20 Things to do in Florence, Italy Travel Guide

Florence: when it comes to Renaissance art,
there’s probably no better city in the world to soak it all in! Our time here was spent viewing works by Italian
masters both in museums and public spaces, marvelling at the architecture – in particular
Florence Cathedral and its massive dome, going in search of the best lookout points, and
in true Italian spirit, eating plenty of pizza and gelato. In this video we’re going to share with
you some of the best things to do in Florence (Firenze) on your visit, so let’s get started! I’m quickly going to tell you the plan for
today. Basically we left our apartment at 7:45 in
the morning which is pretty early especially for me. But that is because we wanted to be here at
the duomo by 8 in the morning to get in line so that we can visit both the Bell Tower and
the Dome on top of the Church. We saw the lines yesterday and they were wrapping
around the whole building. It was crazy how many people were here. So we’ve come early before they even open
the doors. Sam and his family are already standing in
line and the ticketing booth should open in like 15 more minutes. So yeah that is the plan. We’re going to get some amazing views of Florence
today. Speaking of tickets, we paid 15 Euros per
person for a ticket that gave us access to 5 attractions associated with Florence Cathedral
(Il Duomo di Firenze). These included: the bell tower, the baptistry,
Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, the crypt, and the dome itself which also requires
making a reservation for a specified time slot. But right now, let’s begin with the bell
tower. (Stepping noises) So we are climbing. So far so good. I would say the staircase isn’t quite as narrow
as some other Bell Towers we’ve climbed so yeah but oh man it is steep though. Oh man it is steep. And we are the very first people in this morning. Woah. Also known as Giotto’s Campanile, the bell
tower stands 84.7 metres tall and it’s 414 steps to the top. The good thing is that there are a few floors
in between, meaning you can take a break along the way and enjoy the views as you slowly
make your way up. After climbing the bell tower, we made our
way over to our next attraction: the Baptistry. Known as both the Florence Baptistry (Battistero
di San Giovanni) and the Baptistry of Saint John, this octagonal structure is a sight
to behold! The interior is dimly lit, but this only makes
your eyes travel up and admire the glowing mosaic ceiling. There are even a few benches inside the Baptistry
if you feel like sitting down and soaking it all in. From there, we continued to Museo dell’Opera
del Duomo, which is a museum dedicated to conserving artworks relating to Florence Cathedral
and the Baptistry. One of the main artworks inside this museum
are the original Gates of Paradise from the Baptistry which were recently restored. Next, we went inside Florence Cathedral, and
took the stairs down to the crypt to see the ruins of the former cathedral which once stood
here: Santa Reparata. (Beep noise) And last but not least, it was time to do
the final activity on our pass: climb the dome of Florence Cathedral, which to this
day remains the largest brick dome ever constructed. If you’re willing to brave tight passages
and narrow staircases, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of Florence (Firenze)
as far as the eye can see. And now that we have gone up the dome and
come back again we have stopped at a gelato shop because I feel like we deserve a little
treat. Woah. That is awesome. Haha. We ate our gelato at Grom since it was located
right around the corner from our apartment and it was seriously some of the best gelato
we had in Italy! Okay we’ve got our gelato. Let’s talk about flavors here. I got the grand cone. I love this it has got chocolate around the
rim with nuts. And I got pistachio and caramel. It looks good. I’ve had a couple of bites. It is so good. Mmmm. As for me I went for the mango here. Oh my gosh. Looking good. Delish. Alright guys so this morning we are visiting
the Uffizi Gallery which would be the most famous art gallery in all of Florence (Firenze). And I have to say the artwork is impressive
but also the ceilings. Check this out. The Uffizi Gallery is considered one of the
best museums in the world focusing on the Italian Renaissance. Most of the art collection you see today was
gifted to the city of Florence by Anna Maria Luisa, the last Medici heiress, before the
ruling house of Medici died out. Another cool thing about the Uffizi Gallery
is that you get some pretty cool views of Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River from a higher
vantage point. Okay so we just finished visiting the Uffizi
Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) and now it is time for one of the biggest tips for your
time in Florence. Well the biggest tip is every single day you
should wake up early and go to one of the major museums or attractions because if you
get in line right before it opens. Yes. You’re going to be the first in. You’re going to get your ticket quickly and
you’re also going to be able to enjoy the place without all of the crowds. Without the crowds. This was incredible. This was by far the biggest museum that we’ve
visited here. Yeah. And we had sections like almost to ourselves. Mmmhmm. And I’ve seen video of what it looks like
let’s say in the peak season in the summer. During the middle of the day. Oh yeah. It looks insane. So for us to be able to have that kind of
experience here was quite impressive. Yes. Oh and I should mention the price. It was 8 Euros per person. Mmmhmm. And um you can book it online in advance and
pay an additional 4 Euros and you get a specified time and then you skip the lines. But to be honest if you’re visiting in the
off-season like us and you’re here first thing in the morning the line isn’t bad at all. Yeah. Like we were right near the front. And we arrived like what five or ten minutes
before it opened. Exactly. So that was awesome. Alright guys. So we are back at the apartment for lunch. We were out sightseeing all morning and we’ve
worked up a bit of an appetite. So we went to this local pizza place that
we’ve been to now 4 times. Yeah. In 4 days. This is basically we haven’t been cooking
