10 Affordable Camping Trailers for the New Generation 2020

Finding an affordable camping trailer isn’t
just about the price. It should still have all you need while keeping
it simple in the process. I’m Reacher. Priorities change as time goes on. And if you’re part of the new generation then
one of these practical options may be just what you’re looking for. Number Ten Cherokee Travel Trailers, a division of Indiana’s
Forest River, have created the Grey Wolf 26MK, which measures in at 33 feet in length and
8 feet in width, with a height of 10 1/2 feet. Offering dual entrances, the rear door opens
to reveal a set of recliners, along with a sofa and dinette housed in the slide-out. Next to the door is the kitchen, having a
double well sink, a three burner cooker, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Moving forward finds the bathroom with a vanity
and large corner shower. The bedroom takes up the front of the trailer
having a walk around queen bed. Additional sleeping accommodations can be
had by converting the sofa and dinette to beds, providing room to sleep a total of six
people. Number Nine This handy trailer is perfect for those looking
at easier towing as it offers a dry weight of just over 3,800 pounds with a length of
25 feet. The open layout of the single slide-out Escape
211RB from Indiana’s KZ-RV starts with a walk around queen bed at the front. Centrally located is the lounge seating which
has a sofa sitting opposite of a bench style dinette. Moving back finds a split style kitchen having
a 7 cubic foot refrigerator on one side and dual burner cooktop, microwave, and sink on
the other. Finishing it off is a rear located bathroom
spanning the width of the trailer. Number Eight This next entry is by Heartland RV out of
Indiana, and comes from their Wilderness line of travel trailers. It measures just over 27 feet in length with
a dry weight around 5,000 pounds. A centrally located kitchen has a 6 cubic
foot refrigerator, a microwave, a three burner cooktop, and a double-well sink. Across from this is a dinette with bench seating
and a removable table. A queen size murphy bed at the front and bunk
beds at the rear, which are also queen size, provide space for up to 6 people to sleep
comfortably. Next to the bunk area is the bathroom having
a foot flush toilet, a small sink with a vanity, and a stand up shower. Number Seven The Vibe 18RB from Indiana’s Forest River
is one of the shorter trailers on this list at just 21 1/2 feet long. But don’t let be misleading as it still manages
to have a slide-out and all of the necessary features one would need and want. This somewhat unique layout has a rear located
corner bathroom with a radius shower. A split style kitchen sits next to this, having
a 10.7 cubic foot refrigerator on one side and a microwave, sink, and three burner range
on the other. Housed in the slide-out is a large wardrobe
and a bench style dinette. Taking up the front of the trailer is a jack
knife sofa. Behind this is a queen size murphy bed and
two side wardrobes. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Six There’s no shortage of trailers coming out
of Indiana these days but that doesn’t mean they’re all cookie cutter in design. The Transcend Xplor 243BH from Grand Design
RV is a perfect example, offering everything and more in a single slide-out measuring 30
feet long. The layout begins with a front located bedroom
having a walk around queen bed. Moving back finds an almost centrally located
bathroom having a spacious walk in shower and more cabinet space than anyone needs. The rear half of the trailer consists of a
lounge area having a reclining sofa. Beside this is a 7 cubic foot refrigerator
while opposite of that is an L-shaped kitchen having a not-so-obvious TV mount, microwave,
three burner range, and basin sink. And for those times when guests won’t leave,
there’s a set of full size bunk beds in the rear. Number Five This triple slide-out from Indiana based Keystone
RV hails from their line of Bullet trailers. It measures in at just under 30 feet long
and 8 feet wide, with a dry weight just shy of 5,500 pounds. The entry door opens to the lounge area, having
a sofa and dinette housed in the single slide-out. The rear of the trailer has an L-shaped kitchen
which has a 6 cubic foot double door refrigerator, a microwave, a large deep well sink, and a
three-burner cooktop with an oven. The front half of the trailer includes a dual
entry full size bathroom with a radius shower, as well as a private bedroom having a walk-around
queen size bed with wardrobes on each side. Number Four This 27 footer from Venture RV’s Sonic line
of trailers is to the point by way of features. And for those wondering, yes…Indiana. The open floorplan of the 211VDB employs a
sofa by day, queen size murphy bed by night combo at the front of the trailer. Centrally located is the kitchen having a
large basin sink, a three burner range, and a microwave. Across from this, housed in the slideout,
is a 7 cubic foot refrigerator next to a bench style dinette. Behind the kitchen is the bathroom, having
a walk-in shower, sink, and foot flush toilet. Topping it off is a set of almost full size
bunk beds spanning the width of the trailer. Number Three The Minnie Drop from Winnebago is one of the
many travel trailers currently offered by the Iowa based company. The single slide-out 210RBS is one of their
latest floorplans, having an open layout measuring about 165 square feet. The front of the trailer has a rear-facing
sofa which has a full-size, walk-around murphy bed behind it. Moving back brings you to a centrally located
kitchen having a double-bowl sink, a three-burner range, microwave, and a 6 cubic foot refrigerator. Across from this, in the slide-out, is a large
U-shaped dinette and a wardrobe. Rounding out the mix is a rear located bathroom
spanning the width of the trailer. And for those outside days, there’s an exterior
slide-out cooker and sink as well as a ten foot awning providing protection from the
elements. Number Two The Salem 28FKV is another of the new layouts
from Forest River RV. It measures around 34 1/2 feet long having
a single slide-out that increases the living space. The bedroom is housed in the rear having a
walk-around queen bed and multiple wardrobes. Moving forward is the bathroom which has a
swiveling toilet, a vanity, and a walk-in shower. The main living area is located just in front
of that with the entertainment center and electric fireplace sitting almost opposite
a set of recliners and the sofa which are housed in the slide-out. Across from this is a dinette with room to
seat four people. The semi-circular kitchen takes up the front
of the trailer having a 10.7 cubic foot refrigerator, a double basin sink, microwave, and three
burner range. Number One The
Zinger ZR99RE from Crossroads RV, another Indiana based company, is a shining example
of the innovations that go into building today’s travel trailers. It measures around 34 feet from the tongue
to the taillights, having a modest dry weight just under 7,000 pounds. Starting at the front of this single slide-out
is the bedroom, having a queen size bed and plenty of wardrobe space. Next to this, moving back, is the bathroom
which has a toilet, vanity, and stand up shower. Behind this is the main living area, with
the dinette and sofa contained in the slide-out. Sitting opposite is an L-shaped kitchen having
a large basin sink, microwave, a three burner range, and a 6 cubic foot refrigerator. Next to this is the entertainment center,
which also serves as the door to a hidden pantry. Beside this is a wine cooler because…why
not. This one also includes an outdoor kitchen
having a dual burner cooker, sink, and mini fridge. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
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