20 Travel Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Trip + GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys it’s Morgan Yates

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  1. So jealous of all of your travel adventures! I wasn’t able to travel this summer but I’m really hoping to take a Europe trip next summer! ❤️

  2. I'm so thankful for these vids bc I've never been out of the country and wouldn't even think about half of these tips!!!

  3. Don’t assume that every flight will have free carry on! When I was traveling budget airlines in Europe I had to pay 30 euros for a small carry on bag both ways. Try to fit everything in a backpack for shorter trips!

  4. I love traveling and I have figured out some things. So many of the things you said, I have also learned over my experiences!! I honestly don't have many tips left. But keeping it light and making sure you always have your belongings is the way to go. Always double check your hotel rooms or houses etc.

  5. Travel mistake to avoid- for me, waiting and wearing my tighter clothes to the end of my trip. I always eat crappy and unlike my normal routine so by the end of the trip I feel so bloated and wish I kept my flowy shirts and dresses for then rather than the first few days haha! LOVE that luggage!

  6. Plan ahead all the attractions or things you want to do each day. I’ve been on vacation where I realized I did not have enough time to do everything I had in mind.

  7. Packing cubes, packing cubes, packing cubes!! These have helped me so much when traveling, I was able to roll jeans and flannels in them and it only took up the bottom half of my luggage and I still had the top half and whole other side. These help so much and learning to only pack simple basic items of clothing because they’re so versatile.

  8. I would avoid taking all those travel pillows and sleep gadgets with you and carry a larger coat instead that you can roll up and sleep with on a plane.

  9. That bag looks so helpful for traveling! But for sure I think the best tip is to not overpack. I overpack all the time and never realize it until I get to my destination…

  10. Travel tip: Yeah don’t get a boyfriend when you’re traveling abroad because then all your money will go towards having a long distance relationship

  11. You should make a video on your weirdest experiences while traveling, like the Norwegian train ticket situation you mentioned!

  12. Travel tip: Always keep up to date with your flight! If you have a layover but your first flight got delayed check how much time you have to reach your connecting flight. If you feel like it's not enough time, go to the front desk and change your connecting flight no matter what the front desk says. You don't want to arrive to the airport after a long first flight and then miss your connecting flight and then have to wait in a long customer service line to rebook your flight. Trust me, its not fun.

  13. My biggest travel mistake is overpacking, so I definitely will be using your tip of buying some things at the destination, and winning the American Tourister bag would definitely also help me with this.

  14. I like to take a picture or scan a copy of my passport and send it to my parents just in case I misplace or lose my passport while on a trip! It’s super useful, because you never know what’ll happen when you’re away!

  15. Travel mistake is dont buy all the expensive food at the airport! Bring your own snacks as long as it is not liquid

  16. My tip for traveling is to use a backpack as your personal item, because you can fit a LOT in it but they still fit under the seat Infront of you. My Insta is veggiesbyeos

  17. Always have your purse/backpack in front of you, slip on shoes easier for Secuirty and prep your outfits take pics to know what goes with what

  18. A big travel mistake is spending so much time worrying about whether or not I've lost my passport! Certain cities like Amsterdam require non-EU citizens to carry their passports on them at all times so I would be constantly checking to ensure that it hasn't fallen out of my purse during my day. My solution was to buy some velcro strips and attach one side to the bottom of the inside of my bag and the other side to the outside of my passport! That way it's much less likely that it will fall out if I'm rummaging around for something and I don't waste time worrying about it 🙂

  19. Travel Tip.. DO.YOUR.RESEARCH!!! Before you leave research where you're going and what you want to do so you have a lose plan once you arrive!

  20. I am usually an over packer because I don't always know what I want to wear everyday or like if I need both jeans and shorts depending on the weather. Also I'm always like what if I need this or want that while on vacation

  21. tip- you can get google maps offline if you download it ahead of time and this is helpful if you dont have data/service while abroad

  22. WOWWW THANK YOU for this!! Currently planning my first international trip but first need to save up the money since I'm a broke masters student loll and honestly this helped so much since I always pack WAYY too much! Thats for sure my biggest mistake every time because I then barely have room for the dirty clothes that I do wear @MorganYates

  23. The bag is soooo cool!
    Travel tip: call your credit card/bank ahead of time to let them know you will be traveling so they don’t temporarily disable your account thinking it’s been stolen.

  24. My biggest tip would be to always check with the hotel before buying adapters, chargers, etc. Some will keep ones that other people leave.

  25. One tip in keeping your cash safe if you're a skeptic like me is to keep them stuffed in your shoes and only take out a set amount that you're spending per day!

  26. Travel mistake not paying attention to when public transit stops running or certain lines stop running.

    Tsa pre-check sometimes will also require you to take your liquids and laptops out. cough Atlanta cough
    Also best ID to keep on your person out and about is a US Passport card because it is a federal ID. (For US citizen obvs)

  27. Travel tip: whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, spend some time researching their culture/customs. Also if you're at a memorial like the Vietnam War Memorial in DC, be respectful.

  28. so true!! I went on a trip with EF for 24 days and my biggest tip is to wear a jacket that has interior pockets (most jean jackets do)! I was able to have my phone close to me for taking pictures/google maps but knew it was always close enough that I would definitely notice if it was stolen

  29. Travel Tip: Packing cubes! I just discovered them and man oh man are they helpful. They can be pricey, so another way to organize your items is packing your clothes in zip lock bags.

  30. Travel tip: download the language of the country you’re going to on Google Translate! This has been a huge help for me especially because you never know when you won’t have signal. (It’ll probably happen when you need it most)

  31. Wear a large hoodie on the plane so you can put your hood up/ snuggle with it! Also if you’re going on a day flight, wear a pair of sunglasses that really block out light (if you wanna take a nap) lol

  32. Travel Tip: Try to adjust your sleep cycle in the flight. It reduces the effect the time difference will have on you 🙂

  33. Thank God I have unlimited data and it can be used globally with no extra charge!
    Travel tip: Stay hydrated and bring an empty water bottle with you to fill up after you go through security. Also I've heard from many flight attendants to get on their good side and bring them Oreos or something and your flight will be better. Never done that but trying it.
    Also pack an empty pillowcase in your personal item so you can take off your jacket or whatever and stuff it in there to make a pillow.

  34. This bag would be awesome to take on my upcoming honey moon! Huge travel mistake I make way too often is to over pack. Trying to get better at that, though!

  35. There's so many!! Always print an extra itinerary to give to friends/family so they know where you are and where you are staying!

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