10 Things To Know Before Traveling To New York City – NYC Travel Tips

What’s up guys I’m Jon A New York City Vlogger I’ve lived here nearly a decade And I get asked the same questions over and over again So today.. i’m going to tell you all 10 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to New York City Most guides out there start out with the boring stuff So why don’t we spice things up I’m going to teach you guys a few local words so you blend right in First Word Bodega It means a deli Corner shop.. usually open 24 hours a day 7 days a week No matter the weather Hey could you head down to the bodega and grab me a panini Second word The city To anyone who lives outside of Manhattan This just means.. Manhattan Hey you heading to the city this weekend? Knicks are playing the Bulls at the garden I’ve got extra tickets Third word Slice We always ask for a slice wherever we go Can I get a slice and a coke? Manhattan is divided into 3 segments Above 59th street. Uptown 34th street to 59th street Midtown Below 14th.. Downtown Above houston street with the exception of the west village The city runs on a grid Streets run east to west Avenues run North to South Oh and don’t even get me started on Greenwich Village You have some wacky combinations there Including West 4th Street meeting 10th Street Tipping This is one thing that confuses a lot of foreign visitors to New York City But.. there’s not to much to it How much money should you leave after a meal? 20% of the pre-tax total is a nice rule For good service One dollar per drink, at a bar Is pretty standard If you don’t tip for drinks The bartender may call you out for it Bonus point Tip a few extra dollars on your first round of drinks And watch the bartender find you quickly At a crowded spot New York is one of the best food cities on the planet And first.. let’s talk about what it’s most well known for Pizza From dollar pizza to pies This is an endless debate.. but my favorite Is the Nonna Maria slice At bleecker street pizza New York is also well known for its deli sandwiches And while Katz’s is the most famous I have taste tested most of the heavyweights And prefer Sarge’s instead Their Pastrami and Corned Beef is the stuff of legend As for ethnic food You name a country They’ve probably got a restaurant here Heck I once ate at an Uzbeki,Korean,Russian Fusion restaurant In Brighton Beach, Brooklyn If you want some more in-depth ideas on New York City Food See my playlist I’ve covered this topic in depth I see tourists struggling all the time to get a taxi Because they try to hail them When the yellow light on top is not on Make sure the light is on before raising your hand in the air to get a cab If you prefer Lyft or Uber keep in mind during peak periods It’s at least 25% cheaper to take a taxi Then an uber here And many times quicker All taxis do accept credit cards But make sure tip to your cabbie at least 15-20 % If you visit New York you may not even need a cell phone that has working data But because most hotels , restaurants, starbucks, mcdonalds.. All have wifi for free But if you insist on a sim card.. go to T-Mobile For 30 dollars you can get unlimited data And 1,000 minutes of talk For 3 weeks To take the subway in New York City You’re going to need one of these.. a metro card It costs $2.75 per ride But there’s more to it Many guidebooks tell you to buy a 1-week unlimited pass Which will cost you $33, with the metro card It’s a good deal if you’re going to be hopping around a lot Minimum two rides a day If your trip is short I recommend putting $12.40 on the metro card Which is the exact cost of 5 rides With bonuses I wouldn’t recommend using any of the exchange houses in the airport Or in times square Instead make sure that your debit card is compatible with An American ATM machine U.S banks don’t charge you a fee because your card is foreign Only because it’s not part of their bank Normally it’s only about 3 dollars and 95 cents per use Trust me It’s a better deal than any of the exchange houses Cool New York City nightlife has something for everybody From cheap dive bars To expensive rooftop hotels Remember the drinking age in the U.S.A is 21 And the majority of bars do check ID .. so don’t forget to bring it The average beer.. 5 to 7 dollars The average cocktail $10 to $16.. to even $20 at really high end places My personal favorites for visitors though Are speak easy bars Which are themed after prohibition in the U.S.A during the 1920s.. where bars had secret entrances And if you’re curious about this topic I did a whole video on it So go take a look.. in the description Many of you watching this video may think that staying in a hotel is your best bet In New York City But let me tell you Hotels.. in the big apple Are extremely pricey If you’re looking to save money Stay on the other side of the Hudson In New Jersey Stay in Queens Stay in Brooklyn Or better yet Book an Airbnb Get a spare bed room in somebodys apartment You’ll save a lot more money Make sure to check out my dozens of New York City videos Linked here And in the description Hit like Subscribe for more adventures From New York City And beyond Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  2. Your travels is great, I want to do like you but if I am successful with my videos, I will go travel like you too.

