15 PERSONAL TRANSPORT VEHICLES That Could Change How We Travel

Personal transportation is what gets
people around and moving around the cities, states and even countries. There
are many ways that people like to travel from motorbikes to cars
quadcycles, scooters and even a new type of personal aircraft you can fly
hands-free, that comes with an airbag system and that there are plenty to
choose from. this is Glen and this is our list of 15
personal transport from land, air to sea and beyond thank you for watching minds eye design. number 15 developed by Citroen and
debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 the me1 is a small low-tech
low-cost electric vehicle designed for sharing instead of private ownership
operation is allowed without a driver’s license in some countries by ages 16 and
up due to quadricycle laws the two-seat vehicle is meant to be driven in an
urban environment as a cubic body an economy of design same doors on the
right and the left with symmetrical parts on the rest of the car the me1
made a big splash so you might see this one soon number 14 the easy raider HD 4
can be driven on all terrains and is capable of operating in dunes and even
snow and thick mud a four-wheel drive scooter this contrived slow and also
stop in steep terrain don’t worry about getting stuck out in the middle of
nowhere too much since this has a travel distance of about 50 miles on a single
charge a patented long-range travel suspension allows you to use this at
speed on extreme off-road terrains due to high ground clearance and a low
center of gravity did I mention this can also climb stairs
and has an impressive towing capacity number thirteen produced by torrid an
electric mobility company in Spain the movie is an electric scooter designed
for use in advertising and you can customize it for a wide range of
business applications a state-of-the-art motor scooter this is easy to drive has
room for a passenger and the buddy seat has storage space that will fit a helmet
made for people who value practicality and time this has front and back LED
lights disc brakes and is safe and fun to drive the dashboard offers Bluetooth
connectivity and is easy to read and if you have any problems the scooter
can be serviced by the factory remotely number 12 the Z scooter is a self
balanced scooter inspired by the design of Cora Dino d’ascanio and is basically
a transformation kit you can purchase the ninebot a leader in the sector of
electric scooters and the package or just the package by itself and add it to
your own base model ninebot scooter this scooter comes with an electronic speed
panel with speedometer and remote control intuitive mechanical steering
with a removable and foldable base and an adjustable LED light with intensity
control you can also get a personalized finish with a quality paint job then the
durable tyres can be replaced with all-terrain tires if you desire number eleven before it’s Geneva debut
Spanish car manufacturers seat revealed the electric quadricycle minimo at the
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona minimo offers enhanced mobility a
reduced vehicle footprint and is promised to be what car sharing
companies have been waiting to be the two-seat minimo merges the practicality
of motorcycles with the qualities of super minis with large 17-inch wheels on
all four corners the depleted batteries are replaceable with charged ones in a
matter of seconds looking the same as the concept in Geneva the production
version is expected in 2021 although it will be made of other materials number
10 the XR 3 personal transit vehicle is a super fuel-efficient 2 passenger
plug-in hybrid that is based on existing technologies and conserving energy a fun
driving experience this performs like a conventional automobile it’s 3 wheel
platform and clamshell canopy differentiate the XR 3 from traditional
passenger cars the vehicles hybrid power system low curb weight and diesel engine
are the main ingredients of it’s excellent fuel economy and first-rate
performance designed by Robert Q Reilly enterprises of Phoenix Arizona you don’t
buy the vehicle from them you buy plans to build a duplicate of the prototype
using the technical information in the construction manual you can figure out
about 500 to 650 hours of build time depending on which version you build and
your skill level number nine the pedal EO is a
sustainable alternative to the environment polluting concept of
passenger car traffic this velomobile offers plenty of benefits including
convenience and physical activity the combination of human activity and
mobility with the powerful electric motor amplifying your own muscle power
makes you more active despite its compact design it has been possible to
ensure ideal stability the fully suspended chassis frame with the
innovative steering makes driving fun the luggage box with textile cover
accommodates daily shopping and offers storage space using innovative
technology for the electronics and chassis attention was paid to the
efficiency repair ability and compatibility of the components while
digital networking of driving functions was purposely avoided number eight first launched in 2015 the
elf solar-powered car now includes the tactical elf an upgraded version of the
solo and the two fr models that gives you great flexibility in their use the
tactical version is drivable in events management campus and corporate
maintenance and ground cleanup community policing or any time you might need
all-day performance this car is comfortable with excellent
