馃崕A Week in Outfits 路 Traveling in Toronto

hello! it is almost 11 p.m. and I had an 8…. 9-hour travel day all the way to Toronto! so this begins our week of outfits. always on my travel days, I dress comfy whether it’s for the plane or the
Train I love a cropped hoodie paired with
culottes it’s kind of clashing but this actually doesn’t look as bad as I normally look bad and it’s summer so I don’t have my fuzzy socks but I normally always carry in my everywhere bag it fits an enormous amount so I have so
many pockets on the side for me to organize, and most importantly it fits the laptop, so my 15-inch is comfortable in there and I don’t need a laptop sleeve. this tank top is supposed to be sewn and I didn’t give it time to, but I wanted this comfy stretchy cotton tank top just to go under my hoodie and now that concludes today’s outfit. on to tomorrow, good night! for Tuesday my whole itinerary all day is to have meetups. I cleared out the entire day and from
morning to evening I had a bunch of opportunities to meet all of the friends
here in Toronto, and my outfit is something that I would say it’s my go-to, I feel very myself in.. I’ve worn this so much over the years, this is my gingham dress, it’s very old now and I’ve repaired it a lot, I love that it has pockets when I’m traveling and always on my feet, these actually are very sturdy for my phone, my camera, any tickets.. I wouldn’t recommend always having them in, because it could fall out if you have your phone in there. today I have a little tote and most of the time when I travel, a canvas tote is essential because I’m gonna be sitting on the grass. a tote is easily washable and this top by the way I got in Japan as a souvenir, and then this is also a souvenir from my recent trip to Italy. they are beautiful glass cherries. for my socks I thought it was a thoughtful touch because we went to the AGO, and for the art museum, of course, I have my van Gogh socks they’re starry night and it was a gift from my sister paired with my Mary
Janes these are also super old- got it when I
was I want to say like… 15? it’s the end of the day, and for day three we went shopping basically the entire time, walking from Queen Street east to west so this is a very cropped oversized button up that I technically made from resizing a button down. and then I also used the excess trimmed fabric and added a pocket which I thought made it complete. black-and-white ginham goes so well with a tan corduroy it’s almost very Muji to me, so to top it off I have these nice earrings and this mini hoop is also from Ana
Luiza. I’m gonna clean up head to bed early, and tomorrow we’re gonna go visit
the museum! so see you then. I got really tired the rest of the week so here’s our voiceover.. I decided to wear something that’s cool and breathable. luckily I got to thrift both of these items recently I’m not gonna wear any socks with these
Mary Janes and for my earrings, they’re really subtle from afar but up close they’re asymmetrical hoops which is sort of artsy and in general I wanted to wear something that’s comfortable both
indoors and outdoors. I love the flowers on the sleeves- just wish that there weren’t so many laces to tie so I cut those, and I’m gonna sew it up into
buttons or something like that.. and the next day, we went to a different Museum this is art gallery of Toronto because we couldn’t fit two into the previous
day. so there was so much walking and I dressed up in this nice cute summery outfit which is sort of citrusy and I just got this shirt at the mall a couple
of days before, and it’s very comfortable I thrifted these shorts when we went
thrifting two days earlier as well and these shoes.. I thought go perfectly
but.. NOT a good idea to wear on a day with a lot of walking because they’re made to kill you if you do that it’s literally just to wear out to dinner, or a party.. it was worth it maybe just the once to walk 12 hours straight in it.. my earrings go so well with everything else I got that at an antique mall, and overall, just a nice jolly outfit and for the last outfit, this was pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market we only had a few hours before we had
to drive home, so we stopped by here, it was really nice. unfortunately the footage isn’t so great in here but, I wanted to talk about this lovely dress that I have on it’s a cotton dress from oh seven days, which is an ethical company. so I got to go shopping with it, I brought these flats for that reason because I think it goes so well it’s
really classy but, breathable, and the cotton fabric is not overly dressy. I apologize for the dumpsters.. Tyler didn’t say anything when he was filming, but overall, that’s that! so thank you so much for watching, check out the description because I’ll tell you which items are thrifted and which have links to them and for now take care, and I’ll see you in the Toronto vlog bye!

28 Replies to “馃崕A Week in Outfits 路 Traveling in Toronto

  1. Hello Annabelle, hope you're having a lovely day! You're so beautiful and your fashion sense inspires me so much! I'm from Toronto but sadly I was busy the day you were doing meet-ups, I would've loved to meet you and say hi. Also would like to mention to not worry about this video, because just like your others it's made beautifully, and we will always enjoy it. I hope you continue to find happiness and I wish you the best for your future. Much love馃挄

  2. i love frank and oak so much and even though i live in canada my city is really small and they do not have a store here so i have to buy in bulk when im in toronto!

  3. I'm going to Ontario soon. I know it's not the same place, though, haha. I hope you can find balance with your school/work situation. Good luck to you! Also, I love yours and your sisters Pyperbleu (or -blue) videos! You're doing great

  4. Girl I adore you, upon the other YouTubers you are so special馃挄, your videos give me a smile every single time, even when I feeling sad, I love the music, the editing and obviously the footage, keep doing a great work in your own time

  5. you made me want to dress myself nicely this entire upcoming week 馃槀 sending lots of love, always love watching your videos 馃挍

  6. You鈥檝e explored my city more than I鈥檝e ever had living here LOL hope you enjoyed your stay! I鈥檝e never actually went thrift shopping in T.O.

  7. i love how in your videos how you always show how happy you and your boyfriend are 馃檪 you guys make a wonderful couple

  8. i've been watching your videos for a while and i just wanna say that they exude such a calming aura. you're amazingly beautiful and you have an incredibly radiant presence, and you inspire me to embrace my gentle side. i love watching you after a long day as much as in the morning when i need a pick-me-up, and for making great content that i always return to, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i hope you and your loved ones are having a wonderful day/night <3

  9. I love seeing youtubers travel to where I live. Toronto is a great city and am so grateful to live in it. Hope it treated you well.

  10. your fashion style is so lovely & unique to you 馃挅 and since I started watching you a few years ago, you've really inspired me to have my own unique style too by having a few statement pieces, not compromising too much on comfort and not binging on loads of high street clothes鉁

  11. Love these outfits. Would you ever consider doing any thrift flip videos? Your sewing skills are clearly on point lol

  12. do you remember where you bought your mary janes? I鈥檝e been looking for a pair everywhere but can鈥檛 find any!

  13. love your fashion! you really make me want o be more bold and try different things, especially trousers, you always have great trousers and interesting pants! xxx

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