10 Surprising Reasons to VISIT AMSTERDAM | Budget Travel Guide

So you want to go to Amsterdam, but you don’t know what to do other than visiting coffee shops in the Red Light District… Don’t worry. There’re coffee shops in other neighborhoods, too. I’m Marko. I’m Alex. And we are the Vagabrothers. This is your go-to guide for travel tips, vlogs, and inspiration here on YouTube. So if you’re a new viewer, please do us a favor and hit that subscribe button, give this video a thumbs-up, and enable notifications. Let’s get into it. This is the top ten things to do in Amsterdam. Number 1: rent a bike. The Netherlands is the most bicycle friendly place on the planet, and the best way to get around Amsterdam is on two wheels. The city is connected by these little bike highways, and you can literally get anywhere in the city on a bicycle. But be careful and be warned… Dutch, extremely friendly as they are, will not tolerate people F***ing around in the bike lane. Number 2: the Red Light District. We know that your entire plan revolves around smoking a Dutch Tulip, sitting in a coffee shop , watching the ladies of the night beckoning you from across the canal, but there’s so much more in Amsterdam to do than that. Locals don’t do either of those two vices. The Red Light District is the historic core of the city. It dates back to the 17th century when the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular was the hub of global trade. There’re tons of canal houses, tons of history if you can wash away that smoke cloud and get out and explore the city. You’re not supposed to smoke in public. There’re tons of rules around it. You’re supposed to do it in private or in the coffee shops. If you do smoke weed, read the laws and be respectful. Also, just to clarify, there’re coffee shops and then there are cafes. If you just actually want a coffee, do not go to a coffee shop. Go to a cafe because they don’t sell coffee at the coffee shops. Well they might. They don’t. Probably do. Spliffs. Number 3: the Van Gogh Museum Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most famous Dutch painters. He’s an impressionist, and he’s also my favorite artist, as you may be able to tell. Regardless, the Vincent Van Gogh Museum is an essential stop for any visitor to Amsterdam. It’s a three or four story cube building that is full of Vincent’s artwork, his personal letters to his brother. It really does give you a very in-depth look into Vincent Van Gogh’s life and the things that influenced his artwork and ultimately his tragic end. Number 4: Museumplein. More sober minds might actually like looking at museums, and in the Museumplein, which means Museum Square, you’re going to have a couple of great options. First up you’ve got the Rijksmuseum, which has tons of Rembrandt and the Dutch masters who were famous for landscapes and still life. Around the corner, you also have the Stedelijk Museum, which is the modern art museum, and there’s a really cool grassy area that’s kind of at a slant that’s perfect for watching the sky or having a picnic. There’s also the IAMsterdam sign, which is the essential selfie stop for any visitors. If you want some real artistic inspiration, or if you’re just looking for a place to chill out, head over to Vondelpark. It’s basically this beautiful expanse of ponds, willow trees, and it’s just a nice little area of green right in the city center. This beautiful ten acre park is right next to the Van Gogh Museum, so why don’t you just combine the two into an epic afternoon. Number 6 is Oud West. This is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Amsterdam. It’s a really cool place with tons of great food, coffee shops…… cafes or coffee shops? Cafes. I mean cafes. I’m sure there’re coffee shops there, too. It’s just a funky part of town. And if you want to live life like a local, I think this is one of the most accessible neighborhoods to get into. There’s also a really cool spot called the Foodhallen, which is a food hall. It opened a few years back, and it’s got a bunch of great pop-up restaurants. This is a destination in itself. One of my favorite types of food that I didn’t even know existed is surinamese food, and you can find it all over the Netherlands. Literally, it’s so good. Do yourself a favor: check out a Surinamese restaurant when you’re in Amsterdam. Number 7: Amsterdam Noord Another up and coming neighborhood is Amsterdam Noord. It used to be the heart of the Dutch ship building industry. It’s recently been taken over by artists and entrepreneurs who formed an artist colony at NDSM, which used to be the largest ship building factory in the world. Open for visitors, so go check it out. Overall a great neighborhood. If you’re comparing it to New York, formally known as New Amsterdam, Amsterdam Noord would be like Brooklyn. Number 8: Brourwerij’t I J I don’t know how to pronounce it, but it’s a brewery, and it’s in an old windmill. Obviously, everybody knows the Dutch beers, like Heineken and Amstel, but this brewery is a craft brewery, and it’s in a very old Dutch windmill. Definitely worth a visit, if only for a pint outside, overlooking the canal. Number 9 is King’s Day. If you’re able to visit Amsterdam in the spring, plan around April 27th. This is King’s Day. It’s a giant street parade that celebrates the king’s birthday. It used to be known as Queen’s Day. If you’ve heard about that, it’s the same holiday, but now they have a king instead of a queen. If you can’t visit in the spring time, come in summertime. The biggest festival of the summer is the Pride Festival which celebrates Amsterdam’s long history as one of the most tolerant places on earth. It happens the first week of every August. Number 10: escape the city. The Netherlands is actually the most densely populated country in Europe. Fact. Yeah. And… that means that exploring different cities is really easy. Just outside of Amsterdam you have towns, small towns like Edam, famous for its cheese, Zaandam, famous for its windmills, or Rotterdam, famous for being totally flatten and rebuilt with amazing architecture. If you haven’t seen our videos from Rotterdam, click here. All right, guys. Those are our top ten tips on Amsterdam. If you’re from Amsterdam or you’ve been there, leave your own tips in the comment section so other travelers can learn from your advice, and vice versa. If you haven’t already, make sure you give this video a big thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe and turn on notifications, if you have not already. If you want to see more top ten travel guides, you can click up here on this card, and otherwise stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

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  1. Nice video, thank you. so what is the real difference between café and coffee shop? also what's the best way to reach the central station from the airport, many say not to take a taxi. Thanks

  2. Nice video, guys! Here's a tip: there is the Albert Cuyp Market, which is a must go in Amsterdam and it's also where you can find the best stroopwafle in town 🖤

  3. Going in just under 2 weeks! AH! Did you have any problems communicating? Where's a good place to find the basics I need to know? Awesome video, thank you so much 🙂

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  5. The best place I've been in Amsterdam (excluding the coffee shops) was the Ajax Amsterdam stadium. The trip was amazing!

