– [Reacher] I’m definitely
feeling that pull for the great outdoors,
so it’s no surprise that the somewhat
eclectic mix in this video is making me want to drop the
microphone and head that way. I’m Reacher and here are
ten impressive caravans, camper vans, and motorhomes. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Number ten. – [Reacher] This first entry is hands down the toughest looking trailer
I’ve spoken about today, and I’ve gone over hundreds of these. The Vesper-X is a
collaboration from the minds at Florida-based companies
Trans Global Overland and Wee Roll, their goal, a versatile, extremely rugged trailer that
would still be affordable for the everyday user. The end result is nothing
short of that, offering up an aluminum frame covered by a heavy gauge aluminum shell. The roof offers four to five feet of hide over a fully customizable
floor space, measuring 60 square feet that sits almost
two feet off the ground. This versatility allows
you to use it for anything, from basic camping to hauling ATVs. The all black design is the
standard, but it does come in a variety of colors
if you want something that looks a little less intimidating. Throw in the ability for it to be towed by mid-size vehicles
due to the light weight, you’ve got a hard one to pass up. – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Reacher] This latest effort
from InTech RV is named Sol. Having an overall length
of just under 16 feet and a width just under
seven feet, it shows you how they can include all
the features you need without sacrificing comfort or quality. A single side door
opens to a front dinette spanning the width of the
trailer, which offers room to seat up to four people or sleep two when converted to a bed. In the rear is a queen bed, which can sleep another two people. A centrally located kitchenette
separates those areas, while opposite of that
is an enclosed wet bath. Large dual pane windows as
well as the panoramic window at the front provide natural
light and airflow as needed. You’re going to need at least
a full-size SUV or truck to pull this one, as
the tongue weight runs around 450 pounds. I want to give a shout out
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to Derrick and thanks to everyone for watching. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Reacher] One of the many new models by Canadian-based Prolite is
the 12V, an all-electric camper that runs completely on renewable energy and I never get tired of
mentioning that we love all things eco-friendly. The interior provides
more than enough room to maneuver, offering a height
and width around six feet, with an overall length of 13 feet. The dinette shares the
front of the trailer with the kitchenette while
the rear holds the bed, which extends in size if needed, taking up almost half of the floor space. Two 100 watt solar panels
are located on the roof, providing all the power
needs for the appliances, lighting, and any extras. As an added bonus, its
especially designed to be towed by compact cars, as its tongue
weight is only 120 pounds. I’d say that makes it a
perfect match for my Prius. – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Reacher] This first
of the drivable campers on this list caught my eye
due to one of its options, but first a bit about the other stuff. This version of the 610 series has a monocoque fiberglass body,
sitting on a fiat ducato base, measuring 20 feet in length. The centrally located
passenger side entrance opens to reveal two rotating
captain’s chairs in the cab. Behind that is an L-shaped dinette and a small kitchenette
opposite each other. Attached to the ceiling above this area is a full-sized drop down
bed with a double sky light. The rear half of the camper
has an enclosed wet bath and closet, also opposite each other, with set of bunk beds
spanning the width of the van. Yes, the treasure of bunk
beds, but my favorite thing about this one is that if
you choose, the rear bed area can be modified for use
as a garage for bikes, scooters, camping equipment, et cetera. As I’ve said so many times
before, versatility matters. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Reacher] If you like the idea of environmentally conscious
camping, then this line of travel trailers might
be something to consider as they are meant to be
towed by more fuel-efficient, cross over vehicles and smaller SUVs. Just as a side note, I
would like to point out that towing any trailer still
adds to the fuel consumption. In total, there are 11
different floor plans for this line of campers, ranging in size from 11 to 20 feet long. The standard amenities
include kitchenettes, dinettes that convert to
sleepers, and separate beds. All of them include a wet bath, except for the smallest
models, while a few of the largest also have slide outs for increased living space,
and for those of you who want to have a bit more fun, one
of the models is a toy hauler with almost nine feet of
garage space, so there’s plenty of room for all of your outdoor gear. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Reacher] The vintage look of this one is definitely eye catching. The inclusion of a large
