10 Things To Know Before Traveling To Greece

Oie, my name is Sabrina Araujo, and today,
I’m giving you, the top 10 things you should know before traveling to Greece. As a fellow traveler myself, most of these
tips are actually things I would’ve liked to have known before my first trip to Greece. So, if you’re trying to have a smoother
& more informed trip to this beautiful country, stay tuned. NUMBER 1: NON-POTABLE WATER
So, in the greek MAINLAND, water IS usually drinkable in most cities, like Athens, But,
on the islands, like Santorini and Mykonos, their land is not water sufficient, which
means…. their tap water is no bueno!! The islands have to carry water with a tank
that most of the time accumulates water from the rain, which is only good for bathing or
doing the laundry, but definitely not for consumption. So, without a doubt, water bottles WILL be
your best friend on the greek islands. But if you’re on the mainland, it’s most
likely okay to drink the tap water. NUMBER 2: STAYING AT A DOPE AIRBNB IS CHEAPER
THAN STAYING AT A HOTEL Greece has A BUNCH of super cool and cheap
airbnbs. If you just spend some extra time searching
for the right spot. Honestly, on airbnb, you’ll get definitely get the best bang for your buck. For example, I stayed at
THIS airbnb in Santorini which was just 5 minutes away from the Black Sand beach, and
this place is actually a hotel that you can also book through other 3rd parties like booking.com
& priceline, BUT, because I booked it through airbnb, I stayed here for way less money So, for only $28 a night, I got, my own private balcony with a killer view, a small kitchen, three beds, and a bathroom, AND it was walking distance to the beach and all the cool spots… (live greek music) only $28 A NIGHT? YES PLEASE! And here’s the crazy part… this same hotel
starts their nightly fees at around $90 through other hotel booking sites, BUT, because I
booked through airbnb, their price was lowered so it could match up with all the other cheap airbnb competitors! All you have to do is just a little bit of
research! If you actually want to get FREE $40 off your
next airbnb trip, just sign up with my code or click the link in my description box below
and you legit get free $40 off any airbnb booking around the world. Pretty dope! NUMBER 3: MANY PLACES ONLY TAKE CASH This is one of the huge factors as in to why you should always carry cash with you while
traveling to Greece. Depending on where you are, many restaurants, kiosks, and other establishments, will only accept cash payments. So, always ask your server, BEFORE you
order, if they take card payments. but, in case you don’t have any cash
with you, finding an atm won’t be a problem… which leads us to… NUMBER 4: THERE ARE ATM’S PRETTY MUCH EVERYWHERE This was A HUGE convenient matter for me, since not only were these atm machines easy
to find, but, their conversion rates from U.S. dollars to EUROS were way better priced
comparing to the ones I had back home in the U.S. AND the conversion banks at the actual airport. So, ATM’s were my go to, and honestly, they
pretty much have an ATM in every corner. NUMBER 5: EAT LIKE A LOCAL TO PAY LIKE A LOCAL Sounds pretty obvious but we seem to forget about these things when we travel… touristy
spots will always have the most expensive food, and, why pay more when you can get just
the same kind of food, but for a cheaper price? I know It can be super tempting to eat at that cool
restaurant right next to the museum or right in front of the beach, but, you’re going
to be paying around 5 to 10 times more for your food at these fancy spots in comparison
to that lowkey restaurant that is honestly just a 5 minute walk around the corner. NUMBER 6: GREEKS SMOKE EVERYWHERE – EVEN IN
RESTAURANTS Greece is a smoking country, so, not only
do Greeks smoke all the time, but, most restaurants, bars and cafes actually let people smoke in
their facility. In fact, they have a cigarette ash thingy
in the middle of basically every table you see. Even though smoking is technically prohibited
indoors in Greece… most of their “outdoor” spots were also
sort of “indoors” so… they basically just smoke everywhere. NUMBER 7: BRING A PLUG ADAPTER In Greece the power sockets are of type C and F. If you’re coming from the U.S., for example, none of your plugs will work unless you have an adapter. So make sure you buy a type C plug adapter
before hand since it’ll probably be cheaper to buy it online, for example, rather than
buying it in Greece. I’ll actually leave a link for the right
kind of plug adapter in the description box below in case you want to check it out on
CHARGE UP! JUST ASK! So, this was something I was sort of
obligated to test out while I was in Greece because I stayed out ALL day using google
maps & taking pictures, videos and so on, so… throughout the day, either my iPhone or
camera battery had to be charged up So, every time I would eat at a restaurant,
I would kindly hand them my charger WITH the plug adapter already attached to it, and ask
them if they could charge it for me. Although there were some establishments here & there
that got super confused & maybe thought it was a little weird but they all still helped
me out in the end & charged up my things. NUMBER 9 : YOU NEED AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS
LICENSE TO RENT OUT VEHICLES If you’re visiting from USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and a bunch of other non-EU countries, you need an international driver’s license
to legally rent out any vehicle, including those super cool atv motorcycles that people usually rent out on the islands. NUMBER 10: FOR EMERGENCIES DIAL 100 FOR POLICE
AND 166 FOR HOSPITAL CARE! Knowing which numbers to call in case of an emergency is ALWAYS important while traveling abroad. Hopefully you’ll never have to use these
numbers, but… it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so please make sure to write them
down & memorize them just in case. So its, 100 for police, and 166 for hospital
care. (live greek music) And that’s it. Those are the top 10 things you should know
before traveling to Greece. Make sure to share this video with all your
friends & family who want to travel to Greece, or even if you’re trying to drop someone
a hint that you want to go to Greece with them, send them this link! Thank you so much for watching, & I’ll see
you next time! (blows kiss) TCHAU! Or as the greeks would say: Yasu! (fading live greek music )

