15 Things to do in Oxford Travel Guide | Day Trip from London, England

Well good morning good morning from our AirBnB. Good morning here in London. Today we are taking a day trip. Yes, we sure are. And we’re heading off to Oxford. Mmhmm. And super excited to go here. I mean this is obviously a destination that
is quite famous. Yes. Especially for its university. Probably maybe the most famous in the whole
world. Ahh. Anyways, yeah, we’re just going to head over
there. It is not far from London. So it is a day trip from here. And we’re just really excited. We’re going to hopefully film a little mini
travel guide to Oxford today. Update! Update. Well, I promised this video is actually going
to be about travel but first medicine. First we need to get Audrey healthy. So we found you dry cough relief no drowsy. It is probably going to taste awful. That looks disgusting already. Hahaha. It looks like brown goop. So we’ve arrived a little bit early. Actually really early an hour before the bus
gets here. Yep, that is my fault I dragged us out of
the apartment. Well, I’d rather be in this situation than
be like rushing to catch the bus. But anyways it appears that we might be able
to get one leaving 20 minutes earlier so we’re going to try to do that instead of going at
10 after 9 we’re going to go at 10 to 9. But a couple of tips to keep in mind if you’re
traveling by bus. It is usually a bit cheaper if you book in
advance. Also, we noticed that weekdays were quite
a bit cheaper than weekends so we are going on a Friday today and we got a really good
deal. I think it was like what 3 pounds for the
ride each. Yep. That is a steal. And we made it. So we have arrived and that was such an awesome
trip. We got to see a bit of London and the countryside. Yeah. Uh huh. And now we’re here. And you wouldn’t know because you slept basically
the whole time. I slept the whole way. I just woke up but we’re in Oxford. Alright, and you guys know the drill. Food always comes first. We’re overall about food always. We cannot go sightseeing without a bite of
food. Exactly. So we found a pub. We found a pub that is nice and cozy. We’re right in the corner and this place apparently
specializes in fish and chips. Ooh. So that is what I’ll be ordering for sure. Well it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’ve got an IPA in hand and yeah we’ve placed
our order. We’ve got fish and chips coming. I think I ordered a side salad. Audrey’s got tea because she’s not feeling
so good. And then we have apple crumble for dessert
so we’re sharing everything. Aside from the beer I don’t think you’ll be
trying that. Hahaha. No thank you but I will have some pie. Oh yeah, nothing like an IPA to start the
day. Oh my goodness the fish and chips are here
with mushy green peas. I know it is not just fish and chips. I remember one of the first times I got fish
and chips with peas I thought this was avocado. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That was a very embarrassing moment. Embarrassing tourist moment. We also have a generous kind of side dish
of gravy. We have chips of course underneath the fish
and then we have bread to the right. I’ve never had fish and chips with gravy. Like it is usually just like lemon. It is really decadent. It is an upgrade over ketchup I would say. Mmmmm. Double dipping. Double dipping. Double dipping in that gravy. What do you think? Happy moment. And you’re allowing me to pick this up. Look at this behemoth. Caveman style. This how Sam eats. Caveman style. Just uses his hands. Yep. Mmmmm. How is that? That is delicious. I’ve been craving fish and chips for I can
say months now. I haven’t had it in a really long time and
to get something that is like this good this high quality is just amazing. I’m in my happy spot right now. And we’ve also got a little salad. Yeah, I decided to get a little side salad
so we can get a few greens into our system here. Oh ho ho what do we have? Apple crumble and this one comes with custard
as opposed to ice cream. Mmmhmm. Is it good? Mmmhmm. Am I going to like this? A little hot. No, you won’t like it. I’ll take care of it. Hahaha. Don’t worry. Don’t worry she says. Don’t worry. As she has her second bite I’ve had any. Alright Sam you’ve acquired something new. I really have. I needed a new kind of warm like sweater slash
jacket because you really do not like my Tommy Hilfiger one I’ve been carrying around for
a while. It is stretched out of shape. Sweat stained. It is a rag. You definitely need a new one. Well this is an upgrade. So I’ve got a nice varsity sweater it was
on sale for 19 Quid. Yeah, it is a great purchase and you know
what it is never that warm in the UK so I can put it on today even though it is like
August third or fourth. Yep. Yep. I need it on. The University of Oxford has no known foundation
date but teaching of some form has taken place here since the year 1096 making it the oldest
University in the English speaking world. Today the University is made up for 38 self-governing
colleges a few of which are open to visitors. So one of the things you can do when you visit
Oxford is go around and tour the different colleges. So we just paid two pounds and right now we’re
inside Trinity College. Beautiful grounds. Hardly anyone here probably because they didn’t
want to pay the two pounds. So we’ve got this place to ourselves. Also it is lunchtime right now as well. We had a really early lunch. Yeah, so let’s go. My lawn. Get off of my lawn. Get off. Trinity College was founded in 1555 and it’s
one of the smaller colleges in Oxford admitted just over 400 students. This college has also produced some noteworthy
figures, including a few prime ministers. And what did you do that was naughty? What did you do? Dodo Bird. Dodo bird over here. Dodo bird stepped on the lawn. You stepped on the lawn when there is clear
signage saying do not go on the lawns. We also saw had a quick glance at Radcliffe
