback originally started with their 10th anniversary package.
Randy: They were the guys that implemented that. Coming from the service center of the
business, not only does it look great inside, but it looks the same on the outside, so no
water puddles up there. No water’s sitting against our seals. Going to go to longevity,
less maintenance, and it’s going to make the trailer last a lot longer.
Chad: Yep. Let’s hit upon a few of the construction quality here. We got one piece flooring in
this trailer all the way across. Randy: Well it’s a laminated floor, Chad,
so it’s got aluminum structure running this way, block Styrofoam in there, and then it’s
got flooring material top and bottom with a vapor barrier on the bottom. So great floor
and a super lightweight, it’s going to help us [00:02:00] with towing these guys down
the road. Chad: Okay. Look at cabinetry here, all kinds
of cabinets. This is a 323 model, as we said this is their number one selling bunk house.
The cabinets in this, it’s got a nice stain to it, they look really nice.
Randy: They’ve changed that, that’s new this year. As we’ve seen Outback kind of progress
over the years they’ve gone to the white and then to the two tones and kind of dabbled
around with it. This is the brand new look. I really like it. A lot of people are running
real dark wood work this year, not so much the case in here so it doesn’t make the unit
look too dark inside. Chad: We’ve got nice shelves in here so you
can actually put stuff in it. Randy: Tons of storage.
Chad: There’s lips on the shelves and that’s kind of, Outback has been innovative like
that. This unit does come with an eight cubit foot fridge we can see or I can open this
up. We got four shelves in here on the doors and four shelves in here as well so we get
that extra storage in it. Randy: Gas and electric, we can run it going
down the road. Chad: And it has the nice finish look on the
outside. Randy: Raised panel, as we’re used to seeing
in the outback. One of the great thing about the Outback to me, Chad, is there involved
with this group of campers called the Outbackers. Outbackers know about camping, they’ve been
camping for a long time, they critique it, they’re in constant communication with the
manufacturer. So you’re going to see a lot of features on the Outback products that you
won’t see on the competitor that make sense camping. And sometimes it’s easy as just turning
a jack at a 45 degree angle. It doesn’t cost any money, but it gives us a better camper
and that’s what we see in the Outback. Chad: This is the new dinette set up and I
really like it. It gives us that leisure feel where you can slide right back in there.
Randy: This is for me man. Chad: Or the cushions come off on the sides
and we get extra room there. It doesn’t go to waste.
Randy: Absolutely, great way for the remote. Chad: You’ve got it. Let’s talk a little bit,
this has the taller slide heights in it, this 323 has the biggest slide that Keystone makes.
Randy: This is an entire slide. I don’t know if Josh can see it, starting there near the
camera all the way back through here, all one wall that slides right out. LCI system
and the rack and pinion system has been doubled up underneath, great structure, just a wonderful
slide and it really opens up this floor plan, especially the island kitchen floor plan we
don’t see the competitors have. Chad: Yep. Focus back over here Josh and catch
the draw glides. These are all the metal roller bearing drawer glides. These hold 30 pounds
of weight. Got nice finished wood here. Randy: Absolutely. In that base of that drawer
is dadoed into the drawer so it’s not stapled on the bottom [00:04:00] and the bottom’s
not going to fall out as we put our heavier things in it.
Chad: Good point, so that what he’s saying is that the sides here are grooved and then
that bottom plate is set inside there and it’s all fabricated together.
Randy: Absolutely, just to make for a better drawer.
Chad: Let’s talk a little bit about that diamond package. We’ll go over some things in the
inside that come in that diamond package. We’ve got the nice solid surface counter tops
in here that is part of the diamond package. Under-mount sink and that’s a really beautiful
sink. Randy: It is a great sink.
Chad: Yep. Randy: You can wash dishes in the sink. It’s
a 60/40 split, nice way to do it. Chad: Yep, solid surface. Also we’ve got the
Maxxair vent fan, catch it here in the video. It turns on from this remote here. We can
open it up, we can turn it on, it’s a big fan and now with a rain sensor on it. The
blade of that fan is a good probably foot across so…
Randy: And that’ll move a tremendous amount of air too. So if we’re in a dry camping situation
you want to crack a window in the bedroom, turn that on, you’re going to get some great
airflow through this coach, a nice feature to have.
Chad: Yeah, it makes it really nice on here. Another thing that I want to talk about, central
air conditioning in this coach. We’ve got the nice curtain here to shut off the bedroom
here. We’ve got a hard door on the front bedroom. Randy: Private door to the front bedroom,
show them that a little later on in the video, something we typically don’t see in a bunkhouse
unit. And as you mentioned, the air conditioner, even with doors closed everything is ducted
through the roof so we cool every room even with doors closed.
Chad: Yep, really nice. Well my thought is I want to show them the back bunk room a little
bit more, we’ve got some cool features on here. This is their number one selling and
I do want to show them… Randy: Show them that bed in the diamond package
that comes in this. Chad: The bed.
Randy: That’s pretty unique in the RV world. I like to see it.
Chad: All right and we’ll catch up outside with you in just a few minutes Randy.
Randy: Sounds great. Chad: This back bunk room is great here. I
want to first start out right here’s one of those vents that Randy was talking about.
This is the central air conditioning vent so even when this is shut for privacy we’re
going to get heat and air conditioning back here. They do a nice job, they accent the
color tops, a different color slat with crown molding. It makes it look really rich in here.
We talked about quality of the builds, the bunks hold 300 pounds. This has a bunk that
folds down from the top. It holds 300 pounds so you can sleep adult on there if you need
to. This is the biggest bed back here. This is a tri-fold sofa. It lifts out and you can
sleep two adults on there no problem at all. Over here on this side here [00:06:00] we’ve
got another bunk that’s wider than normal. It’s wider than the bunk on that side and
this holds 300 pounds as well. All kinds of storage. A lot of times in bunkhouses you
don’t find the storage that you need for the kid’s clothes. This has it. We have doors,
we’ve got drawers, more drawers, a couple of doors, and there’s even a cabinet over
here that you won’t be able to see in the video.
A couple of things back here too is they run a nice put it, they carpet this back area
so kids can play on the floor. You don’t have to worry about them, you know, being cold,
no socks on, that sort of thing. Makes it really, really nice. We’ll check out the front
bedroom in this and I’ll show you another piece of that diamond package is that convertible
bed up front. This with the diamond package it has a cool
feature on the bed I’ll show you in just a second. But first I want to show you all the
storage we’ve got in here. We’ve got the overhead cabinets on both sides, runs all the way through,
and they’re deep. It goes back a long ways in there. This has that one piece molded fiberglass
cap on the front that gives us more storage. We’ve got a closet here that hangs up and
down and you’ve got a little shelf down here in the bottom too with a drawer down below.
If I wasn’t so darn fat you could see more, but one thing about the bed. What they’ve
done is they’ve put a bigger size bed in this and they’ve got a switch in here and the switch
basically lifts the bed up. So at night if you want to watch TV, this
has got a TV mounting bracket here on the wall, or if you want to read. But even during
the day if you want more room in the bedroom what you can do is you can lift the bed up
and that will allow you to walk around and have more room. I think it’s a really cool
feature. So something Outback, how they’ve always been innovative, it’s just another
thing they’ve done to be really cool and stay in front of the competition.
Let’s go catch up with Randy on the outside and we’ll check out some of the new upgrades
they’ve done to the outside as well. The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV
Center is available at: http://youtu.be/LvyL2n8Sn9s

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