visibility and high payload capacity using the motor only you can get a top
speed of 28 miles per hour and a range of 45 miles of course you can get more
range if you would like to use pedal power number seven made in France the Lazarus
lmv 496 is a flying motorcycle made of a kevlar carbon composite and uses
futuristic features and pendulum geometry combining excellence with
performance and character on the road the lmv 496 is an electric motorcycle
while turbines provide the power required for takeoff the power delivered
is around 1,300 horses for 2,800 Newton’s of thrust for takeoff
converting the bike from ride to fly mode takes about 60 seconds just long
enough to preheat the Jets before you can lift off the transition is done by
moving a switch on the dashboard that gives the flight information directly to
the pilot number six Jaczko Pinsky developed the
Eevee for mountain cart with input from a disabled extreme athlete with testing
in the mountains and on a jump track the Eevee for is designed to allow riders
with disabilities to comfortably ride on trails hills and dirt tracks for bicycle
shocks and no tilting mechanism help to provide a smooth ride with no worries
about tipping the card over and spilling yourself onto the tracker trail you can
keep track of the remaining charge and trip info with the LED display the Eevee
for cart is not legal on the roads though so you need to find a suitable
place to ride number 5 the torrent velocipede o is a concept of
three-wheeled electric and an interconnected vehicle that
revolutionizes urban mobility as we know it today two front wheels and an upper
dumb guarantee you comfort and safety lightweight construction and an
innovative interface make this vehicle technologically advanced and
one-of-a-kind the new turret velocipede o is today’s best alternative to
combustion vehicles and comes in either the cargo or standard model number four Razer cars are based in the
United Kingdom founded by John Barlow and David Chapman and have been
producing KITT cars since the 1980s the Razr launched in 2012 and is now being
supplied as an entirely built card you entered the Razer through the roof
canopy which hinges up and toward the front of the vehicle the Razer trike is
now road-legal and fully MSV a approved engine options
include the Hayabusa 1300 or KTM 525 with reverse gear and
this comes with either left or right-handed Drive options in the early
2000s dodge teamed with razer to build a sports car but unfortunately that
concept never came to be number three the grape g6 is an electric mountain
bike that comes in three versions they make their bikes to sell their ideas to
other companies showing them what an e-bike should be with various battery
colours they celebrate the fact that their bikes are electric the most
significant difference between grape and other e bikes is that they have sensors
and smart phone technology built in another model the G 12 has a dual
suspension frame a strong middle hydraulic brakes
three versions and there are even pedals if you might want to do the work
yourself number two manufactured by German
company labelled the dragonfly two and one cargo bike is expected to come out
with their new and improved 2019 model at April’s speci specialty bike show the
bicycle and cabin detached using a quick-release mechanism then a set of
wheels are folded down to support the rear end and the attached handlebars are
used to push the stroller around the bicycle and its cabin are constructed
mostly of carbon fiber and Kevlar and can safely carry two children who are
seven years old or younger roll back side panels protect the kids from the
weather and an optional five-point safety harness is available to secure
them in their seats number one lift offers an electric multi
rotor flying experience with no pilot’s license required lift doesn’t sell
aircraft and they are opening locations in uncongested scenic areas near major
cities to let people fly their new type of aircraft this flying machine uses 18
independent motors and propellers for controlled flight and has a triple
redundant autopilot with a three axis joystick that is used for control this
even includes a central and for perimeter floats to land in water if it
becomes necessary safety features include a whole aircraft airbag system
and an autonomous ballistic parachute the hexa will also fly and land safely
with six of the motors disabled so you will probably never need to use these
great safety features if you are looking for a protection for
your bike you might like to check out this waterproof locking capsule the
Alpen bike capsule is designed to keep your bike secure and enclosed while
stored outdoors the capsule has a ball bearing equipped hinged cover that is
pulled forward over the bike inside and then locked with an integrated key lock hi everyone and thank you for watching
I’m Charlie with minds I design we’d love to hear your feedback so please
leave some comments below and let us know your favorite from this video and
why you liked it if you have an idea for a future video leave another comment and
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  2. Love the Tech ,…..Hate the A.I…….involvement in it.
    Let's stay your own Boss in all things we do in Life……… really, it's Natural.
    Once the step is made into A.I.[ ..and i think we already did] ….we are little game's to them
    0~I~I~0~0 nothing more then a delete option when we do not fit the program, written by those same A.I.[s]
    👀 Remember the old day's. 👈👈👈👈

