just look at this place, look at the
colors MUSIC right
hola amigos and welcome back to Mexico I am just attempting to walk down some
steps without falling to my death which could mean only one thing – you might be
able to tell where I am and also you have probably seen in the thumbnail of this
video – yes I’m back in Guanajuato – back – yes, so I was here last year for about
four or five days about nine months ago I filmed a couple of videos here and
today is Saturday afternoon and I am beyond excited because today is the
video you’ve all been waiting for okay I’m going to meet someone very
special which you might recognize from another YouTube channel someone else who is
based in Mexico – finally this is happening! let’s get going! so I’m just
heading to a cafe but before we get there let’s take a bit of a look around
Guanajuato what are my opinions in terms of coming back here after nine months? so
originally when I was first year the last time you might remember that I
wasn’t the biggest fan because of the tourist aspect yes it’s a common area
for foreigners to come to in terms of tourism
however those feelings quickly subsided and I fell in love with the place in
terms of the beauty the color the architecture is absolutely stunning and
one thing I noticed coming here after nine months was the fact that I feel
like my Spanish has got a lot better because I didn’t have an issue finding
my accommodation I was speaking to people more confidently you know so it
just goes to show that you can improve with a language even if you don’t
actively learn it fantastic and this can be the ‘arrived at the
restaurant shot’ right hola amigos again it’s a little bit later and I’m at a
restaurant and guess who I’m with! okay so anyway I’m at a restaurant and can
you guess who it is okay I look there right? Yeah look there! This is Erin, I will let her introduce herself. She’s a bit nervous! I was just saying to David that I have no idea how to do this because I’m always
the one holding the camera and yeah it’s a lot more comfortable to be the one
holding the camera I don’t know what’s going on right now, I think I have control issues, yeah
totally, so if you don’t know Erin which is extremely unlikely let’s face it cuz
we share many of the same it’s really crazy people who follow and watch these
videos and but yeah for those people that don’t know Erin tell a bit to us
tell the viewers a bit about you. I have a YouTube Channel called Erin’s travels very creatively named
it’s about me and my travels and I a husband named Jesse and a little girl
named Harper who is going to be 4 years old at you like two weeks which
is crazy birthday in Mexico Feliz cumpleaños Harper! she’s very excited
she’s getting some dinosaur toys we had to get
them for her while she was with us cuz we needed to get them in Leon and so
now she knows about them and so now every day it’s like is it my birthday
yet because I know about these things you know so yeah. Mayhem, carnage, havoc! It’s like number 1 parenting rule, don’t do that! yeah I used to open Christmas presents
before Christmas Day and wrap them up again don’t tell my mom she’s probably
gonna tell me off! jessie has this thing where you can guess a gift just
like he doesn’t have to pick it up and shake it we just he just knows it drives
everybody crazy because you can’t surprise him with anything. and as you can tell we’re a bit hysterical today I’m not sure why is
it because it’s Saturday? we haven’t even got wine yet so yeah crazy and just in
terms of Mexico you’ve been here for how long? So okay we’ve been in Mexico for
almost a year and Guanajuato for almost 10 months I think oh so I’ve been in Mexico
I guess it probably that same time cuz I take out the time I went to Colombia and
all that it’s about similar and and obviously
things a bit different because I just travel aimlessly by myself whereas aaron
has doesn’t like to travel you know so it’s I would hate a husband that doesn’t
like to travel that would be the worst so we’re gonna have some food on me why
are we ordering so I’m getting Enchiladas Mineras
switches the typical dish of what does awesome I’m not deciding I’m being basic
I’m being a basic bitch enchiladas Rojas which is the hot one right yeah sorry
Mexican Mexicans it’s red it’ll be good yes it’s hard to go wrong with enchiladas! you can’t go wrong with any Mexican food oh except for the hairy
kangaroo – oh right enough of us talking like idiots for a moment here it’s the
food so I have enchiladas Rojas enchiladas chicken I guess cheese onion
rice eros oh here comes Erin’s sangria wonderful and why are we going here in
let me just oh one second oh no it’s fine the lighting is still bad it’s fine sometimes cheese perhaps cheese and then
potatoes and carrots and it’s always topped with chicken but depending on
where you go the chicken could be different sometimes it’s a thigh on a bone
sometimes it’s breaded and fried soon the chicken is awesome it looks a bit like what I had in Queretaro the carrots and potato the big chunks awesome cheers everyone
we’re doing a Cheers why is it Salud? I don’t know, I say that when people sneeze. oh yeah the taxi driver said to me the other day so I have vino Tinto sangria which we can now say sangria not sangria Oh Spanish yes I am the very best
this is another thing I’m not used to to people on camera what’s that about
and I’m taller. Somebody said that to me in the comments, they saw me in Guadalajara, I was really surprised I thought you were taller than that sorry
to disappoint I’m wee little person! finally I’m a youtube couple! YES! I’ve been down in Calle Subterranea I have walked on down here. Oh yeah, I’ve never ever walked, just buses and taxis although they did have dia de los Muertos oh my god it was so cool, They had like a big festival in the tunnels right it’s just me again now I’ve had a
glass of wine it’s weird just being me again it’s very strange Erin is over
there I’ve got someone photobombing me who is this and we’re just about to film
a collab I’m doing a collab for the first time ever amazing so there will be
a video on Erin’s channel at some point we’re both talking about how the fact we
were feeling a bit lax, lax is a great word with uploads it’s difficult
because just to clarify everyone we can’t upload videos as soon as we
film them because we need to edit them it takes time okay so it’s time to get
filming now I’m the interviewer in case you don’t get that reference we have
just filmed a couple of videos for Erin’s channel they will be coming up
momentarily, as fast as Harper can edit them. I need a Harper preferably in a dinosaur
costume that would be great so to end this video we’re gonna do a bit of a
thought of the day as we like to do. So you might remember I did a video recently where I had a complete meltdown, Erin would like to give her thoughts on it, sometimes it’s not great sometimes it’s not perfect so