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  1. I believe that lately (in Greece) cash only payments at stores and places that you pay for a service is illegal. It's the common way of various "entrepreneurs" to avoid paying taxes. I also believe that if the seller tells you the card paying machine "is broken /jammed/stuck/ not working etc" you can tell him / her that I will return to pay when the card payment terminal is fixed. Usually at that time the machine miraculously becomes operational. In Athens even the pizza delivery guys have point of sale terminals with mobile data modems so that you can pay with your card at your doorstep.

  2. I'm not even traveling to Greece I don't know why I'm here but I'm watching to the end maybe I'll get a scratch ticket and maybe win 10 thousand bucks

  3. 1+ εάν είσαι Έλληνας ή Ελληνίδα
    Εγώ ήρθα να δω αυτό το βίντεο για να δω αν θα πει καλά πράγματα. Γιατί αλλιώς….

  4. I'm Greek and I 100% approve this video! Btw rn I'm at my summer house at Siviri in Halkidiki.

  5. People if you don't have money, just don't go to Greece and i want to know, how you can stay on airbnb with out air conditioner ? just wtf?!

  6. Hey I'm from Greece this facts were completely right but there are a bunch of things to tell hope you loved our greek island

  7. The name of the band that appears at 1.37 is
    Matronas trio! Check out if you like! ⬇️
    Η μπαντα που παιζει στο 1.37 λεγεται Matronas trio!!τσεκαρετε αν θελετε ⬇️

  8. it depends where in greece you go. i moves to athens and i think there are many more things i would have liked to have known

  9. Before you order souvlaki just watch how a local eats it or ask a local about it cause I’m sick and tired of watching tourists eating it wrong

  10. As you can see on the comments mostly greek people have watched this video. This means Greece sucks. And Macedonia🇲🇰 is way better

  11. Thanks for this info. I'll be spending a month in Greece starting in September. I've heard you have to be careful with waiters not giving menus and then charging exorbitant prices? Also did you have an international plan through your carrier or use a local phone for GPS? Thanks!

  12. Ok, in Greek and I've lived here my whole life so I'll tell u if any of this is wrong or if it's kinda different. 1. The water is not filtered and it does taste pretty bad but it is 100% drinkable and wont harm u in any way. 5. True sometimes but I places like santorini it is almost guaranteed to always pay more than you would usually. For the rest they r pretty much correct but it always depends

  13. 1. Crete drinking water is ok to drink
    3. Only in rural areas
    6. People don’t do it as much as you think
    7. Buy it at the airports trust me
    9. Those atv’s are death machines, you’d be better off renting a Vespa which would be cheaper or just a plain car

  14. Greece is a Nice country its a mix of Albania and turkey but very pore and there food is definitely stolen from the Turks👎🏼👎🏼

  15. Oti ama den ise alysyda kyklou tha khmase sta pagakia mexri na vreis dulia spiti 644 oloi pu erxwde apo exw ke dulevun olo ke kapios kanei ta kumada gia autus o toixos menei astegos

  16. Love Greece! Everywhere is absolutely beautiful! Spent some time in Crete and Athens last time we were there. What’s culture! Can’t wait to see more of the islands!

