16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

fact Spurs presents 16 affordable places to travel if you’re broke number one Auckland New Zealand Auckland New Zealand has some of the cheapest food and accommodations in the world if you’re going to take a trip there the most expensive part of the trip would be the flight itself this is especially true if you’re flying for the United States if you’re going to travel and you need to spend most of your budget on travel you won’t need much money once you arrive in Auckland number 2 Marrakech Morocco if you’re planning to take a trip between October and May consider visiting marachek Morocco in 2015 TripAdvisor named that the number one travel destination the reason that you need to go between October and May is that that’s the time of the year where hotel prices drop drastically as well as food prices if you’re travelling on a budget that could be the perfect place number three Machu Picchu Peru Machu Picchu Peru is an incredibly beautiful place if you love the hike there are plenty of things for you to do and many of them are free you can visit the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu which is absolutely breathtaking if you’re a hardcore hiker you can hike the Inca Trail if you want to spend the day relaxing by the water you can enjoy the Peruvian coast there are so many free activities to keep you busy you’d be able to spend more on your flight your food and your lodging number four Florida Bulgaria for some reason Varna is often underrated it’s one of the most affordable Eastern European cities to visit and the views are breathtaking it’s a resort town and it’s right on the coast of the Black Sea a trip to Varna won’t break the bank and this town can give you an experience of a lifetime number five Medellin Colombia thanks to crime cocaine drug trafficking and Pablo Escobar tourists have been avoiding Colombia for years over the last few years cities such as Medellin Callie and Bogota have been improving Colombia’s reputation these places have become very popular with tourists and they’re much safer than they used to be of all the cities that are best for tourists Medellin has the most reasonably priced food and lodging you might even be able to find some free things to do to fill up your days number six Angkor Wat Cambodia Cambodia is a very inexpensive place to stay however you might need to have a big budget when it comes to traveling there the airfare is pretty expensive if you’ve always wanted to see the Buddhist temple Angkor Wat well you should consider spending the extra money it’ll take to get there hey at least the stay will be cheap number seven Madrid Spain when people are planning a trip they often count Europe out because it’s known to be so expensive while many parts of Europe or Spain is cheaper than you might think there is plenty to do and see in Spain if you’re going to travel to Spain you should visit in September October April or May the prices of food and lodging go down during these months you also won’t need to worry about Spain being overloaded with tourists during those times number 8 Hanoi Vietnam 40 years ago taken a vacation to Vietnam would have been a ridiculous idea today it has become quite the tourist attraction one of the reasons that people visit Vietnam is to cost it’s very budget-friendly if you want to visit at the optimal time try visiting in late December it’ll allow you to avoid the torrential rains that plagued the country for most of the year number 9 Cuba for over half a century you couldn’t get a flight from the United States to Cuba finally flights are available since then it has become a very popular tourist destination part of the reason is that Cuba is extremely affordable you can plan a package trip which is very economical even if you decide to take a last-minute trip it won’t cost you much if you’re going to visit Cuba the best months to go are from September through November and between January and March number 10 Arizona the United States if you want to travel within the United States you should seriously consider Arizona there is something for everyone Arizona is famous for its forests and it’s desert while there you can camp stay at a hotel or at a timeshare over the last few years the accommodations have greatly decreased in the state if you’re going to visit Arizona you should avoid between June and August those months are incredibly hot number 11 Crete Greece Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world if you want to visit Greece you should avoid staying in places like Santorini because it’s so expensive you’re better off staying in places like Crete the city is beautiful and if you want to visit Santorini it’s just a seven hour ferry ride okay yeah that sounds like it might be a long trip but the ferry ride could be the best part of your vacation number twelve Bangkok Thailand one of the cheapest places in the world to travel is Bangkok you can find a room there for as little as twenty dollars per night the flights there the food and the lodging are also cheap too you should be careful though the drug scene and the crime are pretty high in Bangkok as far as tourist attractions go do your research first you don’t want to visit high crime areas late at night number 13 Bali Indonesia Baldy is a very popular tourist destination due to the fact that the food and the lodging are inexpensive it’s a popular place for the younger crowd too if you love coffee you will love Bali what are the nearby islands of Java well you can try many types of coffee there it’s named job up a grand out loud if you’re going to visit Bali you should also visit in April May September and October if you get a visit Bali also bring your camera the scenery is absolutely amazing number fourteen Lisbon Portugal if you’re traveling on a budget and you’re worrying about wiping out your whole vacation budget on airfare you should consider visiting Lisbon Portugal when it comes to finding cheap flights to a European destination Lisbon has the cheapest if you want to travel during the best time of the year when the lodging and the food are the cheapest mid spring and early fall are your best choices number 15 Paulo an Philippines the Philippines is the best place to visit if you’re traveling from the west coast of the United States the airfare is dirt cheap which would allow you to spend the rest of your vacation budget on other things you won’t really need to spend it on lodging however because a hotel will only cost you about $10 a night you certainly can’t beat that number 16 South Korea of the 16 affordable places to go if you’re broke and still want to travel this one is your best bet you don’t want to confuse North Korea with South Korea big difference there nobody in their right mind would want a vacation in North Korea however South Korea that’s a different story the beaches along the nation’s coast are gorgeous dacon beach which is located southwest of seoul is very popular for locals and tourists if you are a foodie you can enjoy fine dining at four-star restaurants at a very low cost subscribe for more you [Music]

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