Erin what were your thoughts? you know it was funny because watching that like
I could relate so I get a lot of comments and a lot of emails from people
who are looking to move to Mexico and I have you know a million wonderful things
to say about moving to Mexico like everybody should do it at least once in
their life yeah you know like just I’m but I I worry sometimes that people
don’t understand some of the emotional stuff that comes along with living
somewhere where you you know don’t know the language or you don’t know the
language well or it’s just a different culture from yours even if your
next-door neighbors like I just moved across the border is not that far um
there is just it’s it’s a lot harder living somewhere other than where you’re
from it’s hard emotionally especially if you’re a sensitive person or you’re a
thoughtful person like there are some people like these things are not hard
for they just like go through your life and they’re like yeah great
like and it just kind of everything rolls off their back and if you are that
type of person like that is wonderful like you that is like I applaud you but
for a lot of us you know it’s hard to not know what you’re doing all the time
it’s hard to not know how to do simple things that you should know how to do
like mail a letter you know I have no idea I have I have several letters at
home that I’m supposed to mail postcards from Harper to her grandmother like I
haven’t done it because you know I don’t know how to do it and it’s just one it’s
one more thing with everyday is a long list of things you don’t know
and you’re incompetent at it does it is hard you feel like that stupid ignorant
foreigner yeah absolutely and this is real life and that doesn’t mean don’t do
it it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it but I hope that people I hope people aren’t
so blindsided because because I love travel so much I think that that part of
it really surprised me more and it made it harder for me because I wasn’t
expecting it because I loved that when I travel like if I’m going someplace for
two weeks for a month that whole like I don’t know what I’m doing I love that
that’s fun it’s delightful right it’s so cool unpredictability and lack of
routine is often great yeah yeah and then you go home and everything is easy
and normal normal in quotation marks familiar and then you recharge and then
you go back out into it again and when you live abroad there is no recharge
there is no break from it it’s just tomorrow there’s something new that you
don’t know what you’re doing about you know and it does it can it really can
wear you down yeah and what about the fact that so we were talking about
something earlier about YouTube and the fact that what you see on videos isn’t
necessarily everything that we do in life right so you know doing the laundry
buying toothpaste you know putting the trash out I was speaking American English
now things in the rubbish bin yeah in the rubbish bin
you know realistically you don’t want to see that but that is the reality and
sometimes routine can bring you down and that’s what happened to me in Mexico see
and I choice happened to you many times over the last year as well you get into the daily grind and and
that stuff doesn’t make it on the video and it’s in it’s not because we’re
trying to hide it it’s just that you know it doesn’t like when you’re when
you’re frustrated because you can’t figure out how you know to do something
it’s not the time when you’re like oh you know when I’m out having a beautiful
meal with friends I’m like yes I want to document I want to film it because it’s
beautiful I want to remember it it would share it you know that’s when I’m
feeling like you know when I’m walking around in Centro and there’s somebody
singing and it’s beautiful that’s one that’s when I’m like oh come recover you
know when I’m at home and I’m I’m sad and depressed and like lonely like
that’s not when I’m like oh let’s film it I guess what I try to show and I
think you do as well is an honest and realistic view of what it’s like to live
in a country for a long period yeah because it isn’t all shits and giggles
yeah yeah so the point is you know if you’re thinking of traveling long time
or moving to Mexico like every done I’ve done essentially moving very soon it
isn’t always perfect you have to take the bad with the good
and not necessarily believe all these things you see on YouTube channels about
perfection and always being in this wacky crazy good mood because it’s not
like that think about it in your lives you know are you like that every day no
you’re not but it’s probably not and I mean maybe like if you are that’s great
yeah please tell me how you do let us know in the comments how the hell you do
that because we are incapable unfortunately today we’re having a laugh
and one of the things that a lot of people
said in that video to me in comment was about meeting people and spending time
socially hello what are we doing and this makes all the difference so yeah
well no we just think alike I want to I want everybody to start complaining
about cities that attract a lot of gringos, stop complaining about Ajijic,
stop complaining about San Miguel, stop complaining about those places
because if you are gonna make this work for the long term you are gonna eat
community and some people are gonna find that in places like Guanajuato in places
that were in other cities that have fewer expats and some people are
not and so like just just stop like stuff like hating on people because they
go to places with established mean that they don’t want to be involved in the
mexican community yeah it means that if you aren’t fluent in Spanish that’s
going to be hard for you that’s amazing advice so I think I’ve
been a bit negative about that in the past oh it should be the real Mexico and
don’t go to Vallarta, Cancun but actually the longer I’ve been here I think it
would have been easier for me if I’d gone to someone like that seemed too
easy to integrate rather than having that shock of rocking up in doctores in
Mexico City when you’re traveling somewhere don’t go to the tourist places
when you want to live someplace don’t discount them hmm absolutely
thanks for watching everyone watch out for errors videos as well
they are absolutely immense this we are going to break the internet so if you
want us to break the internet don’t forget to hit that like button leave a
comment down below she knows what she’s talking about and subscribe to me
obviously but also subscribe to Erin if you haven’t already of the bell thing, notification bell that’s what it’s called yeah the notification bells yeah
wonderful now we better do a thumbnail for the video – is this Mexico? job done! so
thanks for watching everyone it’s goodbye from me sorry there’s a bug it’s
goodbye from me see you later bye catch you later


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