10 Best Places to Visit in California – Travel Video

There’s more to California than just movie
stars and Disneyland. This is a state that boasts a large number
of stunning natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, serene deserts and majestic
mountains. California is also home to a number of exciting
major cities, charming towns and to some of the world’s best wineries. An overview of the best places to visit in
California: Number 10. Palm Springs. Located in the California desert, Palm Springs
has long been a popular winter playground for the rich and famous. The sun shines for approximately 350 days
of the year on Palm Springs and during the winter months, it enjoys pleasant daytime
highs in the mid 60 degrees. Visitors to Palm Springs can take advantage
of all of this sunshine in a number of ways. One of the most popular ways is on one of
the city’s many golf courses and driving ranges. Palm Springs also boasts a number of exciting
annual events, including the famous Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. But the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes
down. Palm Springs is also home to many fine-dining
restaurants and to a large number of bars, clubs
and casinos. Number 9. Catalina Island. This charming island is located approximately
22 miles across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles. It is both a favorite day trip for visitors
to L.A., as well as a popular vacation and honeymoon spot. Santa Catalina is a small island with two
main centers of population, Two Harbors and Avalon. Most travelers to the island stay mainly in
the Avalon area. Surprisingly, the island even boasts a small
population of American bison that were brought to the island during the filming of a movie. Travelers can reach the island by private
boat, ferries, helicopters or small planes. Once on the island, transportation is limited
to bicycles, taxis and golf carts. Number 8. Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is a beautiful coastal city
that is located about 90 miles north of Los Angeles in Southern California. Sometimes referred to as “The American Riviera,”
Santa Barbara is famous for its mild temperatures and for the California Mission-style architecture
that is very common in this city. A long-standing local ordinance ensures that
all commercial construction follows the Mission theme, which results in a plethora of red-tiled
roofs and adobe supermarkets. In addition, Santa Barbara boasts beautiful
beaches and is a popular getaway spot for Los Angeles residents. Santa Barbara’s most popular attractions
are its Stearns Wharf and the Mission Santa Barbara, a Spanish outpost founded by the
Franciscan order in 1786. Number 7. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks These two national parks are located next
door to each other in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, and both are famous for
their enormous giant sequoia trees. These trees can grow to be more than 300 feet
tall and their trunks can be as much as 100 feet wide. Sequoia National Park, which was established
in 1890, is also home to Mount Whitney, which is the highest point in the contiguous United
States. Interestingly enough, Kings Canyon boasts
the deepest canyon in America. The parks are also home to a lot of wildlife
species, including bobcats, gray foxes, bears and mule deer. If they’re lucky, visitors might even be
able to spot bighorn sheep or mountain lions. Both parks are popular with backpackers and
hikers, and there are 14 campgrounds available for visitors. Number 6. Napa Valley. Napa Valley is the premier destination for
wine lovers in the United States. Its wines are considered to be some of the
best in the world. To accommodate the many vino connoisseurs
that travel to Napa, the area now boasts a variety of accommodations, including charming
bed and breakfasts, lovely boutique hotels and well-known chain hotels. There are also camping grounds available for
those interested in saving a little money on lodging. In addition, Napa Valley boasts many world-class
spas where visitors can get pampered and enjoy a variety of fun activities, including hot
air balloon rides and guided bike wine tours. Number 5. San Diego. With fabulous beaches, ideal climate and outstanding
family attractions, it is no wonder that San Diego is one of the most popular places to
visit in California. Located just north of the Mexican border,
San Diego is a large coastal city with a small town atmosphere. The most popular attraction in San Diego is
America’s premier zoo, which is located in Balboa Park with flowering gardens and
Spanish architecture. The city is home to other family attractions
like SeaWorld San Diego and the Birch Aquarium. Another tourist magnet, San Diego’s stunning
coastline, offers miles of fantastic beaches including the upscale beach neighborhood of
La Jolla. Number 4. Death Valley. Located in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley
encompasses much of the Death Valley National Park. Although regarded as the driest and lowest
place in North America, Death Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, historic
sites and nature viewing. From snow-capped mountains to colorful sand
dunes, the unique desert landscapes of Death Valley are like no other place in California. Places of interests include the scenic vista
of Zabriskie Point and historic sites like Scotty’s Castle, the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns
and ruins of ghost towns. Number 3. Los Angeles. The second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles
is located in southern California surrounded by the Pacific Coast, mountains and valleys. Known as the City of Angels, the city offers
a wide range of attractions and beaches, including wild-and-crazy Venice Beach and Malibu, the
sandy playground favored by movie stars. Travelers to L.A. can find some of the best-known
amusement parks on the planet here, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Los Angeles is also one of the best places
in the United States to go in search of celebrities. Tourists can look for celebrity homes or shop
at the designer stores in Beverly Hills that cater to the stars. And in L.A., travelers can also visit and
eat at the same famous restaurants that the celebs and the rich and famous dine at. Number 2. Yosemite National Park. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of
central eastern California, the Yosemite National Park is well-loved for its stunning granite
cliffs, Giant Sequoia groves, beautiful waterfalls and diverse animal and plant life. Visitors can hike among the 800 miles of trails,
or drive along scenic routes to experience the beautiful landscapes and glimpse wildlife. Attractions include Glacier Point, with incredible
views of the Yosemite Valley, the nature center and Yosemite Museum and historic places like
the LeConte Memorial Lodge and the Ahwahnee Hotel. Number 1. San Francisco. San Francisco is a fun and exciting city in
northern California, set on the tip of a peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Undoubtedly, the Golden Gate Bridge is the
city’s number one attraction. Tourists can drive, bike ride or walk across
this famous suspension bridge to admire and photograph stunning views. In addition, visitors to San Francisco can
visit Lombard Street, which is famous for its tight curves, or take a trip to San Francisco’s
Chinatown section, which is the largest outside of Asia. And then, of course, there are the other big
tourist favorites — Fisherman’s Wharf and the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island.