  17. I down voted because only 3 of the 10 "tips" directly related to Greece, the remaining are general EU tips (I live in Prague & many Czech's hide away the eftpos, you think Greeks would be any different?)
    Also the support of Airbnb, it ruins cities & towns unless the country puts restrictions.
    Old town Prague is next to unliveable due to Airbnb, its a cancer.

  18. What a noob. She visited Santorini island in winter and thinks that she knows about Greece. A place that is filled with 90% tourists and local scambags.

  19. Yes use Airbnb that Why now local people can't find a place to live… We have to look more than 6 months to rent a apartment

  20. sweet heart/all your informations ,been very usefull.but when you describe about Greece.you have to explain Greece is any were.every were its wonderfull.because Greece its not just Santorini,which famous.thanks for uploading anyway.greetings from Sydney Australia.geia sas patriotes,apantahou ths ghs!

  21. I think Corfu or Zakynthos is much better then Santorini. Zakytyhos is so cheap and the beaches are just amazing! I love Greece so much but this time we are going to Fethiye, Turkey:))))

  22. I am sorry you are addressing only for the low budget tourists🤔 It’s not just Airbnb and souvlaki

  23. damn I thought that credit for airbnb expires fast… thank you Sabrina!
    and must say your video is really interesting and your voice is cute* 😉

  24. Can you speak English Greek People? I went to the comments and every sigle comment is like" +1 αν εισαι ελληνας" 🤦‍♂️

  25. There are a looooot more places in Greece like Kilkis, Thessaloniki, Limnos, Alexandroupoli why EVERYONE goes to Athens and Mikonos ( Mikonos is the MOST EXPENSIVE ISLAND in Greece)

  26. Thank you, Sabrina, that was an awesome and very informative video. I learned about many new and important
    things! …and thank you to, 2bpro
    100 for police 166 for an ambulance and 199 for firefighters.

  27. Also the word "souvlaki" and "gyros" have a different meaning on south greece and different one on the north side e.g. if you ask for a souvlaki on the north side they will give you meat on a stick(😂) and if you ask the same thing on the south side they will ask you with what do you want it with because with souvlaki they mean the bread (greek pita). If you want a souvlaki in Athens you have to ask for a "kalamaki"

  28. If you want to come in Greece DO NOT GO TO MYKONOS. There is nothing special about that island (its just famous). Everything is overpriced and most of the tourists get fooled from the local shops and hotels. You should go anywhere in Greece except that island (unless you are rich).

  29. Very useful information dear…have u been to New Zealand if yes then pls upload a video about it we r planning to go in December..thank you so much..🙏

  30. Που βρήκε αυτη ρε δωματιο στην Σαντορινη με 28 ευρω; Ούτε σπίτι μου δεν μένω με τόσα

  31. Thank you so much for this video very informative and helpful, I’m planning to go with my kids by March and definitely your video will help me financially and avoid hard situations in our trip. I’ll use your code … very kind

  32. Every Greek person who is super happy about the new law forbidding smoking in public areas and cars like this comment!

  33. power adaptors or power converters… should have made a distinction as hair driers and other things like that need a step down converter if what I read online is correct.

  34. if you want good food ask the locals.. also try to eat the local foods.. most of the regions in greece have special local dishes… you should try these..!

  35. Ρε μαλακισμενη τουρίστες σαν και εσάς δεν θελουμε με Airbnb και μαλακιες μην γαμιεστε αγοράστε το ολο το ξενοδοχείο να πάει να γαμηθει

  36. O my God !!! I'm seeing all my Delta theta alpha beta in the comments
    PS – by an engineering student from India 😂😂

  37. I’m in Lefkada and they accept card payment everywhere , not even once I was told they don’t accept card. Maybe it’s a Santorini practice 😂

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