– Hey loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann, welcome back to my channel. I am doing a holiday edition,
Packing Tips and Hacks that you can do when you’re traveling. So this is geared toward more if you’re traveling to somewhere that feels like winter,
it’s cold, it’s chilly. And if you’re going
somewhere that’s tropical, I have so many other
organizational packing videos that I will link the playlist to at the bottom of this video. So check it out. I have super, super
helpful videos for that. If you want to pack light and
if you want to stay toasty this video is for you. Let’s go ahead and get started. If you will be traveling on
long flights and car rides this holiday season, get yourself
some compression stockings to help improve with blood flow and to prevent you from swelling. You can get certain compression stockings for your arm, your legs, your thighs, and you can hide these under your clothes. Aside from keeping you
cozy on your plane ride, this tip will help you save
so much space in your luggage by layering up and wearing
all your heavy clothing items like your coat. To layer start with a tank
top followed by a t-shirt, then you can wrap a sweatshirt
or wear a buttoned-up top over your t-shirt. Lastly you want to wear
your heaviest clothing item like your jacket or your coat. If you are someone who travels a lot, you should definitely pre-pack. This has helped me tremendously whenever I have a last minute flight or if I just don’t have time to pack. Everything I need is already in here, as you can see with the toiletry bag, I put everything that
I usually use at home into travel size containers and then I just leave
them in my toiletry bag. I also have my makeup bag here of duplicates or similar
things that I use at home. So now when I have a
trip, all I have to do is worry about the clothing
and other necessities that I currently am using at the moment. These lavender dryer bags are amazing. They’re not made of synthetic, they’re natural, they can
decompose into the environment, and they smell amazing. So I like to put them into my clothing bag and also into my luggage. You could take them out, leave
them in the hotel drawer, and they will smell amazing like lavender. When you’re traveling and packing socks, I highly recommend for
you to tuck them in. I like to tuck in about
three pairs all together and it saves me space because you could lay
them flat in your luggage. Aside from saving space, you can use this as a cushion
around your perfume bottle. Make sure your perfume bottle is compliant with the TSA
rule before packing this. As you can see, I just tucked the perfume
bottle inside the socks so that way the sock can
act as a cushion around it. And then I would take the socks and tuck them inside
one of my pair of shoes that I will be packing along with me. This will save your perfume
bottle from breaking, and if it does break then at least your feet
will smell amazing. (upbeat, bouncy music) Okay, you know that one sock you usually have in the laundry, well here is a good way to repurpose that. Save that sock and make sure that it’s
not a synthetic material, make sure that it’s cotton. If you are packing a curling iron with you and after using it it’s hot, but you need to pack your stuff and leave, you can place that
curling iron in your sock. If the sock is synthetic
it can melt the sock so make sure that it’s a natural material, then you can pack this into your luggage. There is no such thing as too
many coats or jackets for me. I can always use the
extra layer and warmth. A super helpful tip that I love to use is to carry around a foldable
jacket or coat with me. You can find something like this at REI. I got mine at UNIQLO and it’s so convenient because
whenever it’s extra chilly I can layer this under my coat or I can just carry this
with me in my carry-on or even in my handbag. I always make sure to
bring a tote bag with me and even if I don’t need to
use it, I would just fold this and put it in the front
compartment of my carry-on bag. Just in case the airline tells
me that they’re out of space and then need to check in my carry-on bag, I can take my tote bag out and then put everything
that I really do need in my tote bag. There are so many helpful
uses for a tote bag. You can use this to store
your dirty laundry in, or you can take this out to
run errands and to go shopping. You never know what will happen, especially when you’re away from home. If there’s no safe around and you don’t want to carry
all your money with you, you can store your money and break them up into
different compartments. One way I like to store my extra cash is place it into a plastic bag and tuck that into my makeup
wipes or another wipe bag. If you have a diaper wipe
bag put that in there, as long as you can blend
it in with other items. This is something that I love, and have mentioned in
my other packing video, and that is packing cubes. They store all my clothing inside. Everything stays organized
and my clothing stays clean. Make sure to give this
video a big Thumbs Up and comment in the
section below this video where you are going
for the holiday season. Are you going to somewhere warm, tropical? Is it a vacation or are you
going to visit your family? And if you visiting you family tell us a little something
about your family. I wanna know. Do you have a crazy uncle or a crazy aunt? Do you have obnoxious grandparents? Make sure to comment below this video and I will see you soon. Mwah! (kisses) Ciao, safe travels.

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