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  1. I’ve been too a ton of places in California with my dead mom but she used to hit me if I was too slow walking or enjoying the view….sad to say the only people I enjoy places were with strangers…cause with my “husband” was another boring guy the ruined all my plans to have fun…had too kiss ass every nite for coming up with ideas of traveling lol! Who knew I have bad taste in mother and in couples….I’m so stupid…

  2. I don’t remember a single vacation we’re I did t get snakes or verbally abused for wanting to have fun….who knew I’m a magnet for pricks.

  3. I hate this town they ruined my life I’m a ducking prune and hate people in this town their all lump of shit….I don’t want to smile I don’t want to laugh I don’t want to dance I hate this place pricks. I hate Tyler texas anyone care too move here and turn into me go ahead….shit town with shit people.

  4. I live in Irvine California was the best experience!! We visit dana point, Carlsbad san diego, i loved !

  5. Not one comment about the crazy Bugatti in the thumbnail. Ur all on drugs who the hell cares about anything else in this video everyone already knows California

  6. I'm moving to LA from Kansas City Missouri in a few days because I'm 18 and homeless. A lot of people have told me it's fairly easier to be homeless in certain parts of LA because of the resources and climate. I'm nervous because I've never left the Midwest and was wondering what the safest places would be to be homeless around. I'm also arriving there at around 8pm so I won't have a lot of time to decide

  7. Definitivamente la mejor ciudad para visitar es San Francisco.,es unica e incomparable.
    Es la ciudad con mas variedad y para todos los gustos.
    La prision de Alcatraz.
    La Torre Coit.
    La calle de Lombard.
    El cable car.
    El Chinatown.
    El Muelle #39.
    El city hall.
    El museo de bellas artes.
    El golden gate bridge.
    El bay bridge.
    Y mas los que me hicieron falta
    pues es una Ciudad hermosa con muchas atracciones. Sin duda alguna la numero 1 de todo Estados Unidos.

  8. Yes! San Francisco is a beautiful city. One thing you forgot to mention & worth to visit is the Golden gate park. Not most people know it but it's bigger than New York city's central park.
    Also, I'd have included the beautiful Lake Thao in the list.

  9. Anybody reminded of GTA V by the thumbnail? The location, the car. ‘Bout to steal it and bring it back to Mikey’s place.

  10. Dear California,
    We are warned of why we don't want to visit your state every time we buy a product and have to endure your warning labels. We know everything in every product will kill you in California. Thanks for reminding everyone everywhere, you whack-jobs.