  3. Hey, I recorded my experience at New York! Check it out and let me know what you think!


  4. I lived in Brooklyn for 18 years. A slice of pizza was 15 cents. Subway token was 15 cents. The stories I could tell you.
    Teddy www.actionsbyt.com

  5. NEARLY a decade makes you an authority? I'm in Manhattan 50 years. DM me Bro. You have no idea what a Bodega is if you're trying to get a panini there. SARGE'S?! Are you fucking kidding me, LOFL?! You're a glorified tourist! Ladies and gents, this guy included a shot of him eating "deli" at Harry and Ida's on Avenue A. What a crock of shit – and no mention of Second Avenue Deli (which I'm sure you have no idea used to be on 10th Street, but ok). This is a guy who doesn't even remember when subway tokens (or subway graffiti) were a thing. No historical perspective – not a native. Give a native a ring – we'll give you the straight dope. Jesus, what a shitshow this channel is.

  6. They raised the rate to $3.00 and soon they will be phasing out the Metro Card. Can't wait until they phase them out.

  7. 22 dollar sandwich, tip for everything, 7 dollar beer, almost 4 dollars everytime you use your card at an ATM when on holiday there! Fuck this place

  8. bottega not bodega…

    bottega f (plural botteghe)

    shop, store, business

    bottega di barbiere ― barbershop
    chiudere bottega ― to close shop
    Synonyms: emporio, negozio

    workshop, studio

    Synonyms: officina, laboratorio

    (familiar) fly (opening of trousers/pants or underpants)

    avere la bottega aperta ― to have one's fly/zipper open.

  9. Hi John, your videos are great. Thank you for the – strict to the point – advice, recommendations and shared experiences . Keep up the good work. Planning to visit NY this year. God bless!!


    an hour after you're done, you're HUNGRY FOR POWER!!!!!


  11. No self respecting NYer would ask for a panini at a bodega just like no self respecting bodega would have panini to begin with! 😆

  12. nice video. liked watching it.
    Go on with it .I follow your channel.
    I would appreciate it if you sub back 😃 ❤&✌

  13. Have you made a longer video on tipping? I'm worried about adding it up and holding up the line and also..do you tip if just buying a slice? So many questions..Love your channel.

    Also would a 8yo and 10yo kid need a metro card the same price as an adult? I cant find an answer to that.

  14. Best tip, don't buy where you live, you'll never find out the hood price instead, only we get charged what we have ALWAYS paid, we don't accept higher prices on junk and food "not that healthy" for us to eat as often as we do


    the only problem? an hour after you're done, you're hungry….. FOR POWER!!! 😉

  16. I am from croatia and if i tip i just round it up.
    If the bill is 28 i will give you 30, but if its 26 i will still give you 30.
    This is expecially because of the crazy prices of stuff in the us.
    Like $4 for a coffee??
    Is it made out of gold or sthing

  17. I never go to a place where a tip is mandatory. A tip is earned for stellar customer service, not an extortion of a customer.

  18. And remember if you get a taxi call the taxi the way you are traveling so if you going up town and the traffic is going downtown Walk across the block when the traffic is going up town it will save you a bit because the taxi does does not have travel Round the block

  19. sometimes I thing I'm leaving doble tipping. Once I put it on the receipt and then kn cash when I leave the table..:( What is the correct way?

  20. I followed your advice and brought T~Mobile simes. Three sims for my wife and two lads, although thay didn't work straight away they assured us that they would and to give it a few hours before they would work, Two worked fine but one did not even after lengthy conversation with technical team we went back to the store no Nostrad Avenue and Tami the manager admitted they were at fault but that T~Modile do not make refunds, 44 Dollars down the drain

  21. Seriously I will come of as rude now but why the fuck would I tip everyone for their job? they already get paid if I have to tip a UBER 3 – 10 dollars fuck that

  22. one thing I learned living NY for a year local pubs you keep drinking and leave your cash on bar they just keep taking from the. pile. You tip at the end and during the bartender will constantly put one "on the house" longer you drink more he does but he expects a really good tip when you leave. He will be your pal for life. If don't tip well he will really call you out or even next time you come in he will rip a strip off.

  23. Don't stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk. Treat the sidewalks like roads, if you stop abruptly in the middle, you're asking to get shoved out of the way.

  24. thank you so muh for all your videos. i lived in nyc for bout a year long ago, these videos warm my heart. keep up the good work ;0

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