  6. THEY DO SELL COFFEE IN COFFEESHOPS!!! why else would they call it coffee shops! almost every single staff in coffee shops have been able to make me coffee with a professional coffee machine! Lets call them Budrista!

  7. I loved Amsterdam! It is a beautiful city! I really loved visiting the Anne Frank Huis museum as well 😊 though it was very crowded and basically we spent the whole time in a line that shuffled room to room. It was really fascinating.

  8. Guys i love it that you tried to pronounce the dutch names but your dutch is horrible lmao, it is really hard for foreigners though so I can't blame you

  9. Cool video, will check some of the things out when I return to Amsterdam, and actually the most densely populated country in Europe is Malta.

  10. List of my recommended places to go in Amsterdam


  11. I went to a restaurant called Moeder (which means Mother) and it serves traditional Dutch food that your mother would make. I am Dutch and it was like having dinner at my Oma's house again! Highly recommend

  12. Visit also the Albert Cuypmarkt (market), De Pijp / The Pipe (neighbourhood), Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest), a canal cruise, Artis Zoo, Anne Frank house, eat 'stroopwafels' and 'poffertjes'(little pancakes) and have fun 🙂

  13. The Amsterdam city card. Went to a bunch a museums, the zoo, micropia, a tour in the canals and volendam with it.

  14. You need to visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Nederland. Take the train to Amersfoort and then the bus to 176 to Bunschoten Spakenburg on saterday there is a weekly market.

  15. I loved Amsterdam!! My boyfriend got so upset walking past the red light district he didn’t see any girls 😂 don’t ask me how he missed them? There were so many of them 🙈😂 I loved the ice bar !! Awesome to take pictures in 💃🏻 since it is quite unique – well for me it was 🌸

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  17. NewYorkers are called Yankees. Because in New Amsterdam there were a lot of Dutch named Jan or Kees. When the English came they called the Dutch residents JanKees which lead to Yankees. Brooklyn derived from the Dutch Breukelen. And Harlem from Haarlem.
    Canadian Vancouver has a Dutch connection as well, Van Coevorden. Coevorden is also a Dutch town.

  18. Where did you buy that black t shirt with the guy on it? Is that an actual person or just a t shirt

  19. If you want to know something about Dutch cinema, the most infamous Dutch movie made is BLUE MOVIE shot in Amsterdam, now out on Blu-ray & DVD in Dutch with English subtitles, available at www.cultepics.com

  20. Sorry but I didn't understand the difference between café and coffee shop from this video. It wasn't clearly explained :/

  21. You're not supossed to smoke in public, but you can. Nobody will bat an eye, even cops ignore it. Safest place is at Vondelpark. It is not however right in the city center. It is about 2 kilometers south. Had cops walk right by me multiple times even said hello while I was smoking. North was cool I saw the Adam tower which provided awesome views

  22. Fit in and be unhappy, don't smile and never boast, or mention anything about the States, they don't want to hear it anyway, talk only about them, no one else.
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  23. EVERY COFFEESHOP SELLS COFFEE !!!! You just cant go in with a crowd of people just wanting coffee, as to be a combination to be seated that's all. If your a big coffee person wanting special flavors yeah than a café will be needed.

  24. First timers I highly advise they should not ride a bike in Amsterdam I have been going there almost every year since 1996. I have seen so many accidents, tram tracks get the wheels, tourist usually don’t know the bike lane in November 2018 a woman got run over by a tour bus that had been re routed through the area de pijp because they are working on the tram tram tracks.

  25. You can smoke publicly, nobody will bat an eye. I would do it at the park or somewhere there are no kids though. I had cops walk right passed sitting on the bench while I was smoking in Vondelpark and they never batted an eye, even said hello lol just be respectful about it

  26. TIP! If you would like to discover the culture through delisious food there is also a free food tour in Amsterdam that is tip based every morning from 10:30 am from Dam Square.👍

  27. It's not the most densely populated country in Europe. Monaco and Gibraltar for starters are certainly more populated the The Netherlands, as is Malta, The Vatican etc.

  28. I live in the Netherlands and I like to visit this city from time to time! very nice video! Well done guys!

  29. Renting a bike is a good idea, but make sure you can ride one, and you're expected to know the basic traffic rules. Amsterdam isn't the place for learning to ride, because there are many, many, many bikes! Just like never walking on bike lanes, you're not allowed to bike in pedestrian areas.

    One alternatative is walking. Amsterdam isn't that big and mostly everything is in walking distance (30 min. max). Another alternative is using the Dutch public transport with the rechargeable OV chip cards. Valid for trams, buses, metros and trains. See https://youtu.be/lUu7lHHEsig for how to use them.

  30. Wrong advice tourist should not cycling in the city! Very dangerous to others and yourself unless you know how to cycling like Dutch!

  31. a few hundred meters away from the pont(the boat that brings you from central to north ).you can eat delicious food at ot and sien or ONS. the food is great and the price is too.The locals go there to enjoy their meals,and the service is very friendly. further down into north the more hip place to be is il picorino…much more expensive and more for yuppies…and so is smaaqt….(translated;tasts good)..good food but expensive

  32. You might be interested there is also a Blue Light district or rather, within the Red Light district there are also Blue Light shows, bars, etc. Just all depends on your taste 😆

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