    All the Citizens of free States

  11. California is the most expiensive state in America to live, the traffic is horrible here especially in Los Angeles. Down town San Francisco is full of homeless people.. It just looks nice on videos and pictures and the traffice is horrible people are so stressed out here… The only best think in California is the weather and thats only in the bay area.

  12. Walk the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and make a game out of stepping around the human feces and needles it's great fun for the children. Come for the gang life and drive by shootings it's a real thrill.

  13. California is overrated for what it has become. Back in the 90s it was amazing like a dream. But that dream has died

  14. Living in California. I wouldn't recommend any of the major cities here. Go see the rest. It's pretty great. The cities have become a pile of fecal strewn streets. Covered in used needles and homeless camps. Our current governor is a careless hack. Come visit California. See the real California. Stay away from the cities.

  15. Palm Springs is hotter than hell, LA is smoggy like Beijing, Catalina Island is isolated and boring, the beaches are polluted in Southern California and Bay area, San Francisco is an open sewer full of insane homeless and gangs. It's safer to take a vacation to Mexico, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

  16. Once again SF is not Northern Ca . Look at the map of Cal. it is in the Center. It is 300 miles from the Oregon boarder

  17. San Francisco has turned into is a sh-t hole.
    Drug addicted and homeless urinating and defecating everywhere. The city even pays people to go around the city and clean up the filth.

  18. What !!???? Palms sprints and dearth valley !!!?????? No way !!! There are better places to go you forgot BIG SUR !! Mammoth !!! REDWOOD FOREST !!! TAHOE !! SHASTA !!! AND. MONTERREY !!!! geeez I should have make the video !!! And Sta. Bárbara in the 6 th !

  19. I live in California. If you come to visit San Francisco, remember to bring your tent and a big tobacco can.

  20. You need at least 2months to visit California…. excuse me there's more then 10 places in CA for tourist…..about 50places or more

  21. 7:18 looks exactly like Red Rocks just outside Las Vegas NV . The blunted peak with the sharp drop off is Turtle Head .
    Would that be because – it is ?

  22. You couldn't pay me enough to go to california, it should be called pornafornia, or really sick and disgusting california. YUK!

  23. Why would you show video of the San Jacinto Trams and not mention them as an awesome attraction??
    This video is really annoying. The video clips don't match up to what the narrator is talking about at all. When you're talking about massive sequoias, don't show video of a river. SHOW THE DAMN TREE!

  24. Podrian traducir al español porque los que no saben inglés no entienden nada si es un video para el mundo hay q traducir

  25. I would argue if you wanted to see "China Town" the vasty majority of Chinese people aren't living there nor live in that manner – you're much better off in any neighborhood in California XD. China Town is a historical area that has roots in the 1800s when 180,000+ Chinese came on over to live and work on the railroads.

  26. Only thing I see in SF are tourists who still have images of a romantic city of a bygone era and feces all over the ground.

  27. Its oddly scary to think that theres something deeper and darker in California yet again theres all these beautiful places to distract people dont be a fool u dumb humans peaces of USELESS info shits heheheheheheh

  28. SF is the most beautiful city in California but Big Sur should of been on the list and it should of been #1 . Big Sur is the best and most beautiful part of California. Nothing beats the natural beauty of Big Sur highway 1 on the mountains and the coast on the bottom

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  30. I know you’re going to think I’m being sarcastic as hell— so make like a grizzly and ‘bear with me” , but I’m serious:
    Both Stockton & Fresno are underrated. But I don’t mean as cities. I mean as cultural centers at the universities. Specifically as musical performance centers. Both UOP (University of the Pacific) in Stockton, and Fresno State feature world class music major undergraduate & graduate programs— both of which rival Berklee College of Music, and quite possibly Julliard School of Music.
    A night at either of these schools to take in a classical or jazz performance is not a waste of time, and the parking will be a lot easier than anywhere in SF or LA.
    Okay, so I’ll admit, I’m a Central Valley dude— State Hwy 99 & Interstate 5 are my only friends (and even they might be talking shit about me behind my back)… but for what it is, I take a certain amount of pride in the Central Valley lifestyle.

  31. Look i do npt vare what you istey away my famely in main and. here tow out that is ash thos before way is now to see its this gat to stop or out. this i now you reading on this my texs

  32. When you live in England and your sitting in the corner of the room crying to this video because you know you'll never live there…

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