rear hatch is something worth noting as well, but it’s the layout that really takes the trophy on this one. In a space measuring 42 square
feet, the company’s designed what it calls an adaptive interior. This is composed of a
series of modular components including a table, kitchenette,
bench, and cushions. Each one is put into place on the floor, which has 15 form-fitting
slots, allowing the user to reconfigure the layout in minutes, as well as use the furniture outdoors. The power comes from
a 100 watt solar panel with hookups for land-based
utilities if needed. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Reacher] From the front
to the back, inside and out, this one is all about choices. The company added another
two models to the Arto line, which brings the total to
13 different floor plans. They’re all built upon
a fiat ducato chassis, having four or six
wheels with sizes ranging from 24 to 29 feet in length. Although the outer shell
can be personalized with colored accents as
well as special finishes for the paint, the interior
has a few more to choose from, with approximately 500
possible combinations between the equipment and fabric options. Each model comes standard
with a large dinette area that seats up to four people, a centrally located kitchenette, and a full-size drop down
bed above the cab area, but that’s just the front half. The rear houses a large
bathroom and a bedroom, both of which can be
separated from the front via a sliding wooden door. This one also hides a small garage area underneath the rear sleeper,
which can be accessed externally from either side. – [Narrator] Three. – [Reacher] What started
in a garage in 2014 as a personal endeavor has culminated into the trailer you see before
you, and if you aren’t one for the teardrop style of trailers, then this one might change your mind. Externally, you’ll find
a seven foot awning and a roof rack, while
the rear houses a galley, containing a stainless steel countertop with a recessed dual burner cook top, a locking drawer slide for a cooler, and removable cabinet faces that double as a table and cutting board. Dual entrances provide
access to the interior which has a queen-size
mattress, storage areas at both end, and remote
controlled LED lighting. Overall, this one comes
at 13 feet in length and seven feet in width with
a dry weight of 1600 pounds. The tongue weight only
runs around 125 pounds, so this one should be fine for towing with smaller vehicles as well. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Reacher] Of course
camping is about being able to go off road, so this
one had to make the list. It’s built on an Iveco Daily 4×4 chassis with an extended wheel
base because why not have the extra room? Walking into this one
gives you the first glimpse of how cool it is because
right in front of you is a set of bunk beds. Not only that, beside
the beds, there’s a panel that opens out to allow
natural light and airflow. The bathing area, which
includes a separately enclosed standup shower is housed
in the rear as well. Moving forward, you’ll find a
centrally located kitchenette opposite a dinette that
can seat up to four people. Another cool addition is a
large panel beside the dinette that opens out, providing
you a better view of the surroundings. There’s room to sleep up to four people using the previously
mentioned ultra cool bunk beds and the full-sized bed
in the cab over area. And for those of you who may be wondering how tough this thing really
is, it has 24 forward gears, four reverse gears,
three differential locks, and a diesel engine
putting out 180 horsepower. – [Narrator] Number one. – [Reacher] If you’ve been thinking of getting a convertible,
then you may want to pass on the high end sports car. This effort from German-based Skydancer is the world’s first
convertible motorhome. Yes, I said motorhome. The electrically-controlled
roof opens by sliding to the rear and can
remain open while driving, and just so we’re clear,
this isn’t a sun roof or a skylight, it’s the whole front of the roof that retracts. It measures in at 23 feet in
length, just over seven feet in width, and ten feet in height. That doesn’t sound outside
the realm of normal until you take into account that the lack of a standard cab means the
driver is sitting up top while operating the vehicle. This terrace, which integrates
seamlessly into the rest of the living space includes
four chairs and a small table. The living area includes a large wet bath with a slide out sink, a
kitchenette opposite that, and a full-size bed. There’s also additional sleeping room in the previously mentioned
terrace, as it transforms into a full-size bed if needed. An added bonus, which seems
to be more commonplace, is the rear garage area spanning
the width of the vehicle. It’s spacious enough to
hold up to four bicycles, so it’s safe to say
that the sky’s the limit on any other gear you may
want to take with you. – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Minds Eye Design. We love to hear your
feedback, so please leave some comments below and
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