10 Things To Know Before Travelling To HONG KONG – Travel Tips & Hacks

hey guys it’s Nick and Hallie and welcome to our very first travel tip Tuesday this episode we’ll be giving you Hong Kong travel tips that’s right so recently we went to Hong Kong so you want to share you some of the travel tips and checks that we learned during our time there in Hong Kong and we hope that this episode is going to be useful for you guys who’s traveling down to Hong Kong but stay till the end because we might just save you some money also don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe so that you guys can see I want to weekly food and travel adventures that’s right number one transportation so when you first arrive in Hong Kong you got to get yourself this which is an octopus card this will get you around town trains and buses also for purchases around convenience store and fast food chain as well ok so now you’ve got your octopus cart and one of the best and most convenient way to get the Hong Kong Island is by taking the airport Express train no the journey itself lasts around 25 minutes and it costs around 115 Hong Kong dollars and there’s also a free shuttle bus that takes you from Kowloon or Hong Kong station depending on where you stop to your hotel or the nearest transport interchange number 2 cash vs. credit card while credit card is accepted with most major retailers and shopping areas one of the best way to operate around Hong Kong is by having cash with you taxi in Hong Kong generally do not accept credit cards and prefer cash as their trading method same with most of the street food stalls or markets around Hong Kong you know that’s where the good stuff is number 3 Hong Kong is foodie heaven literally you can just come to Hong Kong just to eat their food so some of the places that we recommend are central Mong Kok and one child they’re packed with street food as well as affordable Michelin star restaurants for more information take a look at our Hong Kong guide right above me number four shearing table with stranger is very common in Hong Kong it may not be common in Western country however in Hong Kong the food store and restaurant are quite small so you basically have to table with stranger especially during the fifth time number five is the language now the local language there is Cantonese but if you only speak English you’ll still find it fairly easy to get around Hong Kong its most of the tourist hotspot and the population of Hong Kong do you speak English number six is tissue you wouldn’t believe it but obviously the food stalls around Hong Kong and some you know restaurant they actually don’t provide tissue so you actually have to bring your own tissue napkins and stuff like that but obviously the big big restaurants they do provide you with tissue but the smaller ones like the food court they don’t provide you the tissue so keep this handy you may just need it for a lot of things including toilet maybe not toilet number seven Hong Kong is shopping paradise one thing you must know there’s no sells or services tax income so if you’re looking for a brand new stuff that’s great it’s cheaper there but if you’re looking for a bargain goods you can start with Mong Kok because they have electronics clothes ladies market everything there number eight where to stay in Hong Kong well Hong Kong is fairly easy to get around wherever you’re staying either the North Kowloon side or the South to Hong Kong Island you still can get around fairly easy so on my recent trip I stay at a Mira Hong Kong instance a toy because we want an easy access to monk up for the street food and also because the MTR station is just around the corner but my advice to y’all instead of thinking where to stay in Hong Kong maybe think about what kind of activities you want to do in Hong Kong because once you find that out it’s easy to backtrack and then find out where is the best and most centralized location for you to stay to make sure you can do all that activities and that’s just my advice to you all and number 9 mobile app that’s right so there are three apps there we recommend you to download before coming up Hong Kong and I think this is gonna save you some money too so number one is clue look it’s an app and website where you can discover and book travel experiences around Asia at a discounted price as the first time traveler this website offers activities and suggestions that is rated highly amongst fellow travelers think of it as TripAdvisor and Groupon combined you’ll find that most of your travel essentials and experiences are offered on cloak with a price tag that surely will give you a big smile to open open rice is one of the best app to discover great food or restaurant around Hong Kong you can search it by areas and narrow it down even further by cuisines now the only downside of this app is that most of the reviews are done by local Hong colors which mean it is in Cantonese or Mandarin but it also means it’s locally approved you’re not just look at the likes versus dislike if you can’t read Cantonese or Mandarin and it lastly is MTR app itself MTR mobile is a railway transport app which shows train times and best route to your destination here I entered TIMSS a joy to central it will show me which lines to take to get to my next destination as well as train times the app can also show you the most convenient exit to your next destination this is a blessing if you want to plan your trip especially given how busy hong kong peak hours are and lastly number 10 my next change that’s right there nothing that’s a question that a lot of traveller asked even we do ask that ourselves it’s like before we head down to hong kong we were asking where’s the best place to exchange our money is it in hong kong or is it here in Sydney Australia where were your base so from our personal experience is to check your local bank first whether they can do travel card or money card here in Australia we use Citibank so City Bank has citi bank plus transaction account where you can put your money there and then get the debit card which is like MasterCard and you draw money in ATM all over the world without anything so that’s actually probably one of the best travel card that we have here in Australia so we’re not sure if in your country that you have something similar to that but do your research to see if that exists in your country however guys if you don’t have access to a card like that where you’re from then the best place to exchange money in Hong Kong if that’s the case it’s in Chungking mansion in Tim sock choy and advice given to me by a local friend there but just be careful she said it’s shady place so you know get the best deal you get out there hope you guys enjoyed the travel tips if you do like it smash you do like my thing that’s right and punish that Bell button and consider subscribing for our weekly food and travel adventures but until next month I’ll see you guys for our next travel tip Tuesday bye bye yeah you

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