as much. Tada. Look at that. So yeah this place is called Pizzeria Toto. They make really good pizzas and today we
got the Napoli. Yeah. With tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies,
capers. Did I say oregano already? Nope. Um so yeah it looks pretty good. It only came to 21 Euros and you can get some
even cheaper ones. If you just get mozzarella only it is 18 Euros. Yeah. So yeah. It is pretty good for 4 people. And we got Nutella calzones. Calzones. So yeah this is going to be our dessert. But now let’s dig in. Another place we visited in Florence was Piazza
della Signoria, an L-shaped square right in the heart of the city. One of the main landmarks in this square is
Palazzo Vecchio or the Town Hall. And just to the right of this building, you
have the Loggia dei Lanzi, an open gallery, where you can view many marble and bronze
statues – kind of like a taster of what’s to come inside Florence’s art galleries. So we are currently visiting Piazza dei lanzi. Yeah. What do you think so far? Well, I think it is pretty impressive. There is a lot of sculptures to visit. It is basically a bit like an outdoor museum. Yes. And we got here early in the morning and it
is already starting to get crowded in this square so my tip would be to come early for
sure. And also if you come here you can see a copy
of the famous statue of David by Michelangelo. Yep. And the original is housed in a museum you
know because David would get a little cold out here. Haha. But yeah we’re going to show you the replica
and hopefully we’ll see the real deal. Exactly. Somewhere during our visit. Exactly. And speaking of David, we did find him, over
at Galleria dell’Accademia (Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze). This gallery houses sculptures and paintings
from the 1300s to 1600s, but most people are here to see one guy. Alright so this morning we are inside Galleria
Accademia. Who are we visiting? The real David. The real David. Over there. Michelangelo’s David depicts the Biblical
David carved out of a single block of marble. Originally, this statue was commissioned to
adorn the roofline of the Cathedral, however, upon its completion, Michelangelo’s patrons
found the statue so beautiful that they decided to place it where it could be admired up close. So we are now inside a gallery where it is
all busts and sculptures made out of plaster. All of these different studies. It is so cool. We have found our favorite sculpture so far. Yours. Boy with dog. That is your favorite sculpture. Okay fine. I’m waiting for boy with cat. Boy with cat. Yes. Let’s see. Boy with cat in here. Where are we now? We’ve made it to the river. It is not far from our apartment at all. The Arno River. Yeah, we’re going to be crossing the Ponte
Vecchio bridge right now. Yes, which just means the old bridge. The old bridge. It is pretty cool if you can see it over there. It is a covered bridge and apparently a lot
of the buildings you see there are jewelry shops and this is a tradition that dates back
from the days of Medici. So a long time. Though today you see rows of jewelry shops,
Ponte Vecchio was once lined with butcher shops who would toss unwanted leftovers into
the river. It was during the 16th century that one of
the Medici ordered for the butcher shops to be replaced with jewellers, and that’s a
tradition we see to this day. When it comes to catching sunset in Florence,
there are no better views than from Piazzale Michelangelo. This square sits on on a hill just south of
the historic center on the other side of the Arno River. Even though it was looking like a pretty grey
day, the sun burst through the clouds and we had a magical sunset. Now let’s talk food and take a trip to the
Central Market! This indoor market is foodie central and we
ended up visiting on more than once occasion. The second floor of the market is filled with
eateries where you can sample delicious italian dishes. Here’s a little taste of what we got up
to. This is called Trapezio and it looks amazing. Basically this is pizza dough in the form
of a triangle and then it has been stuffed with a filling so yeah I’m just going to dig
right in now. How is it? Is it good? It is so tasty. So tasty. Especially with the pesto on top and the cheese. Man they had some good looking gelato and
it was hard to choose but when I saw the rum and raisins there were so many raisins coated
over this. Yeah. I was like I’ve got to get rum and raisin. And this one is called Malaga. I’m going to try it here with the little wafer
cookie. You can already see that I’m getting a raisin
on here. Oh! Mmmm. Oh wow. Wow. That is delicious. Oh and the delayed onset of the rum. Oh my goodness. However, if you’re looking for a low-key
meal at home, the Central Market is a great place to pick up ingredients to bring back
to your kitchen. We bought some fresh ravioli and pesto that
we prepared back in the apartment. Check out this hunk of cheese. Is it the first time we’ve done that. Is it the first time we’ve got a proper block
of parmesan. It looks so good. Because before we had just got it pre-grated. This is so good. This is the real deal. And you can even see the name. This is like from a real cheese wheel. Parmigiano Reggiano. Oh yeah. It is time for the plating of the meal. Our meal is ready. Followed by the eating. Oh ho ho. Two different colors. Two different colors. Pesto sauce. What should we do vegetables on top or on
the side? Let’s put them on the side. On the side. Veggies and meat on the side. Yes. Yep. The pasta is Italian, the side vegetables
I feel like it is our own creation. Haha. This is a hodgepodge of a whole bunch of different
ingredients. Italians would be offended if they saw this. Probably I’ve gotta say guys it tastes good
so that is all we’re say. And the Parmigiano-Reggiano. The best part. Oh la lah. Oh la lah. It is done. And that’s a wrap for our visit! As always we hope you enjoyed this travel
guide and that it gave you a few ideas of things to do in Florence on your own visit. If you have any other suggestions of things
to see, do, or experience, feel free to share those with fellow travellers in the comments
below. Wishing you happy travels, and we’ll see
you in the next video as we continue our travels through Italy.

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