  3. I know all of this are city cars for people to be able to move around, but if it becomes mainstream even in a town i would like to own one for the heck of it, they look like something to have fun around

  4. I just love how Technology evolved from complex machine to simple and easy to build/fix bicycles,

  5. OMG! I love several… Ok let me start with the MiniMo #11 oh wow how cute!It would be so practical save so much eviromentally friendly.. ..The flying motorcycle is way too cool..If your in a traffic jam just fly over em hahahaha flood?.. not a problem you can fly above that too I'm sure off…But I wonder if that's real heavy? #9 Peddlelio if I spelled it right lol that's way cool has so much to offer with storage and options for peddle or electric so a person is completely independent and save the planet as well. It's design is nice having that shield is awesome does it have some side doors like say in the cold weather you'd be out of the wind? Oh and the #1 drone like Hexagonal flying one that required no pilot license OMG this is amazing I'd have fun in that bad boy..wow So many AWESOME inventions amd minds to creates such vehicles..JUST wowsers I love the #8 Elf also very cute also peddle and or electric very cool.. #5 Vellaspedo too cute!! Looks a bit tipsy though like it could fall over but I could be wrong as the weight is the person in to to balance that but love the smallness of it maybe that could fit in the back of a pickup truck?

  6. Did you know the first pedal power vehicle was ACTUALLY Giovanni Fontana who constructed a human-powered device consisting of four wheels and a loop of rope connected by gears, and the first carving of a bicycle was found in a temple in India dated between 1200 AD to 2000 BC (like the US there is much controversy over mainstream archaeologists dating ancient structures in India.)

  7. A flying 🏍️. I must win lottery to get one. Time travelers please send me future winning numbers ASAP. Thanks in advance

  8. The only problem with some of the seated vehicles is that in traffic is that they are so low, you can be obscured by a car behind you, and then another overtaking vehicle won't see you if you if overtaking and changing lanes or if you change lanes suddenly.

  9. У девятого слегка напряжное название , а так все ок !

  10. Americans will have to be taught, their big SUV's with 3rd row seating and impractical muscle cars having 500 horse power are not the owners of the roads.

  11. Great idea , if we all transported ourselves this way would be more safe removing those huge SUVs off the road, but till then will be unsafe. They can also be built so the space capsule inside would just bump off each other and space capsule would have roll frame and shock absorbing technology. But humans are sherp all going the same way , right off the cliff🤓🤓👎👎👎💲💲💵💲👏👏👏

  12. Ps. EV4 is stupid , off road for handicapped >>> and no roll cage , so when it flies forward you smack your body on a tree.

  13. sure hope that you guys included prices though – super annoying to not have this most important information!!

  14. Hey guys, I absolutely LOVED EVERY single vehicle that you've just showed me!! Aww, if only I had the funds to purchase at least the "Elf" vehicle.. I'm disabled and it would suit me perfectly. Keep up the great work, you are providing a fantastic service to people! God Bless

  15. Less weight = star party not Star Wars. What good is great if depletion occurs from its use. Learning to walk or learning TO walk again?

  16. The next level of tech. The last one is very interesting. HEXA very nice. Beautifully multi rotor copter flying experience, and you dont need pilot licensed to fly? Ummmm, Don't tell that to the FAA.😂😂

  17. Where is the JenOhVoe Motor Show held? I heard JenOhVoe rather than Geneva (Suisse). Are you a Robot voice, i.e., synthesized?

  18. I've been watching Video's like this for a number of years now, but I don't see these things advertised in public, i certainly don't see ANY of them on the street in my area? so if they are so wonderful and the supposed transport of the future where is the easy public consumer access to this stuff? Maybe producing basic non flashy but conventional looking and pricing vehicles would help?

  19. If you arent giving the price, dont do these vids! All the links don't work and security blocks them and you cant use your phone for an hour or more!

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  21. Am I the only one who hates the 3 wheeled cars? Am I the only one who thinks having 2 wheels in front and one in back for cars/bikes looks just wrong.

  22. My suggestion is that will make eco-friendly car cheaper and affordable on adopted parts of the same model so one can interchange the shell on their car maybe tree time like in comparison of an iPhone shell that wouldn't just be cool but the way to go

  23. great, i like the last and the first. the best,in my opinion,is to fly. so maybe we give the nature some space back

  24. These are great for places with temperate climates or in summer but not worth a crap in climates where winters are just plain cold

  25. Organic Transit / ELF filed for bankruptcy. Apparently they "managed" to go broke selling electric tricycles for $12,000, even with a line of customers on waiting lists.

    However, the other functioning full-cabin electric trike maker, the PEBL (website: better.bike), is still in production with solar panels, reverse gear, cruise control, light packages, etc. They also have a waiting list which will probably only get longer, so order soon if you can. We need to keep EV bikes/trikes moving into the market.

    We also need "bike" status for quadracycles in the USA. Current laws limit pedal-power electric assist to 3 wheels for no good reason. A simple, small 4-wheel pedal car with 750W assist would be an awesome addition to vehicle choices if it were added to the category.

  26. The passenger drone is very nice. Pros are that I like the redundancy of multiple (6) engine failure, the ballistic parachute and the great all around vision. The draw back is if its cold or raining, you aren't protected enough…… Basically I see it as a human carrying drone, so does it have drone features like 'return home' auto selection and GPS hovering ability for instance? The other safety feature I really like is that if the vehicle tipped over on landing for whatever reason, you have a better chance of escaping quickly. I would absolutely hire one – what a thrill!! The down side is I live in a nanny state – the UK

  27. Its not a vehicle unless used for comercial purposes
    And when its not being used for transportation of people or cargo for hire.
    It becomes a device to exorcise your right to locomotion without interference from government.
    Any questions?

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