College and the Bodleain Library, before continuing on to the University Church. So next up we’re visiting the University Church
so I’m trying to whisper. It is so quiet in here. Anyways, here at the church they have this
big tower and you can actually climb up to get some views over Oxford. However, the tower is full and there is a
long line of people waiting so I don’t think we’re going to make it up the tower but we
are going to show you the interior of the church. I’m taking you up. So we are now down by the river and we’re
kind of weighing our options. We could trying punting ourselves, we could
hire a professional punter or we could just film people punting. Or we could get a paddle boat. I just saw one of those go by so options options. I think punting would be fun but then again
we don’t really know how to punt. No. And if we fall in the river that would not
be the best. That would be a lot of damage to a lot of
expensive camera gear. But it would make for a fun video. It would be fun. Samuel and Audrey take a plunge. So next up we’re at the Botanic Gardens. We got ourselves tickets. It is five pounds per person. And they actually give you a little map with
plants to look out for during June, July and August. Wonderful. So we’re going to be going plant spotting
does that sound like a hobby you’d like Sam. Hahaha. Maybe just fun as my ability to go bird watching. Right? Bird spotting. Sam is an avid. Avid bird watcher. I’m better at scaring them. Anyways, the good news is that the sun has
come back out. Yes. And it appears those gray clouds are a thing
of the past. Fingers crossed. This is the oldest Botanic Garden in Great
Britain and it was originally founded as a medicinal garden. Fun fact – the Garden was also frequently
visited by Lewis Carroll and was a source of inspiration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Well time for an update. We’re sort of running out of time. We only have a couple hours left and we still
have a few things to do. So we basically had a decision between punting
and afternoon tea and cake and tea has won out I must say. Always, always always about the food. Always about the food. So next up we’re at the Grand Cafe. It is time for afternoon tea so we’ve ordered
up some scones, some clotted cream and jam and fancy teas. Sam got the peach and I went for lavender. Tea has been served. I forget what did you get again? Lavender. Lavender. It smells like a lavender farm. I would hope it smells like lavender. Otherwise, it would be pretty bad lavender
tea. Also, can you read here. It says the site of the first coffee house
in England. So this is a historic coffeehouse. Maybe we should have ordered coffee instead
of tea. Oh, they have a big sign about that too. On the ceiling. Oh, getting fancy there. Oh ho ho. Tell us what did you get? I got the peach tea. Oh yeah. That is what I came for. And they are gigantic aren’t they? They are huge and they are fresh out of the
oven so they’re so soft. Gigantic scones. Alright, that was an awesome little snack
and in total it came to 12 Quid. Your tea set with the scones was 9 and I paid
an additional three for my own tea. And I forgot to update you guys about the
price of lunch which was 20 quid for all that food that we ate. And this behind me is the bridge of Sighs. Ahhh. Hahaha. Sam definitely just went in for a free sample
and maybe something more. Fudge fudge fudge. I’m getting a slice of fudge. They are about 4 quid. Okay. Well, we just finished having tea and scones
and what just happened? What just happened? I walked by a fudge house and I could not
resist. This looks absolutely amazing. It is salted caramel fudge. Can you actually see big chunks of salt. Big grains of salt. Big grains of salt. Yeah. So excited about this. And you don’t really like fudge that much
so I pretty much get this whole thing. Oh my gosh. That really is a brick. Mmmmm. Sam is having a special moment over here. That is amazing. So sweet. So salty. So rich and decadent. So creamy. This is just like this is unbelievably good. Unbelievably good. And where is this from? What is the place called. I didn’t even check the name. It is called the Fudge Kitchen. The Fudge Kitchen. There you go. Fudge Kitchen guys. Update. Alright, so we’re running out of time. We only have time for one more activity so
we’ve settled on we’re going to the castle. Oxford Castle. Oxford Castle. Yeah, what was the thing you wanted to do? I wanted to visit one of the museums. Yeah. But you know what? Maybe we’ll be back someday. Who knows? Yeah, I mean when you’re coming from just
a day trip you’re a little bit limited by time. If we had a couple of days here we could even
explore more of the University as well. Oxford Castle is a partly ruined Norman castle
dating back to Medieval times. During the 18th century it housed the local
prison, but today it is home to a hotel. Dancing. And why are you dancing? So the museum I wanted to go to it turns out
it was one block away from the bus station so we actually have time to sneak in here
and have a quick peek. And we tried to get on an earlier bus. They wouldn’t let us so we’re just getting
on a regular time. We actually have some time and the good news
is that we get to come to this museum. So I think that is a wrap for our day trip
to Oxford. It is almost time to go catch our bus. And we’re feeling pretty tired. Yeah, we’ve been walking around for a few
hours. It is kind of around that time of day when
we’ve been walking around for quite a while and our legs our just kind of give out. And it is just kind of good. We’ve done the main things we’ve wanted to
do here. And I think I hope you guys enjoyed this travel
guide to Oxford and that it gives you a really good idea of how you can kind of explore the
city on a day trip from London. But if you can come for longer because we
wish we had two or three days here. True. Alright, tata. Tata.

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